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MA64  JULY 2014, WOE, WOE, WOE



“In the last days perilous times will come, for men will be ... without self-control, brutal, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless … Evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”  (2 Timothy 3: 1-4, 13)

“Cut off your hair and throw it away, and take up a lament on the barren heights; for YHWH has rejected and forsaken the generation of His wrath.” (Jeremiah 7:29)

“Therefore YHWH says: ‘Look, I am bringing disaster on them which they will not be able to escape; and though those who refuse to listen to Me will cry to Me, yet I will not listen to them’.” (Jeremiah 11:11)


Over the past few months major events have happened one after the other. We have seen the Ukraine crisis deepen into civil war; we have seen Russia on the move, taking over Crimea, and supporting the Russian-speaking separatists in East Ukraine. We have seen the Middle East Peace talks collapse, and Fatah joining with Hamas in a “unity government. We have seen the Malaysia passenger plane with 295 people on board, shot down. We have seen another serious conflict between the Palestinians and Israel escalating into all-out war.

We see the world sliding into turmoil, social anarchy, corruption, violence, moral collapse, terrorism, and bankruptcy, along with armaments buildup, intense opposition to the Bible and its message, and worldwide persecution.

We have seen Mystery Babylon, in the person of Pope Francis, riding a “white horse” – seeking to promote peace between Muslims and Jews, and to bring them, with Christians and others, into a “Global Religion of Peace.”

And now we witness a new upheaval in Iraq, and an Islamic Caliphate declared in the Middle East.

Y’SHUA THE MESSIAH says to His people:

“When these things begin to take place, straighten yourselves and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  (Luke 21:28)



There are many crisscross conflicts going on between the nations that are involved in the alarming situation in Iraq, and many more nations are likely to be drawn into the developing Islamic quagmire. There has been considerable panic, and the whole of the Middle East is on the edge of uncertainty. “ISIS” stands for the ...


This is a Sunni Salafist militant movement, founded in 2013 with roots in al-Qaida in Iraq. After sending its men into Syria to fight against the Shia regime of Bashar Assad, it became so radical that even al-Qaida disowned it.

It became a powerful force in Syria; and in June this year, it invaded northern Iraq and captured, first the city of Mosul [Nineveh], and then a dozen other cities including Tikrit (Saddam Hussein’s birthplace), and swathes of territory in the north and west of the country.

Basically this is a conflict with Sunni Muslims pitted against Shi’ite Muslims. It is an endtime battle of the age-long war between these two groups that began after their prophet Mohammed died. Islam then split into two factions over who should be the leader.

Both Sunnis and Shi’ites claim to be the true authentic Islam. Both want to establish a new Islamic caliphate in the Middle East. But both despise each other. And although co-existing, they have been at loggerheads for 1400 years.

The conflict has increased in the present generation, and it is reaching towards a climax at this time.


It is a “birthright” issue between Esau and Ishmael, about who has the right to rule the Muslim world. That issue needs to be settled before the other conflict can be settled – that is, the age-long conflict between Esau and Jacob (Arab and Israel) – specifically, the ownership right to the land promised to Abraham and his descendants.

    ISIS is also known as ISIL – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  “The Levant” refers to the Eastern Mediterranean lands, including Cyprus, southern Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, West Bank, Jordan and the Sinai.

In its first stages, ISIS/ISIL want to create an Islamic state straddling Syria, Iraq, Jordan, the West Bank, Israel and Lebanon - a caliphate, under strict Islamic law, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Iraq. 

ISIS is well-organised and is fanatically anti-democratic. It is a Sunni sectarian organisation that aligns itself with a mixture of extremist Sunni organisations and also Syrian tribes that are dedicated to overturning the Maliki Shi’ite majority government in Baghdad. 

About 12,000 fighters make up the ISIS force; as many as one-third of them are foreigners. It is rapidly growing in numbers. An estimated 150 Australians are fighting in sectarian conflicts overseas, according to the foreign ministry, some of them with ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

ISIS has already taken large areas in Syria, and made big gains in Iraq. It is now in the process of setting up a hard-core Islamic state in the heart of the Middle East.

As well as being fully operational in Iraq and Syria, ISIS has a covert presence in southern Turkey, ­appears to be establishing a presence in Lebanon and has supporters in Jordan, Gaza, the Sinai, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.”

The ISIS modus operandi (method of working) includes attacks on humanitarian aid organisations, videoed beheadings, floggings, stoning, amputations, kidnappings and suicide attacks.  As they have captured cities in northern Iraq, they have slaughtered many, even soldiers who surrendered to them.

ISIS is headed by ABU BAKR al-BAGHDADI,  an Iraqi militant     

who transformed a few small terror cells into the most brutal and lethal terror group on earth.

Al-Baghdadi has rarely been photographed or appeared in public. Above is one old photo of him that is circulating. He has a PhD degree in Islamic law (according to Iraqi law enforcement officials). He was imprisoned by US forces in Iraq in 2005, but was later released.  In 2006, the State Department listed Baghdadi as a specially-designated global terrorist. In 2011 he was put on the US State Department’s list of most wanted terrorists, with a reward of $10 million on his head.

In April 2010 Baghdadi was promoted to the head of the group known as al-Qaida in Iraq and Islamic State of Iraq after its previous leader was killed in a US airstrike.

Subsequently he ignored the orders from the al-Qaida’s Pakistan-based leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.  And ISIS became so brutal that al-Zawahiri disowned it.  These things led to the breakup between them.

Baghdadi’s group, ISIS, is funded by wealthy, private donors based in Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia.  Also America's Allies (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman) are funding ISIS.

TURKEY has been the largest supporter and enabler of ISIS. Erdogan’s government has allowed ISIS fighters to train in Turkey and to cross the border between Turkey and Syria at will, to participate in the fighting. Moreover Turkey has “provided the bulk of ISIS’s funds, logistics, training and arms.”

Turkey also supports the al-Nusra Front which is al-Qaida’s endorsed group in Syria. The al-Nusra Front is now an opponent of ISIS in Syria, but some of its fighters and units have now pledged allegiance to al-Baghdadi.

The blame for the ISIS invasion of Iraq is largely placed on Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki because he has discriminated against Sunnis and made them his bitter opponents. In June, John Kerry visited Iraq to press al-Maliki to either step down, or to form a coalition government that would include the three peoples – the Sunnis, Shias and Kurds; but al-Maliki has refused to step down.

Because of hatred for al-Maliki, some Sunnis tribes are largely supporting ISIS which is already controlling much of the North and West Sunni areas.  A united Iraq is out of the question. The only way to have a semblance of “one Iraq,” would be to have a loose confederation of the three areas. But even that now seems an impossibility. 

“The noise of battle is in the land, and of great destruction.  How the hammer of the whole earth has been broken and shattered! How Babylon (Baghdad) has become a horrendous ruin among the nations! 'I set a snare for you, O Babylon, and before you knew it, you were caught! You were discovered and also seized because you rose up against YHWH’.”  (Jeremiah 50:22-24)



JULY 2/14. With ISIS insurgents bearing down on Baghdad, the US, UN, Iran and Iraq's own Shi'ite clergy have pushed hard for politicians to come up with an inclusive government to hold the fragmenting country together, and to enable a united defence against ISIS. 

