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The canvas of world history is splattered with hideous depictions of wars. It is not a pretty picture. With the progression of time, the blood lines have deepened and a culture of violence, genocide and annihilation has become entrenched in the nations.

You would have thought that with all our scientific discoveries, our ‘enlightenments’ and achievements, we would be living in a quiet and tranquil world. No! We have not learned from all the precedents of past ages, but have progressed from barbarian times to a high-tech age where we have become a degenerate species possessing a capacity to create monsters, and to threaten all life on the planet.

Well, we should not really be taken by surprise, or left incredulous. We have long been warned that perilous times would come; that men would become brutal and treacherous; and that evil men and impostors would proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. (see 2 Timothy 3:1-14)

And the prophecies regarding our times are clear. Y’shua (Jesus) the Messiah foretold precisely and clearly:

“You will be hearing of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you do not become frightened. All these things must happen first, but the end is not yet.” (Matthew 24:6)

“When you hear of wars and uprisings - disturbances and revolutions, do not be terrified; for these things must happen first, but the end will not come immediately. … Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” (Luke 21:9-10)

And the great prophet Daniel, included this word:

“There will be war until the end; and desolations have been decreed.” (Daniel 9:26)

The 20th century witnessed two world wars that left many millions of people dead and maimed. In the 21st century, we have seen conflicts in many parts of the globe. The “Arab Spring” wars are now being called the “Islamic Spring.” And the threats and rumours of war increase. 

The Middle East has come to the brink once more.  Chemical weapons – Sarin Gas – have now been employed. So far a nuclear war has been averted; but it is scheduled, in prophecy, for the near future.












These SIX wars overlap and intertwine.

Again the Messiah says: “When these things begin to take place, straighten yourselves and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  (Luke 21:28)




The modern state of Israel came into being on May 14, 1948, and immediately the Arab nations led by Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq, attacked the 500,000+ Jews living in the land. Many of the Arabs living in the territory allotted by the UN to the Jews, fled to neighbouring countries to avoid the scorching of Israel. Their leaders promised they could return after the fledgling Jewish state was wiped out. But they never returned, as after the ferocious 10-month war, Israel survived, and then consolidated control of its territory.

In 1956, a Suez Crisis broke out as Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal and denied Israel the right to use it, even though the Security Council re-affirmed the freedom of passage through the Canal for ships of all nations.

Egypt ignored the US resolution, and at the same time placed heavy artillery at Sharm el Sheikh which overlooked the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba where Israel had a southern port. Egypt was heavily armed and its forces superior to Israel’s. But under the command of Moshe Dayan, Israel struck deep into the Sinai and within 4 day captured the entire peninsula, as well as 6,000 Egyptian soldiers, and hundreds of tanks and weapons.

The blockade of the Gulf of Aqaba was eventually lifted, but the Canal remained closed to Israel. After intervention by President Eisenhower, Israel reluctantly agreed to withdraw from the Sinai.

In 1964 the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) was formed with the aim of setting “Palestine” free. Yasser Arafat became its leader, and Mahmoud Abbas was a co-founder.  But actually there had never been a Palestinian state. The people living in “Palestine” were a mixed Arab population including nomadic Bedouins. But from 1964, the Arabs there called themselves Palestinians.



In 1967, three Arab nations – Egypt, Syria and Jordan – planned to push Israel into the sea, once and for all.  But as they prepared to attack, Israel struck first; its planes destroying the air force of the three Arab nations while they were still on the tarmac.

The Israeli tanks then rolled out, pushing the Egyptians out of Gaza, and the Sinai; pushing the Syrians back from the Golan Heights; and forcing the Jordanians troops out of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. All this took place in six days.

The next major war in Israel was in 1973 which began with a surprise attack on Israel by Egypt and Syria on the day of Yom Kippur.  The involvement of both Russia and the US, brought the Middle East very close to another holocaust.  The conflict ended when President Nixon called a worldwide nuclear alert.

In 1974, Jordan renounced its claim to the West Bank.

In 1978, Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel.

In 1982 Israel was driven to invade Southern Lebanon because of the PLO’s reign of terror there, in order to halt the Palestinian attacks on northern Galilee. Syrian forces supporting the PLO in Lebanon were defeated, and 11,000 PLO leaders were expelled from Lebanon. Arafat and his chief comrades then set up headquarters in Tunisia.

From 1987 to 1991, the PLO started a new type of war – an Intifada - a violent Palestinian uprising against Israeli administration in the West Bank and Gaza. Hundreds of people were killed during that time.

In 1990 there was the Gulf War after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in which the PLO supported Saddam Hussein.

In 1993 the Oslo Accord was signed between Israel and the PLO. This led to the establishment of the Palestinian Authority. The accord called for a Palestinian state to be established within 7 years. 

By 2000, with that goal unrealized, President Bill Clinton arranged talks at Camp David where Israeli PM Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat struggled to come to a final agreement.  Barak offered Arafat 96% of the West Bank and Gaza, and three quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem and sovereignty of the Temple Mount, but the PLO leader refused.  And the talks failed.

Two months later another Intifada began. Within 18 months, 2,000 people lost their lives, including more than 70 Palestinian suicide bombers.

In 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza, and handed the territory over to the Palestinian Authority.  In early 2006, Hamas, a radical Sunni organisation established by the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, overthrew the PA administration and took control of Gaza.

In June 2006 a militia group entered Israel through a 300-meter-long tunnel, and killed several Israeli soldiers and kidnapped a 19-year-old serviceman, Gilad Shalit, who was taken captive into Gaza.

In response, Israel besieged Gaza and began to destroy its infrastructure. Israel’s purpose was fourfold: to rescue Shalit; to put an end to the firing of rockets into Israel; to deliver a severe blow to the Hamas government; and to demonstrate that attacks on Israel would bring a severe penalty.

The next month, July 2006, a second war broke out in the north between Israel and Hizb’ullah in Lebanon.  It began when Hizb’ullah entered northern Israel and ambushed an Israeli patrol. They killed 8 Israeli soldiers, and captured two others.  Israel hit back hard.

Within 24 hours they conducted some 1,000 air missions over Lebanon – targeting Hizb’ullah missile sites and headquarters. Hizb’ullah responded by firing about 4,000 Katyusha missiles on Israel, damaging many buildings and forcing a million+ Israelis into bomb shelters.

