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By Terry James. Oct 12/09.

Jerusalem is at the center of Middle East controversy, the city placed on the proverbial chopping block by the American president and the international community for division in order to bring about a Palestinian state. More than that, it is peace in our time the world leaders say they seek. There is a new prince in this process, and he has, in effect, just been anointed as such by the globalist organization that officially pronounces such commendation.

President Barack Obama was named the 2009 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize this past week. His nomination was actually made nine days into his presidency, then his selection as winner was announced October 8. The decision, made from a record 205 candidates, was unanimous.

Despite his brief time in the international spotlight, Mr. Obama received much glowing praise, such as that from Mohamed El Baradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, and a former Nobel Peace Prize winner:

"In less than a year in office, he has transformed the way we look at ourselves and the world we live in and rekindled hope for a world at peace with itself," El Baradei said. "He has shown an unshakable commitment to diplomacy, mutual respect and dialogue as the best means of resolving conflicts" (Joel Rosenberg’s Weblog, 10/9/09).

Why has a man of only 48 years of age, who has no accomplishments of any distinction in matters of international peace-making, and little experience in anything else except community organizing in Chicago, and a few hours spent actually working in the U.S. Senate before being elected president of the United States, suddenly been declared the top man of peace by the Nobel committee?
Despite Mohamed El Baradei's acclamation of Obama's peace-making, there is no such achievement to be found, only claims of achievement.
In short, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama has been intentionally designed to frustrate any efforts on the part of the US to help Israel defend itself against Iran.

Strange developments are afoot while the world looks for the prince that shall come, and we who name the name of Christ look for the true Prince of peace.





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