Despite the urgency, the Iraqi parliament's first session since its election in April collapsed when the Shi'ites failed to name a prime minister.  (The constitution requires the Iraq prime minister to be a Shi’ite.) 

Sunnis and Kurds walked out of the parliamentary session after Shi'ites failed to name a prime minister to replace Nouri al-Maliki, dimming any prospect of an early national unity government to save Iraq from collapse.

The Sunnis and Kurds refused to return from a recess to the parliamentary chamber, and the session broke up after an hour without assent.  


On June 29, the ruthless Isis jihadists spearheading the Sunni militant offensive in Iraq, declared the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, in the territories of Syria and Iraq that it now controls, and it has renamed itself, the Islamic State (IS).

ISIS chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was anointed as the supreme leader of the caliphate, and he is now to be referred to as Caliph Ibrahim. (Baghdadi’s real name is Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri.)


The declaration said Caliph Ibrahim was the "leader for Muslims everywhere," and it demanded that all Muslims around the world pledge allegiance to him.

The group said the caliphate currently stretches “from Aleppo to Diyala.” Aleppo is Syria’s largest city, and has been a battle zone in the civil war since mid-2012. Diyala is the Iraqi province located to the north-east of Baghdad.

An IS speaker declared: “The legality of all emirates, groups, states and organizations becomes null by the expansion of the caliph's authority and the arrival of its troops to their areas.  Listen to your caliph and obey him. Support your state, which grows every day.”

Two days later the newly-created Caliph himself released a 19-minute audiotape calling on Muslims to help build an 'Islamic state.' He made a special call to those with practical skills - such as scholars, judges, doctors, engineers and people with military and administrative expertise – to come and “answer the dire need of the Muslims for them.”

He urged Muslims around the world to travel to the Middle East to join the Islamic state. “Rush,” he cried, “because Syria is not for the Syrians, and Iraq is not for the Iraqis.”

He also called on jihadi fighters to increase fighting in the holy month of Ramadan, which began on June 29.  He said: 'In this virtuous month, or in any other month, there is no deed better than jihad in the path of Allah, so take advantage of this opportunity and walk the path of your righteous predecessors.  So to arms, to arms, soldiers of the Islamic fight, fight.”

ISIS is now calling for a global jihad.

“And I shall dispatch foreigners to Babylon that they may winnow her and may devastate her land; for on every side they will be opposed to her in the day of her calamity.” (Jeremiah 51:2)

Raqqa in Syria has become, the Islamic State's “capital,” and a military parade was held there to celebrate the caliphate announcement.



A caliphate is a form of Islamic government that was last seen under the Ottoman Empire. 

“The caliphate” looks back to the days of the Prophet Mohammed, when an empire stretched from ­Afghanistan to Spain.  After 400 years, the Ottoman Empire ultimately floundered and fell in World War I.

The title “caliph” is also known as Emir al-Muminin  (“commander of the faithful”), and this title was used historically by Islamic leaders from the 7th century until Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk abolished the caliphate in 1924. 

Since then a caliphate has been a long-held dream of radical jihadists who want to impose their version of Islamic sharia law.

Iran wants to establish its caliphate with headquarters in Jerusalem; but its expectation is that the Mahdi, the 12th Imam, must surface first, to build an army that will conquer Jerusalem, and to establish the caliphate from there.

The Iranian Shias certainly will not recognise the Sunni Baghdadi as the true Caliph.

Saudi Arabia wants to establish a caliphate, and Turkey wants to establish a restored Ottoman caliphate. Nearly all Sunni political Islamist movements dream of the eventual resurrection of the caliphate, mostly by political means, though jihadi groups call for establishing it by the sword.

A caliphate of course has been the ultimate ambition of al-Qaida. Osama bin Laden could once claim leadership of the international jihadi movement, but he never went so far as to declare himself as caliph.

Baghdadi’s new Islamic State is hoping to rally extremists to its side, and ultimately to win the whole Muslim world.



JULY 2/14.  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called on all the Muslims in the world to bear arms and come to Iraq to fight for the caliphate he has “established.” His first Message as Caliph was:

"Fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except as Muslims … Go forth, O mujahidin in the path of Allah. Terrify the enemies of Allah and seek death … for the duny [worldly life] will come to an end, and the hereafter will last forever

Rush O Muslims to your state. It is your state. Syria is not for Syrians and Iraq is not for Iraqis. The land is for the Muslims, ALL MUSLIMS."

"This is my advice to you. If you hold to it you will conquer Rome and own the world, if Allah wills." "

   - Abu Bakr al-Husayni al-Baghdadi, Caliph, "The Islamic State."



June 30/14. According to a world map released by the "Islamic State" on Twitter, the jihadist organization's 5-year plan to establish the Caliphate across the entire Middle East includes Israel, North Africa, Spain, Greece, Pakistan, Georgia, China and parts of Russia.

But as the militant camp is divided, the wide ISIS program is unlikely to succeed.  But it will no doubt inflict a lot of harm and suffering before it is stopped in its tracks.


In its caliphate declaration, ISIS named among its enemies, Western infidels (kufr), Shi’ites (rafidah), the Iraqi Sunni awakening councils (sahwat), apostates (murtaddin), Arab leaders such as the Saudi monarchy, (tawaghi - “transgressing rulers”) and “democracy, secularism, nationalism, as well as all the other garbage and ideas from the West. Today the rulers in the East and West are frightened,” it said. “Today the nations of infidels in the West are terrified.”

ISIS gave a summary of the situation in areas it controls:

“Here the flag of the Islamic State, the flag of tawhid (monotheism) rises and flutters. Its shade covers land from Aleppo to Diyala. Beneath it, the walls of the tawaghit have been demolished, their flags have fallen, and their borders have been destroyed. Their soldiers are either killed, imprisoned, or defeated.”

Hudud penalties – harsh Islamic law punishments such as amputations and beheadings – are implemented, “the penalties of Allah – all of them,” it said. “The frontlines are defended. Crosses and graves are demolished.”

But YHWH is the true God; He is the living God and the eternal King. When He is angry, the earth trembles, and the nations cannot endure His wrath.” (Jeremiah 10:10)


JULY 2/14.  The well-armed 'Islamic State,' has captured enough U.S. made weapons to equip 200,000 soldiers.

ISIS "took the weapons stores of the 2nd and 3rd [Iraqi army] divisions in Mosul, the 4th division in Salah al Din, the 12th division in the areas near Kirkuk, and another division in Diyala," said Jabbar Yawar, secretary-general of the Ministry of Peshmerga (Kurdish) Affairs, pointing on a map to various provinces and cities strung across northern and central Iraq. 

"We're talking about armaments for 200,000 soldiers, all from the Americans."