Israel also waged a ground offensive into South Lebanon. And the war raged on for 34 days.

Gaza again. At the end of 2008, after more than 3,000 rockets had been fired into Israel during the year, another war broke out. Israel invaded Gaza in an attempt to halt the rockets. Israeli planes launched a “shock and awe” attack. More than 1000 air strikes were carried out in the first 18 days. Gaza militants continued firing dozens of rockets every day at civilian targets, endangering some 700,000 Israelis.

A truce was eventually arranged through the mediation of President Morsi of Egypt and pressure from the US.

The coming days will see more and bigger conflicts between Israel and its Palestinian & Arab neighbours.




PSALM 83: 1-8

“O God, do not keep silent!  Do not be quiet, and do not be still, O God! For look, Your enemies are roaring; and those who hate You have raised their heads. They craftily plot against Your people, and conspire against Your hidden, treasured ones. They have said, ‘Come, and let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more.’

“For they have conspired together with one mind; they make a pact against You; the tents of Edom (S. Jordan) and the Ishmailites (Egyptian-Arabs); Moab (central Jordan) and the Hagarites (Arabs); Gebal (Arabs S of Dead Sea), Ammon (N. Jordan), and Amalek  (Negev-Sinai); Philistia (Palestinians) with the inhabitants of Tyre (Lebanon). Assyria (Iraq) also had joined with them; they have been a help to the sons of Lot.”


ZECHARIAH 12:2, 5-9

"Look! I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the people around. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. ... Then the leaders of Judah will say in their hearts, ‘The inhabitants of Jerusalem are a strong support for us through YHWH of Hosts, their God.’

“In that day I will make the leaders of Judah like a burning pot in a woodpile, and like a flaming torch among sheaves. They will consume on the right hand and on the left all the surrounding peoples; and Jerusalem will be inhabited again on her own sites - in Jerusalem. YHWH will save the tents of Judah first, in order that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem may not be greater than that of Judah.

“In that day YHWH will defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the one who is feeble among them in that day will be like David, and the house of David will be like God, like the Angel of YHWH going before them. And it will come about in that day that I will set out to destroy all the nations that come up against Jerusalem.”

Psalm 83 could possibly be fulfilled before the Tribulation.  But Zechariah 12 is a Great Tribulation passage.



After months of protests, a military coup led by General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and a crackdown with hundreds dead, the country has entered a temporary calm.

The deposed President Morsi, and dozens of the senior Brotherhood figures, including its general

guide Mohammed Badie, have been detained on suspicion of inciting violence and murder. And now a court in Egypt has banned the Muslim Brotherhood and ordered its assets confiscated. 

The Saudis and Emirates have supported the Egyptian  military coup. But the US stand against the military’s measures, has opened the door for Russia to come in to  deepen relations with the new Egypt. 

One day Egypt will turn against Israel again ...

 “I will rise and cover that land, I will surely destroy the city and its inhabitants.”  (Jeremiah 46:8)



Egypt is still in a state of civil strife. In mid-August, after authorities and protestors clashed violently over the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, a state of emergency was declared, which the interim government later extended by two months. This action gave security forces greater powers of arrest.

The military crackdown led to a backlash of violence that claimed nearly 1,000 lives in the days that followed. Christians were targeted as the scapegoat, and more than 80 churches were destroyed.

Open Doors CEO, David Curry, says, "Some of these extremist groups think that Christianity itself, the very existence of it, is problematic, so they're trying to snuff it out. So there's a link-up of events which is making it very, very dangerous to be a follower of Jesus in Egypt."  -



Since the Morsi regime was demolished, Hamas, (a creation of the Muslim brotherhood) has been engaged in attacks against the Egyptian military regime in Sinai. The Egyptian military is cracking down heavily on both Hamas and al-Qaida in the Sinai.

Hamas co-operates with al-Qaida also in preparing to launch attacks on Israel from the Sinai.

At the same time, Hamas is constantly at odds with its sister, the Palestinian Fatah in the West Bank.  But both Hamas and Fatah want to see the Jewish state destroyed.


This conflict is centuries old. It dates back to the early days of Islam when a split took place over who should succeed Muhammad. He died in AD 632.

The 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, and the recent “Arab Spring” have recently inflamed the age-long conflict.

many nations are now involved in a Shia-Sunni war, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as in the present, most clearly defined, inter-Islamic struggle in Syria.

The Islamic world is greatly divided, although nearly all those nations – on both sides - have a burning animosity, in varying degrees, against Israel.

The Islamic world is now global and has a rapidly growing population of over 1.6 billion – over one quarter of world’s population. India alone has more than 160 million Muslims.

As well as the Middle East,  Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and much of north Africa and Central Asia have heavy Islamic populations. Europe, America and Australia have multiplying Muslim populations that fuel local tensions and anti-Semitic hatred.  Sunnis are at least 75% of the world’s Muslims.


The greatest concentration of Muslims is 

             The Asia-Pacific region -  985 million. 

            The Middle East & N Africa -  317 million. 

            Sub-Sahara Africa – 248 million. 

            Europe 44 million.    USA 3˝ million.


Shia Iran and its proxies, Syria, Hizb’ullah and the Iraqi Shias, at present, are all involved in conflicts, while at the same time they are building up advanced armaments and preparing for Israel’s annihilation.


Hizb’ullah has sent thousands of troops into Syria to support the Assad regime, but this involvement has once more turned Lebanon into a divided and violent land.

The Sunnis there are concerned as they know that when Hizb’ullah attacks Israel again, the whole of Lebanon will suffer retaliatory attacks from Israel.


Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizb’ullah, the world’s foremost Shi'ite terrorist group, has effectively declared war on al-Qaida, the world's leading Sunni terrorist movement.



President Nouri Maliki (a Shi’ite) says Iraq will recognise all countries except Israel.

Iraq has also sent Shia fighters to aid the Assad regime, while its own internal conflict between Sunnis and al-Qaida is becoming another civil war.

SAUDI ARABIA (Sunni) and IRAN (shia)

These two “biggies” are leading the opposite sides of the Sunni-Shia conflict. Both are striving for their own version of an Islamic caliphate. 

