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Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren was quoted by the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper telling other Israeli diplomats in a telephone briefing, "Israel's ties with the United States are in their worst crisis since 1975 ... a crisis of historic proportions."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN news March 13, "The announcement of the settlements on the very day that the vice president was there was insulting." A State Department spokesman said that Clinton called Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu "to make clear that the United States considered the announcement to be a deeply negative signal about Israel's approach to the bilateral relationship and counter to the spirit of the vice president's trip."

President Obama evidently, is deeply upset that the Israeli government would announce plans to build homes on its land in East Jerusalem -- especially during the visit of its vice president.

Vice President Joe Biden stood side by side with Palestinian leaders during his visit to Israel and condemned Israel for its announcement. He said that the Palestinians deserve a "viable and contiguous" independent state not broken up by Israeli settlements.

Biden, Clinton and the Obama administration have shown their true colors to the Israeli government: Biden standing shoulder to shoulder with terrorists saying that Israel needs to play fair, and Clinton giving Netanyahu a 43 minute tongue lashing for "embarrassing" Biden by announcing settlements when he was in Israel on March 10th.




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