With such an immense quantity of captured weaponry,  Yawar emphasised, ISIS and its confederates are now capable of laying down "a colossal intensity of bullets" against their foes.

Also a great deal of military equipment being imported from Turkey to Syria has been captured by ISIL militants.

ISIS also recently seized the equivalent of nearly $500 million in cash from a bank in Mosul. 


ISIS captureS chemical weapons facility

ISIS may soon start churning out poison Sarin gas after capturing a stockpile of old chemical weapons at the Al Muthanna chemical weapons production complex.

And they may be working with a man who is known for his expertise in making Sarin, a manmade toxin that was developed in Germany and that can produce loss of consciousness, convulsions, paralysis, and death in victims who are exposed to it.

The access to a Sarin poison gas production facility, and the man with the expertise to operate it, is the result of a new alliance between the brutal jihadist fighters and Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who was a top military commander and vice president to the deposed Saddam Hussein.


Iraqi forces have been pressing a counter-offensive against the city Tikrit, one of a string of towns and cities overrun by IS-led fighters in a swift ­advance that left more than 1000 dead, displaced hundreds of thousands and piled pressure on Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

To say that the new Iraqi army has been incompetent would be a massive understatement.  Not only have they run away like scared kittens from these jihadists, they have also left behind staggering amounts of weaponry for them. The counter-offensive in Tikrit is the first major effort by the Iraqi government to reclaim territory.

The US has become a laughingstock to ISIS.  They know that the US is not going to invade Iraq again.  So they are laughing at the US as they use American equipment to take over the country.



The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant marched across eastern Syria near the border with Iraq, seizing towns, villages and Syria’s largest oil field as rival rebel factions gave up the fight.

Nusra fighters, who have controlled Syria's largest oil field, al-Omar, since late last year, abandoned the facility without firing a bullet.


The Islamic State is expanding its foothold in Syria after its gains in Iraq, intensifying its clashes against other Islamist rebel ­factions.

In Syria, battles pit the Islamic State against the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front, the Army of Islam and other militant groups across the country. Army of Islam commander, Zahran Alloush said, “All leaders of ISIS are now targets for us and those that do not surrender will be killed.”


The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham has crucified eight fighters from rival rebel groups near Aleppo in Syria, ordering that their bodies should remain on display for three days as a warning. The killings came as the Islamic extremists fought other Syrian rebel groups near Damascus. 

The eight were killed, reportedly, because they fought for rival rebel groups that had confronted ISIS in the past. They were shot dead before being strung up on crosses.

ISIS also reportedly crucified a ninth man – one of their own members who was accused of corruption. He was hung up for eight hours before being released. He survived.

Syrian rebel groups, including al-Nusra, launched an offensive against ISIS in January and drove it from some areas around Aleppo city.

ISIS has gained in strength through the seizure of millions in cash and large quantities of weapons, much of it of US origin, when it overran Mosul.The rebel-on-rebel violence has claimed at least 7000 lives since last January.  Up to 2196 fighters who have been killed belonged to ISIS, while 2764 were killed on the side of al-Nusra and other Islamic groups fighting alongside it. The death toll also included 650 civilians.    - THE TIMES,  July 1, 2014


The majority of significant Syrian rebel groups that have been fighting to overthrow President Bashar Assad have rejected Baghdadi's declaration. The rebel groups, including the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front, have fought ISIL since the beginning of the year.

However, Nusra Front appears to be losing the war within a war in Syria as fighters allied with powerful tribes in eastern Syria defect to al-Baghdadi's group.


As the Islamic Caliphate pushes across Iraq and other countries in the region, and as they score unprecedented victories in order to establish their Caliphate, the Obama administration remains indecisive and hesitant to take any assertive position.

President Obama, although he lambasts ISIS for being terrorist, is more against the Shi’ite side. Obama’s early background was Sunni Islam.

A number of commentators maintain that ISIS was trained by the US in Jordan, with a view of toppling the Shi’ite regimes of Syria’s President Assad, and Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.   

The US has deployed 800 military experts in Iraq – not for combat duty, but to advise the Iraqi government, and to protect the US embassy and its extensive staff. 



President Barack Obama has authorised targeted killings of the leaders of the ISIS forces led by Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi, using drone strikes or special operations, as the Iraqi terrorist urged jihadists to conduct WORLD-WIDE ATTACKS.

A US official familiar with internal Obama administration discussions on Iraq said the Islamic State leader and several other commanders are now on the kill list of those targeted as US national security threats.

The list was approved by the president and allows US intelligence agencies and the military to conduct strikes against the targeted terrorists after they have been located and their identities confirmed.



JUNE 29/14.  ISIS has put up posters in public places telling residents in Mosul to bring their girls to 'fulfill their duty in “jihad al-nikah,” – ‘sex jihad’.  The reports came from Al-Masryalyoum, a well-respected Egyptian daily newspaper as well as other sources in the Arab press. Jihad al-nikah refers to women joining the jihad by offering sex to the male fighters.  Posters in public places in Mosul read:

“We call upon the people of this county to bring their unmarried girls so they can fulfil their duty in sex jihad for their warrior brothers in the city and anyone who will not appear will feel the full force of the sharia [Islamic law] upon him.”

Reports in Mosul indicate that ISIS fighters have been going door-to-door, entering houses, killing the men and raping the women.  

A spokesman in Geneva for Navie Pillay, the top UN Human Rights official, said that he had received information that four women in Mosul had committed suicide after being raped or forced into marriages with the militants.   -


ISIS gave Christian residents three choices: obey, pay or leave. "They are not allowed to open their churches. And even if they open them they will burn the churches," a Christian leader explained. "The Christians have been asked to pay the tax for non-Muslims under Islamic rule. If not, they can leave Nineveh," he said. "And if they don't leave and don't pay the tax, they should give their heads."  He was talking about beheading.

After seizing control, ISIS gunmen declared Nineveh a part of their Islamic state and began imposing Sharia, an extreme interpretation of Islamic law as they took cities. They issued a document outlining new rules.

The 16-point document announced the prohibition of the selling and consumption of alcohol and drugs as well as smoking, and forbade gatherings and carrying weapons. Women are to wear non-revealing clothes and keep to their homes, while "shrines" are to be destroyed.


The swift and chilling takeover of parts of Iraq and Syria by Islamist militants is leaving already vulnerable Christians "even more endangered." Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, the head of Barnabas Fund, said the expansion of ISIS in the two countries was a "threat to the stability of the entire region."

He said the takeover of Raqqa in Syria had already painted a "terrifying picture" of what the arrival of ISIS will mean for non-Muslims. Earlier this year, Christians in Raqqa were threatened with death unless they converted to Islam and paid the jizya tax for non-Muslims, which effectively renders them second class citizens.

"The militants imposed strict sharia rules and carried out brutal penalties, including beheadings and crucifixions," Sookhdeo said.