Saudi Arabia has backed the military coup in Egypt, and is supporting the rebels in Syria. So it is against the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, and against Iran and the Shia Assad regime at the same time.




Syria’s population is almost 23 million. 2˝ years after the conflict began, and after 110,000 deaths, countless thousands injured, 2 million Syrian refugees (5,000 fleeing every day), and 5 million internally displaced, the situation has become more grave because of the chemical - poisonous gas - weapons that have been used.  And Bashar Assad seems to be winning.



Thousands of Syrians, trapped in the city of Homs for 500 days without power or food supplies, are being starved out by the Assad regime, according to a doctor in their midst.

The doctor said, “Being gassed to death would be a more preferable end than the slow misery being inflicted on the city in what has been compared to the siege of Stalingrad.

"Many sick people here do not die due to lack of medical treatment but because of hunger and severe malnutrition, unhealed wounds, severe lack of food and absence of basic human necessities. All negotiations with the regime failed to provide any corridor to get the families out. We are trying to bring out the injured. We have 3000 people and 1000 are injured. Many are women and children."

The intensity of fighting around the city indicates the strategic importance of the town. Once the government retakes control of Homs, it will control an arc of territory from the Jordanian border up to the Mediterranean coast.

“We have had no electricity for 500 days. Families live in cellars, with most buildings destroyed. Holes bored between the walls were the only remaining way to move securely. Young men risk sniper and artillery fire to scavenge for firewood and old tins of food in bombed-out homes.

“Medical supplies have gone, antibiotics have expired, only a few days' supply of oxygen remain, and blood for transfusions cannot be tested any longer for illnesses such as hepatitis. Malnutrition is widespread. The problem of the injured people is we have no good food to survive. Many are dying, not because of injury, but due to bad nutrition.” – Source: The Times, Sept 21/13


On another side of the war, we hear that …



The village of Maaloula has been taken over by Syrian rebels associated with al-Qaida, who have stormed the Christian centre and offered local Christians a choice: conversion or death. 

A resident of the town said the rebels shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as they moved through the village, and proceeded to assault Christian homes and churches. “They shot and killed people,” he said. “I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the middle of a street in the old quarters of the village. Another witness stated, “I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, ‘Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded.’”

The village is located just 25 miles from Damascus. The rebels who took over the city are associated with the al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaida-associated Islamist group. Villagers reported foreign dialects amongst the rebels ranging from Tunisian to Libyan, from Moroccan to Chechen. -

The civil war in Syria has drawn in allies, and enemies, including terrorists from many countries, and threatens to become a regional holocaust.


A MIDDLE EAST CONUNDRUM (a tough puzzle) 

Can you work it out ? ? ?  It is a bit like chess.  

*  Iran and Russia are backing Assad.

*  Assad is against the MB (Muslim brotherhood).

*  Gulf states are against Assad, and are against the MB.

*  MB is against General Sisi who is backed by the

    Gulf states.

*  The Gulf states are pro-US, but Obama is against Sisi.

*  Obama is opposed to Saudi Arabia on Egypt, but

    supports Saudi Arabia on Syria.

*  Turkey supports the MB and is against General Sisi,

     yet Turkey supports the Gulf states against Assad.  >

*  Iran is against MB, but it favours Hamas, although

    Hamas is backing MB.

*  Obama “supports” Israel, while he backs MB – one

    of Israel’s main enemies.

*  Obama and Russia are both against al-Qaida,

    yet Obama backs MB which works with al-Qaida.


Have you worked out who are friends of who, and who are enemies of who?   I’m still trying!                          



THE  general LINE- UP  (at present)


Pro-SHIA                  Pro-SUNNI

(pro-Assad)                                       (anti-Assad)

Syrian Alawis (Shias)              Saudi Arabia,

Iran                                                  Qatar

Hizb’ullah                                    Syrian Sunnis

Iraqi Shias                                    Iraqi Sunnis        

Bahrain                                         Lebanese SunniS

Russia                                            Turkey, Jordan

China                                               MOST Arab gulf states

N. Korea                                         Al-Qaida

                                                            Muslim BROTHERhood

                                                            Possibly  U.S.  &  E.U. 




Over the last couple of years there has been great concern about Assad’s stockpile of chemical and biological weapons.  The international community has outlawed the use of these hideous weapons. 

Assad is estimated to have 1,000 metric tons of dangerously poisonous materials in his stockpiles.  There are two fears; 1. that Assad could use these weapons on his enemies.  2.  that the rebels, or terrorist groups such as al-Qaida and the al-Nusra Front could capture and use those weapons to create havoc and fear.

On August 21, chemical weapons (Sarin gas) were used on civilians in East Damascus.  More than 1,000 people lost their lives. Many, including the US, believe the weapons were used by the Assad regime. But Assad denies he used the weapons. Both he and Russia put the blame on the rebels who, they say, have used the chemical attack in an effort to cajole the US into attacking the Syrian regime.



President Obama declared he would lead a “limited aerial attack” on the Bashar Assad regime. Later this was revised to … “the US Air Force will target Syria’s AF, ballistic missiles and sections of its air defences.”  But the President was emphatic that he would not put “boots on the ground” – i.e., send ground troops into Syria.

As a “limited attack” would be ineffectual, the question arises: Is Obama planning to weaken the Syrian regime sufficiently to allow the rebels to bring Assad down?

Syria, Iran and Russia have all warned that any military intervention in Syria will have "catastrophic consequences" for the region. Iran threatens to launch thousands of missiles against Israel, if the US attacks Syria. That would touch off a full-blown war in the region.

In August everyone was preparing for battle. The US, Britain, France and Russia had ships in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf. Everyone was on war alert.




Russia sold to Syria, highly advanced rocket launchers and P-800 Yakhont anti-ship missiles – the most advanced anti-ship missiles that Russia has made. These missiles could cover much of the Eastern Mediterranean, and even reach air bases in Cyprus.

Russia has also transferred several S-300 missile systems to Syria. These missiles can detect and destroy planes 200 miles away. the transfer took place despite statements by President Putin, that Russia would not provide Syria with the advanced anti-aircraft system.





SEPT. 11/13. Russia’s Moskva missile cruiser, dubbed a carrier-killer by  NATO, has  passed  through the Straits of Gibraltar and is heading toward the Eastern Mediterranean to assume command of the Russian naval force there. It was expected to reach its Eastern Mediterranean destination by September 16.

