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Under India’s caste system, millions of Dalit children have been denied education for generations. Five years ago, the Dalit children would have been condemned to poverty and oppression. Today they are being equipped for a bright future.

Children like Sheshmani – a 9-year-old boy who didn’t know how to dress, take a bath, behave in class or even hold a pencil to write – are now being changed and face a very different life because of the Dalit Education Centers.

OM India is at the forefront of efforts to provide hope and a future for Dalit children. In partnership with the All India Christian Council and the Dalit Freedom Network, OM India has provided 54 schools in just five years. The high-quality, English education available in these Dalit Education Centers will open previously unimaginable doors of opportunity for the Dalit children.

Pray that the Dalit Education Centers will continue to be a light and witness of God’s grace and salvation within India’s caste society and that the centers will be the catalyst of change in the country’s social system.

Pray for the Lord will transform the lives of Dalit children and use them for His glory

Pray for the finances, staff and facilities so more Dalit Education Centers can be opened in the days to come. In the long term, the aim is to have 1,000 schools serving up to a half million children.



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