FAMILIES Fleeing from mosul

In Iraq, Mosul and the surrounding Nineveh Plain had been one of the few areas where Christians felt a degree of safety, but with the onslaught of ISIS, that has now changed.  Christians are fleeing the region along with thousands of other Iraqis, while churches are looted and torched.


JULY 5. Jihadists who overran Mosul (Nineveh) last month have demolished ancient shrines and mosques in and around this historic northern Iraqi city. The tomb of the prophet Jonah has also been destroyed.

At least four shrines to Sunni Arab or Sufi figures have been demolished, while six Shi’ite mosques have also been destroyed, across militant-held parts of northern Nineveh province, of which Mosul is the capital.

Pictures posted on the Internet by ISIS, showed the Sunni and Sufi shrines were demolished by bulldozers, while Shi’ite mosques and shrines were all destroyed by explosives.

The photographs were part of an online statement titled, “Demolishing shrines and idols in the state of Nineveh.”

Local residents confirmed that the buildings had been destroyed and that militants had occupied two Christian cathedrals as well.






JULY 2/14.  Gun-toting children have been paraded through the streets of Mosul in Iraq.  Human Rights Watch says in Syria, the 'Islamic State' has already recruited young children as snipers.



Following ISIS's takeover of Mosul and Tikrit in mid- June, the Iranian regime deployed elite troops in Iraq from the Quds Force, its foreign operations division.

Iran is ready to help Iraq fight an armed revolt using the same methods it deployed against opposition forces in Syria, an Iranian general said, suggesting Tehran is offering to take a larger role in battling Sunni militias threatening Baghdad.

At least two cargo planes from bases in Iran were landing daily at Baghdad’s military airport, carrying 150 tons of military equipment.  More than 1,000 tons were flown in within a week.

Tehran is furnishing Baghdad’s needs on a daily basis as per its commanders’ requests.

Those requests come before a joint Iranian-Iraqi headquarters set up at the Iraqi high command in Baghdad for approval and the assigning of priorities for shipment.


A top US Defence Department analyst under President Bush says Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to use chaos and turmoil in the Middle East to make further advances in Ukraine and the Baltic states. As Putin is committing Russia to back the al-Maliki regime in Iraq against the rising tide of jihadist radicals, ceasefire orders in Ukraine are breaking down. As a result, Russian advances in those strategic regions are expected.

Putin's involvement in Iraq is about two things: protecting his energy interests and securing regional influence at the expense of the West.


The first ten Russian Sukhoi (Su-24) fighter jets arrived in Iraq on June 28. Nouri al-Maliki is hoping the jets will make a key difference in the fight against ISIS.




Saudi arms are flowing to the Iraqi Sunni tribes that have been fighting alongside ISIS against the Nouri al-Maliki Shi’ite government. The Saudi intention is to help the Sunni tribes stand up against ISIS.

The arms were coming in both overland and by airlift. Saudi arms convoys were crossing the border into Iraq with Saudi and Jordanian air force cover and heading north up to the Al-Qa'im district near the Syrian border.

But ISIS fighters captured this key Anbar district, and began refurbishing the base and its runways at H-2, once one of Saddam Husseins largest airbases. Situated 350 km west of Baghdad, this air base has two long runways and hangars for fighter planes and helicopters.

Unmarked civilian cargo planes, evidently unaware that the air base had been taken over by ISIS, landed at the base with arms shipments from Saudi Arabia.

The response was swift. Syrian warplanes, on their first bombing mission inside Iraq, tried to damage the partially repaired runways at H-2 to prevent any more Saudi air shipments from landing. Those air strikes, conducted by the Syrian Air Force, left at least 57 people dead and 120 wounded - most of them Iraqi civilians.

                      MECCA AND MEDINA      

Jihadist fighters say Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia will be the next targets after Jordan. Any government, Sunni or otherwise, that either opposes the Islamic State or that has good relations with Israel, will be targeted for destruction.

But there is more. Mecca and Medina are the two holy sites that the new Caliphate needs to control if it is to control all of Islam globally.

ISIS has just announced that their battle plan is to destroy the Kaaba in Mecca. Why? Isn't the Kaaba central to Islamic practices, the heart of the Islam itself?

Apparently not so, according to Islamic purists like ISIS and al-Qaida.  The rock, the Hajar al-Aswad or Holy Black Stone, is located within a metallic shroud on a corner of the Kaaba in Mecca, and is what ISIS considers to be the center-piece of idolatrous worship.

The stone is a black meteorite, and an icon they want to destroy as soon as possible - as soon as their new Islamic Caliphate conquers Saudi Arabia. The Kaaba and the black rock pre-date the establishment of Islam; they both were part of the pagan religion in Arabia prior to the establishment of Islam.

During the Islamic pilgrimage, the hajj, to Mecca, Muslims nearly stampede each other in an attempt to merely touch or kiss the black stone. That means it's so important to them.  ISIS has different ideas about it.

An ISIS spokesman by the name of Abu Turab al-Mugadassi has been quoted as saying: "If Allah wills, we will kill those who worship stones in Mecca and destroy the Kaaba. People go to Mecca to touch the stone, not for Allah."   - 



King Abdullah summoned a National Security Council meeting “upon the current security events in the region, especially in Iraq,” and ordered “all necessary measures to protect the kingdom against terrorist threats.” This meant a general call-up of military units for a high level of preparedness.

Military sources disclose that Egypt is assembling an expeditionary commando force to fly to Saudi Arabia and bolster its border defences. This flurry of Saudi-Egyptian military steps comes in the wake of intelligence gathered by Saudi reconnaissance planes showing ISIS is heading for the Saudi border and aiming to seize control of the Iraqi-Saudi crossing at Ar Ar.

JULY 3/14. Saudi Arabia deployed 30,000 soldiers on its border after Iraqi soldiers withdrew from the area leaving the border area with Saudi Arabia and Syria unguarde     


Islamist terrorists in Iraq and Syria have begun creeping toward neighbouring countries, ISIS are planning to take their jihad to Jordan, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula.

With its recent takeover of the only Iraqi border crossing to Jordan, ISIS has set off alarm bells that Jordan could be the next to find itself engulfed in jihadist mayhem.


JUNE 30. Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman made the strongest public statement by a senior official so far of Israel's commitment to Jordan's security in light of the advances made by ISIS.

“Jordan’s stability is one of Israel’s vital national security interests, and Jerusalem will do everything to preserve that stability,” Liberman said.

With his statement, the foreign minister gave public voice to something PM Binyamin Netanyahu has been saying in private meetings for months: that the international community needs to continue to give Jordan economic, political, and security support.

Jordan, Netanyahu said in a speech to the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, is a “stable, moderate country with a strong army, that knows how to defend itself. Precisely for this reason, it deserves international support.”

Just as Jordan deserves international backing, Netanyahu said the Kurds – whom he also characterized as moderate – deserve a state of their own. This position – in support of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq – is at odds with that of the US which says that Iraq should remain a united state.