The cruiser is equipped with sixteen P-1000 Vulkan anti-ship launchers, and “the crew is ready to perform combat missions.”

Another two vessels will join the Russian naval unit shortly.



Sept 8/13. The Syrian and Hizb’ullah armies have finished supplying rockets to dozens of Palestinian groups, and are now deploying them on the Syrian and Lebanese borders facing Israel. An array of Katyushas, Grads and Fajr-5s, with ranges of up to 70 kilometers, is now in place.

This development has prompted the first deployment in the Jerusalem region, of an Israeli anti-missile Iron Dome battery.

Far more than what the Palestinians have, the Syrians possess approximately 100,000 rockets, and Hizb’ullah has around 70,000 rockets that they can fire at Israel.





SEPT 9/13.  Muhammad Riyadh Al-Shaqfa, the leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, which is part of the rebel coalition seeking to overthrow the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, said on Dubai TV last year that if the Syrian rebellion is successful, it is their intention to take back the Golan Heights from Israel — even if it means using force to do so.

Al-Shaqfa also said the Muslim Brotherhood did not believe a post-revolutionary Syria would ever recognize Israel, which he called “a country that is alien to this region.”  -



A US strike on Syria could invite massive retaliation. And a major Shi’ite attack on Israel could unleash Israel’s full wrath on Syria, Lebanon, and quite likely on Iran also.

There are no good options!  As some say:  The war in Syria is “Baddies against Baddies.” Nearly half the rebel fighters are jihadists or hardline Islamists.

Opposition forces battling Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria now number around 100,000 fighters, but after more than two years of fighting they are fragmented into as many as 1,000 bands. The new study by IHS Jane's, a defence consultancy, estimates there are around 10,000 jihadists - including foreign fighters who are fighting alongside powerful factions linked to al-Qaida.

If the US could bring down the Assad, (without destroying the whole country), a new regime would most likely be a radical Sunni coalition, including al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood – and that’s bad news for US, Israel, and Syrian Christians in particular.



Diplomacy has never witnessed anything like the dizzying and erratic sequence of events relating to Syria that began on Aug. 21 and ended 3˝ weeks later, on Sept. 14. 

While everyone was on war alert, expecting a major war to break out any minute, John Kerry made a wild gamble.

On Sept 9, at a London press conference, Kerry indicated that Syria could avert a strike if Assad turned over his chemical weapons to the international community, to be destroyed.

The next day Obama addressed his nation, defending the idea of a military strike, but also saying he wants to give diplomacy time to work. And he gave Assad “one week” to comply.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov immediately took up his statement, and encouraged Syria to turn over their chemical weapons to international control in exchange for a guarantee that the US will not attack.

Without much delay, Syria stated that his government was prepared for "full co-operation with Russia to remove any pretext for aggression." UN chief Ban Ki-Moon then indicated that he was thinking about asking the US Security Council to support such a deal.

So a new deal was struck. Obama would call off its threat of an aerial strike, and Syria would hand over its chemical weapons to the International control which would destroy the weapons by mid-2014. 

So Obama then put on hold, both the threatened attack, and the vote that he had called for in the US Congress.

A Syrian minister was quick to declare "victory" for his country, thanking Russia for orchestrating the chemical weapons deal, and averting US military action. But now that the President has failed to strike Syria, his credibility in the Arab world and Israel, has evaporated, and he looks like a paper tiger. Iran, Syria and Hizb’ullah on the other hand are greatly encouraged and strengthened in their resolve to destroy Israel, the Christian West.


Who is winning the Syrian war?  It's too soon for a definite answer, but Bashar al-Assad is in the driver's seat, suggesting that he, Putin, and the mullahs will gain, while Obama, Erdogan, and Israel will lose.

Some commentators are predicting Assad will not fully comply with the deal, and that Obama may eventually, symbolically, attack Syria. 

As Syria prepared to surrender its chemical weapons in compliance with international efforts, the Saudi newspaper Al Watan quoted a Lebanese parliamentarian as saying that President Bashar Assad has already transferred large stores of chemical weapons to his ally, Hizb’ullah chief Hassan Nasrallah

If the “chemical” crisis blows over in one way or the other, then …

* Bashar al-Assad will crow about surviving an American onslaught and is stronger because of this.

* Barack Obama’s foreign policy credibility will sink lower, as will also the influence of the United States.

* Iran will gain, confident that its own nuclear infrastructure is safe from an American strike.

* The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as a leader of the international war party, will lose out.

* Israel will also lose as the Islamic world continues to encircle their land.

* The U.S.-Russian agreement does not solve the crisis, but rather delays and deepens it.

* Whether Assad complies or not, or whether Obama attacks or not, the Russian president Vladimir Putin, will become eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the big winner.



Recent days have witnessed an increase in Russia's anti-American policy, and the Syrian crisis has placed the world's largest country back at the forefront of the inter-national stage.

President Vladimir Putin recently made two major strategic moves: vetoing the measures against Syria at the UN Security Council, and bypassing the US administration to reach out to the American public through a New York Times opinion article advocating a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis and opposing military action.

Thus Russia has declared its old-new agenda of reinstating itself as a global power by offering diplomatic solutions to standoffs in such hotspots such as Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Russian rebound can also be seen in a number of arms trade agreements with countries it has traditionally shown interest in. This surge of global activity aims to elbow out the US wherever it can, in view of the ongoing weakening of the US and its withdrawal from military, political and economic involvement in different areas around the world.





Comments by prophecy writer, Joel C. Rosenberg 

  THE RUSSIAN BEAR IS BACK. A growing number of journalists, political leaders, and foreign policy analysts are noting that Vladimir Putin is aggressively positioning himself as a new and increasingly influential force on the global stage generally, and in the Middle East, in particular.

Consider some of his moves in recent days:

*  Putin has announced he will soon make a state visit to Iran to strengthen Russian ties to the Persian power.

*  Putin and his team are hinting they will increase arms sales to Iran

*  “Russia to sell Iran anti-aircraft system, and nuclear reactor.” S-300 deal is back on track. Moscow legislator threatens further weapons sales to Tehran if US strikes Syria.

