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Jan 27/09.  Members of Iran's Christian minority have requested prayers, amid reports of massive arrests of Christians, including many former Muslims, rights investigators said.

On Jan 21, at least ten Christians, including at least several people who abandoned Islam, were detained in the capital Tehran, advocacy group Middle East Concern (MEC) told Worthy News.

Christian news agency Compass Direct News quoted an unidentified source as saying that Iranian Christians estimate that "maybe up to 50 people were arrested" last week. "In Tehran alone already some 10 people were arrested –- all on the same day, Jan 21."

Among those detained were reportedly three Christians from two different families, Hamik Khachikian, an Armenian Christian, followed by Jamal Ghalishorani, 49, and his wife Nadereh Jamali, who are both former Muslims.

MEC said that earlier in December "new Christian believers" were summoned to the offices of Iran's feared secret police. "They were forced to sign documents stating that they would not meet together to celebrate Christmas."

Elsewhere leaders of Christian house churches for ex-Muslims were threatened in at least three provinces with "serious consequences" if they had further dealings with other Christian officials "either inside or outside of Iran."  For full report>




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