Perhaps wanting to pre-empt any possible diplomatic confrontation with Washington over this issue, Liberman made clear in Berlin, the future of Iraq is up to the people who live there, and stressed that Israel has no interest in interfering. With that, however, he said an independent Kurdish state is turning into an established fact.  (see Kurdistan in Sight, page 29)


ISIS claims it has access to nuclear weapons and will to use them to "liberate" Palestine from Israel. It estimates it will take 72 months to "liberate" "Occupied Palestine," - Israel. An Isis member says: “We are serious about Palestine and they (other Muslims) are not. Tel Aviv will fall as fast as Mosul when the time is right."


In an ISIS recruitment video, a fighter claims to be standing on the Iraq border with Syria.  He says that the ISIS will eventually break all of the Middle East borders to make the way to Jerusalem.

"This is not the first border we will break," he says of the border he was standing on. "God will break all barriers ... Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon ... all of them until we reach Jerusalem. This is the first of many barriers we will break." 


JULY 3/14.  ISIS flags were waved at a terrorist’s funeral in Gaza where there is an attempt by jihadist organi-zations in the Gaza Strip to unite under the common banner of ISIS, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.  Abu Saqer, one of the top leaders of Jihadiya Salafiya, which represents al-Qaida ideology in the Gaza Strip, confirmed the attempt to organize various jihad groups to fight Israel under the ISIS umbrella


JULY 4/14.  There is growing evidence that ISIS has begun operating in the Gaza Strip.  Both PA and Israeli security sources are convinced that followers of ISIS in the Gaza Strip are responsible for some of the recent rocket attacks on Israel.

Those same sources say Hamas seems to be losing control over the dozens of terror cells belonging to ISIS and other jihadi groups.

The Gaza Strip is no longer only a threat to Israel, but also to EGYPT.  According to a security report, Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip facilitated the infiltration of the ISIS terrorists into the Sinai so that they could carry out a terrorist attack against Egyptians. The report said that the terrorists had been entrusted with establishing terror cells and branches of ISIS in Egypt.

Hamas strongly denies that ISIS terrorists are active in Gaza, and had infiltrated into Egypt through tunnels along its border with the Gaza Strip.

A Hamas spokesman described the reports as "lies and fabrications," adding that they are part of a campaign to "distort the image of the Gaza Strip," and that "there is no presence of ISIS in the Gaza Strip."

The denial came in response to a report in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm according to which Egyptian security forces arrested 15 ISIS terrorists who tried to enter Sinai from the Gaza Strip.

Hamas is obviously nervous about the presence of ISIS terrorists in the Gaza Strip and sees them as a direct challenge to its rule. But ISIS believes that Hamas is "too moderate" and is not doing enough to achieve the destruction of Israel.

In June, Hamas sent its policemen and militias to disperse a rally organized by ISIS followers in the Gaza Strip to celebrate the recent "military victories" of the terrorist group in Iraq. Local journalists were prevented from covering the event as part of Hamas’ attempt to deny the existence of ISIS in the Gaza Strip.

The situation calls for security co-operation between Israel and Egypt.


Baghdadi has exhorted his caliphate’s fighters: 

“Your brothers in all the world are waiting” to be rescued by them. Terrify the enemies of Allah and seek death in the places where you expect to find it,” he said. “Your brothers, on every piece of this earth, are waiting for you to rescue them.  By Allah, we will take revenge, by Allah we will take revenge, even if after a while.” 

Fighters should “embrace the chance and champion Allah’s religion through jihad,” he added.

Since the Caliphate is now wealthier than its ideological competitor al-Qaida ever was, the question is, will al-Qaida stand idly by and watch as it is upstaged by its former offspring that’s boosting its appeal on social media.

The declaration of an Islamic caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria is a direct challenge to al-Qaida and could set off a dangerous contest for the leadership of the global jihadist movement.

An expert on radical Islamic movements says: “Al-Qaida can hardly ignore what is essentially a declaration of war from an upstart that has scored a string of successes.”

For a new, younger generation of radical Islamic militants, Al-Qaida with its grey-bearded 63-year-old leader is no longer the draw it was under Osama bin Laden. Believed to be holed up in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, Zawahiri, in their eyes, seems to have done little in recent years beyond issuing statements and videos.

But al-Qaida, the movement behind September 11, could be driven to carry out fresh attacks on Western targets to prove it remains relevant, and it may carry out a "spectacular" show of force.  That would need to be really spectacular to regain its appeal to the younger generation.


JULY 8.  Islamic State militants have set out a blueprint to create jobs and services in their self-declared caliphate that appears designed to avoid the unpopular mistakes of their al-Qaida predecessors.

In an online publication akin to a party manifesto, the Sunni extremists outlined a series of promises crafted to appeal to a population marginalised by Iraq’s Shia-­dominated government.

It sets out a series of aims, including “returning rights and property to their rightful owners; pumping millions of dollars into services important to the Muslims; improved security; delivering food; the collection of religious taxes and distribution to the widows, orphans and the needy; recruiting of soldiers, and the urging of repentance on apostates.”


THE KURDS of northern Iraq have taken advantage of the present chaos to expand their autonomous northern territory to include Kirkuk, which sits on vast oil deposits that could make the independent state many dream of, economically viable. They have now seized control of the oil-rich region of Kirkuk.

As the blood-thirsty ISIS forces threatened, the Government Sunni soldiers in Kirkuk simply fled, and the well-trained Kurds took over, and resisted any ISIS attempt to take Kurdish areas.

The Kurds are Muslims, but they are not Arabs; they are descendants of the ancient Medes, and they are now eyeing the possibility of a completely independent Kurdistan — a restored Median kingdom, including the Kurdish communities from Iran, Syria and Turkey. 



JUNE 26/14. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told John Kerry that Iraq is breaking up before our eyes and it would appear that the creation of an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq was a "foregone conclusion.”

Israeli experts predicted Israel would be quick to recognise a Kurdish state, should it emerge. Israel has maintained discreet military, intelligence and business ties with the Kurds since the 1960's, seeing in the minority ethnic group a buffer against shared Arab adversaries. But Washington wants Iraq's crumbling unity restored.

The US, the UN and Iran had all exhorted the Iraqi political class to put aside differences and form a government capable of acting against the jihadists. But as Sunni and Kurdish MPs boycotted parliament, the session failed to reach a quorum and was postponed for a week.  Another attempt in July also failed, but they will try again next month.

Kerry visited Iraqi Kurdish leaders and urged them to seek political integration with Baghdad.  The Kurdish Prime Minister replied that Iraq has changed – there is now a new reality.

John Kerry then hosted urgent talks with Gulf allies to address the widening crisis in Iraq. Bringing together his counterparts from the largely Sunni nations of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Kerry warned them that they all face the shared threat from ISIL.

Kuwait has decided to redeploy troops along its border with Iraq for the first time since 1991.


JULY 3/14CHAOS gripped Iraq after the Kurds controlling much of the country’s north announced a unilateral vote for independence, and Nouri al-Maliki’s government appeared to be on the brink of collapse.