*  Putin blames Israel for the Syrian stockpile of chemical weapons - Putin said that Israel's alleged nuclear weapons stockpile only serves to make the Jewish state “a target” and creates “foreign policy problems.”

Putin's comments came in response to questions from reporters on the US-Russia-brokered deal to put Syria's chemical weapons arsenal under international super-vision," reported the Jerusalem Post.

* Amidst a growing movement at the UN to force Israel to disclose its alleged stockpiles of nuclear and chemical weapons, Putin seems to be positioning himself to be the "peace-maker" in the Middle East, the one trying to rid the epicenter of WMD (weapons of mass destruction), and thus a sharp critic of Israel's unwillingness to discuss what strategic weapons systems it may or may not have.

*  He insisted that Obama and US has no evidence of chemical weapons being used by the Assad regime,

*  called Kerry a liar,

*  moved Russian warships into the Mediterranean, and

*  promised to resupply Assad in case of war with the US.   -



In our fast changing world, the meteoric rise of Vladimir Putin from a bully trampling on the lives of anyone who dares to oppose him, to being Obama/Kerry's guide to "peace on earth" is a sight to behold.

Putin, the ally of Assad, is being heralded by Kerry and Obama as the man who will bring Assad under control.

No one but the desperate duo believes this farce of a chemical weapons deal. As you read this, Putin continues to supply arms to Assad.

An even greater danger now is that Putin, an energetic friend of Iran, will be seen by the White House as the man to lead negotiations with Iran. In other words, it will give Iran more time to develop its nuclear weapons.

This becomes increasingly likely as Iran's President has asked Putin to help Iran with its nuclear strategy. And Putin has agreed to provide Iran with state-of-the-art anti-aircraft missiles.

A commentator in the US has written: “‘Putin the Peace Maker’ might be a laugh, if America had competent leaders. Instead, we have an administration that is desperately trying to stay afloat -- an administration that will appease its enemies rather than stand up for what is right. Don't be surprised if tiny Israel now steps up to the plate and stops Iran's nuclear program, as Israel's leaders feel the United States is retreating from the world stage.”

TIME’s front cover story, (Sept 16), was, “The World According to Vladimir Putin.” It commented: “America’s weak and waddling; Russia’s rich and resurgent – and its leader doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him. 

“Moscow is taking an ever more confrontational stand with Washington (and vice versa).  And Vladimir Putin dreams of imperial rebirth.  On Russian state TV, Uncle Sam (the US) has been turned into a bogeyman for all occasions, and blamed it for everything from the slowing economic growth to the dumbing down of Russian youth.




It is becoming clear that the deal between Assad, Putin and Obama is going nowhere.

While Assad said his government would abide by an agreement reached with US and Russian officials to give up his chemical weapons, he says he has received estimates, and that destroying the stockpiles would cost $1 billion and would take roughly a year to complete.

In an interview with Fox News, Bashar Assad, in sync with Moscow, asked mockingly: “It [the destruction of poisonous chemicals] is very detrimental to the environment. If the American administration is ready to pay this money and take the responsibility of bringing toxic materials to the United States, why dont they do it?

Then Russian leaders picked apart the disarmament deal, and laid down a string of co-ordinated obstructions.

Vladimir Putin, commented that he could not be 100% certain that the plan for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons would succeed. “But everything we have seen so far in recent days gives us confidence that this will happen. I hope so,” he said.

But to dispel that hope, the Russian Defence Minister followed up with a denial of any plans to destroy the Syrian chemical stocks on Russian soil.

Since Russia and the US are the only countries with the industrial-scale capacity to destroy chemical munitions, and since their import is banned under US law, Assads chemical arsenal is safe.

Germany alone has offered to send a small number of chemical experts to Syria, No one else is ready to oversee the complicated dismantling and removal of an estimated 10,000 tonnes of dangerously poisonous materials, and pay for the operation or accept the materials on its soil.

Western intelligence experts say they had reached two conclusions:

1. That Assad drew a distinction between his operational chemical arsenal and the stockpiles of those weapons. He is apparently willing to let the first category go, but determined to keep the stocks.

2. His manner was confident, verging on cocky, showing he felt certain that he would not be deprived of his chemical capabilities for coming out on top of the Syrian civil war.

Assad complained that he was caught in a cruel vice between al-Qaida and US pressure and expressed the hope that Moscow would be able to “draw a new map of global balance.”

As the Kerry-Lavrov deal falls apart, President Obama continues to sell the proposition to the American public and to the world that the US-Russian accord for the disposal of Syria’s chemical weapons was a triumphant breakthrough for his administration’s diplomacy, which opened the door to an agreement for resolving the Iranian nuclear issue as well.  - DEBKAfile


Caroline Glick, a perceptive Middle East commentator with her hand on the pulse, writes:

“With regards to Syria, there is no conceivable way to peacefully enforce the US Russian agreement on the ground. Technically it is almost impossible to safely dispose of chemical weapons under the best of circumstances.

“Given that Syria is in the midst of a brutal civil war, the notion that it is possible for UN inspectors to remove or destroy the regime's chemical weapons is patently absurd.

“Moreover, since the agreement itself requires non-compliance complaints to be discussed first at the UN Security Council, and it is clear that Russia is willing to do anything to protect the Syrian regime, no action will be taken to punish non-compliance.

Obama has effectively accepted the continued legitimacy of the regime of Bashar Assad, despite the fact that he is an acknowledged war criminal.

“The danger posed by Obama's decision to seek a false compromise rather than accept an unwanted confrontation following Syria's use of chemical weapons, will only be removed when the US recognizes the folly of seeking to wish away the dangers of weapons of mass destruction through negotiations.

“Those talks lead only to the diminishment of US power and the endangerment of US national security as more US enemies develop and deploy weapons of mass destruction with the sure knowledge that the US would rather negotiate fecklessly than contend responsibly with the dangers they pose.”



    ISAIAH 17:1, 3, 12-14

Damascus is about to be removed from being a city, and it will become a heap of ruins. The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim, and sovereignty from Damascus.

“The remnant of Aram (Syria) will be like the departed glory of the sons of Israel,’ declares YHWH of Hosts.

“Alas, the uproar of many peoples who roar like the roaring of the seas, and the rumbling of nations who rush on like the rumbling of mighty waters !