Sunni and Kurdish MPs boycotted the first meeting of the Iraqi parliament since the March elections after the dominant Shia parties failed to agree on a candidate for prime minister.

Iraq now faces an existential crisis and civil war, with large areas of the west and east of the country under the control of Sunni jihadist militants. The Maliki government’s days are numbered.

The Kurdish minority, which has taken advantage of the crisis to take control of Kirkuk, ­announced preparations for a breakaway republic.

The Kurdish leader, Massoud Barzani, told the BBC it was “the right of Kurdistan to achieve independence.


Bible prophecy indicates that God will raise up the Medes - that is, the Kurdish people - to be an instrument of judgment against Babylon.

“Look! I am going to stir up the Medes against them, who value not silver or take pleasure in gold. And their bows will mow down the young men. They will not even have compassion on the fruit of the womb, nor will their eye pity children. And Babylon, the beauty of kingdoms, the glory of the Chaldeans’ pride, will be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.” (Isaiah 13:17-19)

“Sharpen the arrows, fill the quivers! YHWH has aroused the spirit of the kings of the Medes, because His purpose is against Babylon to destroy it; for it is the vengeance of YHWH, vengeance for His temple.

“Consecrate the nations against her; the kings of the Medes, their governors and all their prefects, and every land of their dominion. So the land quakes and writhes, for the purposes of YHWH against Babylon stand, to make the land of Babylon a desolation without inhabitants.”  (Jeremiah 51:11, & 28-29)

Watch the Medes – the Kurds! The prophecy suggests they will play a powerful role against Baghdad. 

But a question now, is: Will the Medes once more join up in an alliance with Persia?


We can expect the Islamic caliphate to succeed to quite an extent as the Scriptures indicate that the Arab nations will unite to come against Israel.  (Psalm 83).  But Islam will not rule the whole world.  The Antichrist is not a Muslim – he will arise in the revived Roman Empire.

As Islam will be one main adversary in the coming world war (it is already a major part of the King of the South, and the King of the North which includes Iran, Turkey and the central Asian Islamic republics), it needs to be built up in preparation for this war.  

We know that all the nations are going to come up against Israel for battle (Zechariah 12:3. Joel 3:9-12).  But they are not coming up as a united world against Israel.  The N, E, S, W, each having their own agenda to fulfil in and through the world war. 

The Islamic nations aim to capture Jerusalem and to establish a global Islamic caliphate; the Northern (Russian-led confederation aim at a Russian dominated global order; the East – China aims at becoming the world’s main superpower;  the West plans to occupy Jerusalem and to establish a New World Order there  – a world government presided over by the Antichrist (although they would not call him by that title.)

These four powers cannot fully achieve their objectives – just like Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung could not fulfil their global plans.  But the Bible  – the greatest prophecy book ever written – tells us in advance the outcome of this great war that is called by Yahweh the Almighty.

“Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare for war! Rouse the warriors! Let all the men of war draw near.  Let them come up to attack! Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning-hooks into spears; Let the weak say, 'I am strong!' Come quickly all you surrounding nations, and gather yourselves together! Bring down, O YHWH, Your mighty ones! Let the nations be aroused and come up to the Valley of Jehoshaphat (Jerusalem), for there I will sit to judge all the nations on every side.” (Joel 3:9-12)

The result will be the destruction of Russia and its Islamic allies including Iran and Turkey (Ezekiel 38:22; 39:4-6).  Egypt and Iraq (Babylon) also will be totally wiped out.  (Ezekiel 29:10-12.  Jeremiah 51:41-44.)

Israel will be a powerful force (Zechariah 12:5-9). But Jerusalem will be partly destroyed (Zechariah 14:2). And all the nations will be severely wrecked or destroyed. (Zech. 12:9).

The Prince of Rome (Antichrist) will move into Israel and set up “his tent” near or in Jerusalem (Daniel 12:41-45) and he will afflict the remaining armies that have come against him. He will then establish the New World Order, and proceed to become the world’s supreme ruler - a Satan-empowered dictator who will rule the whole world for 3½ years. His rule will be terminated at the Battle of Armageddon when Y’shua the Messiah descends to wage war on, and to destroy, the Antichrist and his remnant armies.

But before all this however – before the world war, before the seven year Tribulation, the Messiah will come to evacuate His true followers from this doomed world.  And how will He do that?


“For the Master Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. Then the dead in Christ - those who died with faith in the Messiah - shall rise first.

Then we, the living believers who remain, will simultaneously be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Master in the air. And so we will be with the Master for ever.”  (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

If you are not sure you are a true follower of Y’shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), call to Him today, and ask Him to save you.

“What must I do to be saved?"

"Believe in the Master, Y'shua the Messiah (that is, give yourself over to Him), and you will be saved; (this applies both to) you and your household as well."  (Acts 16:30-31)


“If you confess with your mouth Y'shua as your Master, your  LORD - and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart man believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.” (Romans 10:9-10)

 If you are still uncertain about the Way to God, please contact us and ask for our free booklet, THE WAY  TO GOD, we will be glad to sent it to you.   Or check it online on this website.



The WAY to GOD


Now for some updates on the activities of …


    RUSSIA  (the Bear), SIGNS A



MAY 29/14.  Vladimir Putin of Russia, Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, attend the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Astana (Kazakhstan) where they signed an “epochal treaty.”

The historic Eurasian Economic Union Agreement will come into effect in January 2015.   It will cut down trade barriers, comprise over 170 million people, and will be the largest common market in the ex-Soviet sphere.

"The treaty is of epoch-making, historic importance," Russian President Vladimir Putin said. “We are shaping the largest common market in the CIS, with huge production, scientific and technological potential and enormous natural resources," he added.

The three countries will co-operate in energy, industry, agriculture, and transport. Putin wanted Ukraine to be part of his EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION. 

Accession of two more countries, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, is expected soon. This will be the beginning of something much bigger – something that resembles the former Soviet Union. It could eventually include Iran, China, Mongolia, and other Asian nations, possibly even Pakistan and India.


The pro-European businessman, Petro Poroshenko won a landmark presidential election in Ukraine with 56% of the vote.  At his "modest" inauguration, Poroshenko said he wants to sign an EU trade treaty as soon as possible. “We consider it as the first step toward full membership in the EU. Nobody has the right to veto the European choice of Ukraine,” he added.

The Pact has now been signed. See item below.

The EU pact means Ukraine can have free trade with Russia, but is legally bound to stay out of Moscow's Eurasian Union.

Vladimir Putin said: "As soon as the treaty with the EU is signed and comes into force, we will be taking measures to secure the [Russian] economy.”

In the meantime, the violent crisis in the east of Ukraine goes on as the government of Poroshenko battles the separatists in East Ukraine.

Russia’s president has blamed the turmoil in Ukraine on the country’s newly-elected leader Petro Poroshenko. Vladimir Putin also criticized the West for its intention to turn the planet into a "global barracks."


JUNE 27/14.  Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have signed partnership agreements with the European Union, in a move strongly opposed by Russia.

The pact - which would bind the three countries more closely to the West both economically and politically - is at the heart of the crisis in Ukraine.

Mr Poroshenko hailed the signing as Ukraine's most historic day since independence in 1991, describing it as a "symbol of faith and unbreakable will." He said he saw the signing as the start of preparations for joining the European bloc. “Ukraine is underlining its sovereign choice in favour of membership of the EU," he said.

Meanwhile European Council President Herman Van Rompuy described it as a "great day for Europe."  "The EU stands by your side, today more than ever before," he told leaders of the three countries, adding that there was nothing in the agreements that might harm Russia in any way.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin said that "efforts to force Ukraine into an artificial choice between Russia and the EU had pushed Ukraine towards a split, a painful internal conflict."  Peaceful citizens were the main victims of the conflict, he said, with thousands of people seeking refuge in Russia.

Russia retaliated against Moldova for signing the treaty by banning imports of processed beef, lamb, horse meat, and pork from Europe’s poorest country - Moldova - the same day it ratified the EU trade treaty.


"The Americans say I want to rebuild the Soviet Empire. Yet, the Americans witnessed me withdraw from Georgia when I had this former Russian province in my hands, thanks to Russia’s victory in the short-lived war instigated by the Americans.

“There is no end to the American lies. I have done everything possible to respond to provocations in a low-key reasonable manner, offering to work things out diplomatically, as has my Foreign Minister Lavrov.  … But the Americans continue to provoke and to hide their provocations behind lies.

“The Americans brazenly bring to me a strategic threat in Ukraine, a former Russian province. They intend to put Ukraine in NATO. They intend to put more missile bases on Russia’s borders, and they intended to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base, our warm water port.  …

“Americans have no intention of working anything out. They intend to subjugate Russia. Washington wants Russia powerless, surrounded with ABM bases that degrade our strategic deterrent to uselessness.

“These Americans will not work with me. They will not listen to me or to Russia’s Foreign Minister. They only hear their own call for American hegemony over the world. ... MY ONLY ALTERNATIVE IS TO PREPARE FOR WAR.” -  MAY 13, 2014.


A US congressman alleges, Russian secret forces had infiltrated parts of Ukraine with large Russian-speaking populations to foment demands for Moscow’s next incursions, and also that Russia is now building up its military forces in the separatist Georgian region of SOUTH OSSETIA.

He suggested that Putin is also considering an invasion of both GEORGIA and ARMENIA, to seize the disputed Nagorno-Karabach pocket, “as part of an effort to create an overland link between Russia and Iran.”


BRUSSELS, APRIL 17.  Russia is rolling out two major projects – a gas pipeline and a Crimea deep water port – with China. 

It is reported that work on the “Power of Siberia” pipeline, and the Chinese construction of a deep port in Crimea are proceeding as normal despite the Ukraine crisis. Described as a “mega-project,” the pipeline will pump billions of cubic meters of gas a year from the gas fields in Russia’s Far East, with a branch line to deliver gas to China. 

THE PROPHET DANIEL infers that the East and the North will come against the Prince of Rome in the Middle East, in the endtimes – possibly a Eurasia alliance. 

“Reports from the EAST and from the NORTH will alarm him, and he will go out in a rage to destroy and annihilate many.”  (Daniel 11:44)

The prospect of the King of the North aligning with the Kings of the East to invade the Promised Land is quite frightening. Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia are already linked to China in the SCO — the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation. 

Here are more developments. ...



President Vladimir Putin has said that his recent meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Shanghai marked a new stage in Russia-China relations, and that the two countries will roll out all-around co-operation.

China and Russia signed a $400 billion gas supply deal, securing the world’s top energy user (China) a major source of cleaner fuel, and opening up a new market for Moscow as it risks losing European customers over the Ukraine crisis.

The Chinese President has also openly demonstrated his desire to create a counter-alliance to the US.  Speaking on May 20 President Xi Jinping called for the creation of a new Asian structure for security co-operation based on a regional group that includes Russia and Iran, but excludes the United States.

Clearly pointing a finger at the US, he called NATO an outdated thinking of the Cold War.  So now China’s proposal to push forward with the ambitious …


met an especially chilly reception from the US, which is focused on a 12-country trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which excludes China.

The move has clearly unsettled the Western establishment. Former US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said that China and Russia are becoming more aggressive as they perceive the US pulling back from world affairs. 

In other words, Russia and China are standing up to the American hegemony and pushing back against the perceived US aggression.


Angry with the West's response over Ukraine and eager to diversify its options, Russia is moving rapidly to bolster ties with North Korea in a diplomatic nose-thumbing that could complicate the US-led effort to squeeze Pyongyang into giving up its nuclear weapons program.


A NATO "restricted" document singles out Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova as three countries –  all former Soviet republics – that might benefit from increased Western military support.

Diplomats are concerned that a permanent NATO military presence in member states bordering ­­Russia could lead President Putin to counter by bolstering his own forces near sensitive frontiers.

They are reluctant to place any NATO troops in Ukraine. According to a diplomat, “It's not the right time to have a visible NATO presence in Ukraine. It would be a golden pretext for the Russians to reinforce their presence.”

The expansion of NATO to Russia's borders and the possibility of 10,000 American troops in Poland, and the US-NATO ballistic missile defence system positioned against Russia, as well as Vladimir Putin’s aggressive postures, are threats that could provoke a regional war, and even lead to World War 3.

The stage is being set for a possible Ezekiel 38 scenario.

Ezekiel makes it clear that Russia and its allies will come against ISRAEL, to take a spoil.  And even if they should be reluctant, God will put hooks into their jaws and draw them down – for His purpose is to bring them into judgment, along with all nations that come up against God’s land.   (Joel 3:2 & 12.  Zechariah 14:2-3 and Ezekiel 38)

The Russian Bear is not the only danger.

The Beast from Europe is an even greater threat. He will come against Israel to secure the Promised Land, and he will destroy to an extraordinary degree. (Daniel 8:24)

This is the one the Scriptures call “the Man of Iniquity” and the “King with fierce countenance.”   Daniel says:

“Then the king will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify  himself above every god, and will speak great blasphemies against the God of gods. … He will be successful until the time of wrath (the Great Tribulation) is completed, for what has been determined must take place. He will also invade the Beautiful Land (Israel). He will extend his power over many countries.”  (Daniel 11:36, 41, 42)


The Palestinian parties – Fatah and Hamas – have now formed a unity government. The ministers were sworn in along with a new Prime Minister - Rami Hamdallah - on June 2nd.


Hamas’ 1988 charter makes clear that it is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. It forbids all peace talks; calls for the annihilation of Israel by armed, violent jihad; seeks to impose Sharia law on every man, woman and child in the Holy Land; and would force all Jews and Christians to convert to Islam or be branded an infidel and suffer.