The nations rumble on like the rumbling of many waters, but He will rebuke them and they will flee far away, and be chased like chaff in the mountains before the wind, or like whirling dust before a gale. At evening time, look! There is terror! Before morning they are no more.”


    AMOS 1:4-5

YHWH says: “I will send fire upon the house of Hazael (founder of the Aramean-Syrian dynasty), and it will consume the citadels of Ben-Hadad (Hazael’s son).

“I will also break the gate bar of Damascus, and cut off the inhabitant from the valley of Aven, and the one who holds the sceptre, from Beth-Eden. The people of Aram (Syria) will be exiled to Kir.”  (Kir is Kerak in Jordan).

More than 500,000 Syrians have already fled to Jordan.


   JEREMIAH 49:23-27

 “Concerning Damascus: ‘Hamath (177k N of Damascus) and Arpad (20k NW of Aleppo) have been put to shame, for they have heard bad news. They have melted away with anxiety. There is distress on the sea which cannot be calmed.

“Damascus has become feeble; she has turned to flee, and panic has seized her. Anguish and pain have taken hold of her like a woman in labour. How is it that the city of praise has not been deserted already, the city of my joy!

“Therefore, her young men will fall in her streets, and all the men of war will be silenced in that day,’ declares YHWH of Hosts. ‘I shall set fire to the wall of Damascus, and it will consume the fortified towers of Ben-Hadad’.”



4.   the gas -OIL pipeline war

The powers pulling the strings behind the Obama theatrics are determined to remove Assad, one way or another. 

Some analysts say one main reason for the Syrian conflict is the gas pipelines that involve Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Turkey, Russia and the US.

The potential for trillions of dollars of energy revenue in deals that snake through Syrian territory may be a motivating factor for the US, Russia, Turkey and Arab states’ involvement in the current Syria crisis. Syria could be a key energy transit route to Europe.

But Syria is blocking the Saudi, Qatar and US gas market plans, while providing support for the Russian monopoly.



Qatar and Saudi Arabia have given billions of $$$ to the anti-Assad rebels, to bring about regime change in Syria – with a view of installing a puppet regime in Syria that will allow them to build a gas pipeline to link the Gulf to Turkey.

This pipeline would connect with the Nabucco natural gas pipeline which is being constructed to take gas from the Central Asia and Caspian regions to the lucrative European markets.

The Nabucco pipeline is set to cross Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, and end up in Austria.  This pipeline would break Russia's stranglehold of natural gas on Europe and thus, lower Moscow’s influence on EU policy.



In 2009 Assad refused to go along with the Qatar-Saudi plan, and in 2010 opted for an alternative pipeline deal with Russia and Iran for the proposed construction of a massive $10 billion underground “Islamic pipeline” that would link Iran to Syria via Iraq.

When completed, this pipeline will drastically undercut the strategic energy power of US ally, Qatar, and also cut Turkey out of the pipeline flow. The project would ultimately favour Russia and Iran against Western energy interests.



The US has vast wells of natural gas, in fact, the largest known supply in the world.  The stage is being set for US involvement in the natural gas market in Europe while smashing the monopoly that the Russians have enjoyed for so long.

Giving credence to this plan, is John Kerry’s recent revelation that Arab countries have offered to pay for any, or a full, US military intervention in Syria.

What appears to be just a civil conflict in Syria may really be an oil-gas conflict between the US and Russia!  

Middle East tensions will increase.           




President Obama sent a letter of congratulations to Hasan Rouhani after he was recently elected as President of Iran.  Rouhani responded and said Obama had raised some issues, but the “tone of his letter was positive and constructive."

This was Rouhani’s strongest signal yet that Iran may be seeking a diplomatic thaw with the West after years of acrimonious confrontations. 


In September, Rouhani declared:   “MY ADMINISTRATION WILL     


SEPT 18/13.  In his first interview with a US news outlet as Iranian president, Rouhani told NBC News that his administration will never develop nuclear weapons and that he has full authority to make a deal with the West on the disputed atomic program.

Suddenly, amazingly, it seems Iran is now talking (or at least willing to talk) to The Great Satan – the US. After decades of hostility Tehran is speaking to Washington.

President Rouhani and President Obama have begun communications after a complete breakdown in relations between the US and Iran for the past 34 years. 

The exchange could prove crucial in terms of Iran's nuclear program.

Mr Rouhani has certainly changed the dynamics of the relationship. Since he took office last month, there have been mixed messages out of Tehran, but among them are some more encouraging signs in contrast to Iran’s previous unrelentingly negative messages.

In the past two weeks, not only have Mr Rouhani and Mr Obama exchanged letters about the US-Iran standoff, but in what could possibly be a sign of a new moderation and thaw, Iran has released 12 important political prisoners.




Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has gone on a charm offensive lately with multiple interviews with American media promising collaboration, but a recent video shows he takes pride in deceiving the West. - Daily Caller

In another “moderate” initiative …


The Irani President said that his country wished to be involved in negotiating an end to "heartbreaking violence" in the civil war between the Syrian rebels and President Bashar Assad.  - Times of Israel




SEPT 17.  President Obama said that Iran’s new President appears to want to open a dialogue with the US, and that he (Obama) is willing to test whether this is the case.

Obama’s comment in an interview with Spanish Telemundo was the latest indication that he would like to shift from the crisis over Syria’s chemical weapons, to a new search for a diplomatic deal to ensure Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon.

In an NBC interview, President Rouhani said that his authority is genuine and lasting, even though Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is known to control all matters of state, including the nuclear standoff with the West. 

What we wish for in this region is rule by the will of the people,” he said. “We believe in the ballot box. We do not seek war with any country. We seek peace and friendship among the nations of the region. Iran has never pursued or sought a nuclear bomb, and we are not going to do so.”   Really? Truly?



In a show of force which contrasts with the relatively conciliatory statements by Iran's new president, the Iranian military has paraded its arsenal of ballistic missiles capable of hitting Israeli and other western targets, at a state parade on Sept 22 – a few days before Rouhani went to the United Nations to make his “peace offering.”

Iran paraded 30 missiles with a nominal range of 2,000 kilometres (1,250 miles) - the first time it had displayed so many with the theoretical capacity to hit Israeli targets. But in his speech at the parade, President Hassan Rouhani insisted the weaponry on show was for defensive purposes only.   (Of course!!)

A statement from Benjamin Netanyahu's bureau said: "The Iranians are creating media spin in order to keep the centrifuges spinning. The test is not in Rouhani's words, but in the deeds of the Iranian regime, which continues to vigorously pursue its nuclear program at the same time that Rouhani grants interviews.”



The news media and President Obama appear absolutely giddy over Iran's new President, a figure who:

*  Once boasted that he had deceived the world by successfully hiding Iran's

   nuclear program.

*  Selected as his Defence Minister the terrorist who engineered the attack on

    a Marine base which killed  241 American soldiers.

*  Recently declared he will not give an inch on Iran's nuclear program.

In other words, Iran's President will smile and talk nicely, but will never give up on Iran's nuclear program.




SEPT 18/13.  The head of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, Shaul Chorev accused Iran of “deception and concealment,” warning the international community that the Islamic Republic was looking to buy time for its nuclear program.  - Times of Israel

The Israeli PM's Office dismissed President Rouhani’s remarks as "spin designed to ensure that the "centrifuges continue to spin." "Only a combination of stopping uranium enrichment, removing all enriched uranium, dismantling the nuclear facility at Qom and stopping the plutonium track will constitute a real halt to the nuclear program," it said.   -  Times of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu added; “The world must not be deceived by the 'charm offensive' and moderate statements made by the Iranian President. The Iranians are continuing to deceive so that the centrifuges continue spinning. The real test lies in the Iranian regime’s actions, not words. While Rouhani sits down for interviews, he also continues to move ahead with the nuclear program.

The Iranian regime’s goal is to reach a deal that would require it to give up an insignificant part of its nuclear program, while allowing it to charge forward quickly toward acquiring a nuclear weapon whenever it chooses.”

The same Rouhani boasted in the past how he deceived the international community with nuclear talks, even as Iran was continuing with its nuclear program.            

Netanyahu’s sentiments are understandable, in the light of Rouhani’s anti-Israel stance, when in the same interview as he declared his “peacefulness,” the Iranian leader declared . . .



Rouhani accused the Jewish state of war-mongering policies.  Israel is a nation that “does injustice to the people of the Middle East and has brought instability to the region with its war-mongering policies.

In the recent past, this “moderate” president said:  “The Zionist regime has been a wound on the body of the Islamic world for years and the wound should be removed.”

Asked about criticism from Israeli PM Netanyahu of Iran’s policies and plans, Rouhani said he didn’t understand how an “occupier” nation could be in a position to lecture another country. Israel “shouldn’t allow itself to give speeches about a democratically and freely elected government.”

Rouhani side-stepped a question about whether the Holocaust was real, or if he agreed with the statements of Ahmadinejad that denied the Holocaust. Rouhani simply said, “I’m not a historian. I’m a politician. What is important for us is that the countries of the region and the people grow closer to each other and that they are able to prevent aggression and injustice.”

Regarding the holocaust remark, Benjamin Netanyahu said that Rouhani, “like Ahmadinejad, was not prepared to recognize the existence of the Holocaust. You don’t have to be a historian to recognise the existence of the Holocaust – you have to be human.”

Rouhani subsequently conceded that there had been a Holocaust, and he condemned the Nazis for the crime.It has been clear for a long time that Iran is aggressively developing  nuclear weapons. And the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei has constantly called for Israel’s annihilation. The Persians may now tone down their rhetoric and present themselves as “moderates” to deceive the world.

Q.  What’s the difference between Khamanei and Rouhani.

A.  Khamanei’s turban is black;  Rouhani’s turban is white.


IRAN prepares for “ARMAGEDDON”

From the prophecy in Ezekiel 38:5, we know that Iran (Persia) will be allied to the Northern Confederation led by Rosh (Russia).  So it is not surprising that Vladimir Putin is supporting Iran and Syria, and building bridges throughout the Middle East.

Vladimir Putin, like Barack Obama and “all of them,” are preparing for the Big War. 

Iran will not be wiped out before the Tribulation. Possibly, Syria could be turned to rubble any time soon, but Iran will survive and continue its build-up as Russia’s ally.

Just a couple of months ago the Islamic regime in Iran held their 9th International conference on Mahdism, to prepare for the coming of the last Islamic messiah the Shi-ites 12th Imam - The Mahdi.  They believe that  Jesus is coming with the Madhi, to turn the world to Islam.


  Iran’s Mahdists are now asserting that Armageddon is at hand and that all of Islam must prepare for a monumental change in the world — the Global Islamic Caliphate.

Well might the Iranians expect Armageddon!  Here is a prophecy concerning Elam - the western part of Iran where Susa was one of the main capitals of Persia in the time of Queen Esther.

“The word of YHWH came to Jeremiah the prophet concerning Elam, at the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah:

‘This is what YHWH of Hosts says: “Look, I will break the bow of Elam, the mainstay of their might. I will bring against Elam the four winds from the four ends of heaven, and will scatter them toward all these winds. There will be no nation to which the outcasts of Elam will not go.

“I will shatter Elam before their enemies, and before those who seek their lives. I will bring calamity upon them, even My fierce anger,” declares YHWH, “And I will send the sword after them until I have consumed them.  Then I will set My Throne in Elam and destroy from there the king and princes,” declares YHWH.

“But it will come about in the last days that I will turn back the captivity of Elam”.’” declares YHWH.

The good news is that more Iranians have left Islam and come to faith in Christ since 1979 than at any time in the last 14 centuries. More than one million Iranian Muslims have become Christians in the last three decades.




“And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs; for they are spirits of demons, performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them together for the battle of the Great Day of YHWH EL SHADDAI - God Almighty … Then they gathered the kings together to the place called in Hebrew, Har-Megiddo (Armageddon).        (Revelation 16:13-24, 16)

Armageddon is at the end of the Great Tribulation.  But before that, early in the Tribulation when all the nations come against Jerusalem, the world war will take place.

"Look! I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the people around. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem.

And on that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem a very heavy rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will be severely injured.”  (Zechariah 12:2-3)



Great prophecies for Israel’s blessing remain to be fulfilled, but for the present time, fearful prophecies warn of horrendous times ahead.