Although the US and the EU have long declared Hamas a terrorist organisation, both have now broken their pledge not to deal with Hamas. They have reportedly rushed to continue funding the Palestinians under the new, Hamas-backed government, even though Kerry says, “We do not recognise the government of Palestine.” Yet the US and the EU said that they will recognize and deal with the new leadership in Ramallah.

For the first time, the US and Europe will be bankrolling an organisation and its armed militia that have been branded under their own laws as terrorist.

Hamas aims to use Hizbullah’s ‘bullets plus ballots’ approach to gain a military and political foothold in the West Bank.

The Beast (EU) has also threatened to take action against Jewish settlers after Israel backed the building of 1,466 more new homes on “Palestinian land.”

The US and EU pose as friends and supporters of Israel; but with friends like these, who needs enemies?



As we go to press, the latest Hamas-Israel conflict is raging. Gaza has fired hundreds of missiles over a wide area in Israel, and Israel has responded by hundreds of air strikes against Hamas military bases and infrastructure. Hundreds have been killed and hundreds injured. 

The conflict has expanded to what could be an all-out war.  Details you have undoubtedly already read in the news media reports.


THE BEAUTY (Mystery Babylon)     

                      RIDES THE BEAST   



During Pope Francis’ May 24-26 trip to the Palestinian territory, he hugged and kissed Mahmoud Abbas.

The Pope celebrated a mass in Bethlehem, and publicly called for a "State of Palestine.” Before moving into Israel, he stopped at a security fence and “prayed” that it would be removed.


The Pope has come out in support of RFID Chip technologies and the great potential they hold for mankind.

During a weekly general address, Francis spoke to the crowd about his view on the Radio Frequency Identity technology, and assured his many followers that no spiritual harm can come from receiving an RFID implant.

“We have examined the scriptures thoroughly, and I can conclusively say that there’s nothing to indicate that RFID Chips are Satanic in anyway. If anything, these devices are a blessing from God, bestowed upon humanity to solve many of the world’s ills.”




APRIL 14.  The Russian president has announced that he plans to sell oil in roubles. This would threaten the US dollar.  Russia would have no qualms with using gold as a geo-political weapon. The Central Bank of Russia has made a subtle, yet serious threat against the lynch-pin (the driving force) of the American Economy - the US dollar.

According to Russian media, Russia’s Bank Rossiya has just released a new logo, which is a gold rouble. This action comes in response to JPMorgan entering the economic battlefield and blocking Russian wire transfers.

Vladimir Putin has made it quite clear that any attacks on the Russian economy will be answered with retaliations of their own.


If Russia decides to use its vast gold reserves to back the Rouble, the consequences for the global economy would be huge. Russia’s politically-motivated attack on the petrodollar could trigger a major US stock market collapse amid a global loss of confidence in the dollar caused by the Federal Reserve’s continuing policy of buying billions of dollars monthly in US Treasury debt.

Already the US Dollar, which has been the reserve currency of the World for far too long, was skating on thin ice. 

It is said that the first country to release a gold backed currency would have the most to gain and would likely steal the mantle of reserve currency of the world. For years alternative media have speculated that China would be the first to act. This still may be true, but now Russia appears ready to take the lead.

World War I and World II were about the control of the international monetary system by international bankers, as will World War 3.



CHINA, IRAN Willing to Drop US $ from Bilateral Trade

Surely it is "ridiculous" that a country can seriously contemplate to exist outside the ideological and religious confines of the Petrodollar ... because if one can do it, all can do it. And next thing you know the US has hyper-inflation, social collapse, civil war, and all those other calamities prominently featured in other socialist banana republics like Venezuela which alas, do not have a global reserve currency to kick around. 

Russia is actively pushing on with plans to put the US dollar in the rear-view mirror and replace it with a dollar-free system. A "de-dollarised" world.

Voice of Russia, citing Russian press sources, reports that the country's Ministry of Finance is ready to give the green light to a plan to radically increase the role of the Russian rouble in export operations while reducing the share of dollar-denominated transactions.

Governmental sources believe that the Russian banking sector is "ready to handle the increased number of rouble-denominated transactions."

On April 24, according to the Prime news agency, the Russian government organised a special meeting dedicated to finding a solution for getting rid of the US dollar in Russian export operations.

Top level experts from the energy sector, banks and governmental agencies were summoned and a number of measures were proposed as a response for American sanctions against Russia. If the West wants Russia's response to ever-escalating sanctions against the country, it is about to get it.

The "de-dollarisation meeting” was chaired by First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Igor Shuvalov, proving that Moscow is very serious in its intention to stop using the dollar.

The more the West antagonizes Russia, and the more economic sanctions it lobs at it, the more Russia will be forced away from a US$-denominated trading system and into one which faces China and India.


MAY 22. The agreement is a symbolic blow to US global financial hegemony and a signal of Russia-China rapprochement.

In a symbolic blow to US global financial hegemony, Russia and China took a small step toward undercutting the domination of the US dollar as the international reserve currency, when Russia’s second biggest financial institution, VTB, signed a deal with the Bank of China to bypass the dollar and to pay each other in domestic currencies.


The so-called AGREEMENT ON CO-OPERATION”         

signed in the presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, was followed by the long-awaited announcement of a massive natural gas deal 10 years in the making.

“Our countries have done a huge job to reach a new historic landmark,” Putin said, making note of the $100 billion in annual trade that has been achieved between the two countries.

For its part, “China sees the dominance of the dollar in international trade transactions as a remnant of American global dominance, which they hope to overthrow in the years ahead,” says Michael Klare, a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College.

“This is a small step in that direction, to reduce the primacy of the dollar in international trade.”

Demand for the dollar, which has long served as a safe and reliable reserve currency in international transactions, has allowed the US to borrow almost unlimited cash, and spend well beyond its means, which some economists say has afforded the US an outsized influence on world affairs.

But the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, a bloc of the world’s five major emerging economies — have long sought to diminish their dependence on the dollar as a means of reshaping the world financial and geopolitical order. In the absence of a viable alternative, however, replacing it has proved difficult. 

But now . . .         BRICS OPEN BANK


July 10.  Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa - the 5 nations of the “BRICS” ECONOMIC UNION - are to establish an alternative to the World Bank and IMF, which they find too biased against Europe and the US.

The "New Development Bank" to rival the World Bank will be launched at a BRICS summit in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza in third week of July. Its main headquarters could be in Shanghai or New Delhi.

The project will see each of the BRICS contribute 1.4 billion to the bank’s funds over the next seven years, with the bank’s maximum capital set at 73 billion. The bank will fund mainly infrastructure projects.

It will be a small rival to the 163 billion-strong World Bank, and an alternative to the IMF. Other countries that want to join will be able to do so once the new bank opens for lending, in 2016.

It marks the departure of the US and Europe-dominated international financial system.

BRICS nations have grown increasingly frustrated at the priorities of the IMF, particularly during the euro-crisis, where a disproportionate amount of the fund's money went to bailouts in southern Europe.


“When these things begin to take place, straighten yourselves and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

(Luke 21:18)

 AMEN !   BE READY !  AMEN !   




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