“Then there will be great tribulation, such as has never occurred since the beginning of the world until now; and there will be nothing like it again.”  (Matthew 24:21)

“Ask now, and see if a male can give birth to a baby. So why do I see every man with his hands on his stomach, like a woman in labour? And why have all faces turned pale?

“Ahh! for that day is great, there is none like it; it is the time of Jacob's distress; but he will be saved out of it.” (Jeremiah 30:6-7)

“Come quickly all you surrounding nations, and gather yourselves together! Bring down, O YHWH, your mighty ones! … YHWH roars from Zion and utters His voice from Jerusalem, and the heavens and the earth tremble. But YHWH is a refuge for His people and a stronghold for the sons of Israel.”  (Joel 3:11, 16)



Israel must repent and receive Y’shua as their Messiah before He returns as their King !

Israel is waiting for a future Messiah to come. But the prophesied Messiah, Y’shua, already came. Israel rejected Him, crying out, “We will not have this Man to reign over us.”  So Y’shua, through Hosea the prophet, says ...

 “I will go away and return to My place until they acknowledge their guilt and seek My Face. In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me.”  (Hosea 5:15)


The Messiah is waiting for Israel to receive Him as their Saviour. And only when Judah repents, will Y’shua come again to them.

“Look! Your house is left to you desolate, for I tell you, from now on you shall not see Me again until you say, baruch haba b'shem Adonai – blessed is He who comes in the Name of YHWH.”  (Matthew 23:38-39) 


And yes, the day is coming when Israel will say:

“Come, let us return to YHWH.  He has torn us to pieces, but he will heal us. He has injured us, but He will bind up our wounds. He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day that we may live before Him’.”  (Hosea 5:15, 6:1-3)


Peter the apostle called Israel to ...

“Repent therefore; return to the LORD, and be converted – be changed, so that your sins may be wiped out, and in order that times of refreshing  may come from the Presence of YHWH, the Sovereign Master; and that He may send Y'shua, the Messiah who was fore-ordained and proclaimed to you.”   (Acts 3:1:20)


“For I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brethren, lest you be wise in your own estimation; a temporary hardening has happened to a part of Israel which will continue until the full number of gentiles has come in.  And so all Israel will be saved; just as it is written, ‘the Deliverer will come from Zion. He will remove ungodliness from Jacob.’ And this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins."  (Romans 11:25-27  &  Isaiah 59:20)

Brethren, don’t you long to see this fulfilled?

It is coming!  Yahweh says:

“ ‘And I will pour out on the House of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and supplication, so they will look on Me, the One they have pierced.’  And they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly for Him, like the bitter weeping over a lost first-born."        (Zechariah 12:10)


The apostle Paul says:

“Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for the people of Israel is that they might be saved.” (Romans 10:1)

Now my friends, if we are brothers and sisters of Paul, and of Y’shua our Redeemer, this should be one of our hearts’ great desires also – that Israel might be saved.

Praise Yah, many Jews are being saved, now, but the full number of Gentiles must come in before the national redemption of Israel takes place.

All this means, the Body, the Bride of Messiah, must be completed first.

So if we want Y’shua to return, let us each one apply our Spirit-filled-zeal to complete the task given to us – to make disciples of all nations, and to pray for the completion of the harvest.

 “Be patient, therefore, brethren, until the coming of the master.  See how the farmer waits expectantly for the precious 'fruit of the earth,' waiting patiently until the land receives the early and the late rains.

“You too be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Master is near.”  (James 5:7-8)




Prophecy teacher, Hal Lindsey wrote an article, entitled, America's Greatest Delusion. He says:

“We are not involved in a traditional kind of war in which your opponent is either a physical nation or an axis of nations. It is not a conflict where they can be confronted and defeated as in World War One and Two, Korea or Vietnam. It is not a conflict where we can isolate and blockade them. It is not even a war where we can defeat them and the menace stops. This enemy is far too diversified, scattered and hidden to easily confront them.

We could capture or kill all the al-Qaida leadership and it would not stop this 'holy war' or 'Jihad' that rages against us. Al-Qaida is but one group of fanatics that seek to destroy us.”

Well, we are all aware of radicalism around the world; the tirades of contempt and hatred; the regular attacks on innocent people in the name of religion. We are aware of the verses in the Koran that call for infidels to convert, or be killed, or placed under dhimmitude - the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule.

But as Hal Lindsey says: “I am aware that about 80% of Muslims are not jihadists, and they want to live peacefully among us.” 

True. I have met many kind and loving Muslims in India, Malaysia, Israel, and in Australia who are not jihadists, and as far as I could tell, not inclined that way. Rather, they are horrified by violence. I know that there are many Muslims who are seeking the truth, and millions of them have turned to Y’shua the Messiah in recent years.

But it is the 10 to 20% who have been persuaded and radicalized by leaders, and have become violent in varying degrees, and feel compelled to wage war against non-Muslims, and call for the death of the “infidels.”

And the results of this radicalism is witnessed around the world every day.

Earlier in this edition we have read reports on attacks on Christians in Egypt and Syria. And in the last few days, before I could complete this report, two horrific attacks occurred, in Kenya and Pakistan.



At least 68 people were killed and over 175 wounded when al-Qaida-linked Somali militants stormed a multi-storey shopping centre in the Kenyan capital. The Somali militant group al-Shabab says it carried out the attack on the upmarket Westgate shopping centre in retaliation for Kenya’s military operations in Somalia. They began throwing grenades, and firing indiscriminately on shoppers and staff. At least 18 foreigners were among the dead.

The terrorists specifically targeted non-Muslims. Hostages were given a test by the terrorists to determine whether or not they were actually Muslims. They were ordered to speak in Arabic, or to recite a verse from the Koran, or to name the Prophet Mohammed's mother. Those who passed this test were allowed to flee. Those that failed the test were executed, including children.

Between 10 and 15 gunmen held an unknown number of hostages in the building where African Union troops battled the Islamists for four days until they broke the siege.

Five attackers were shot dead by troops and 11 suspects were in custody. Six soldiers also died. Several bodies - including those of "terrorists" - are thought to be trapped under rubble after three floors of the building collapsed following a blaze.



A double bombing at a historic Christian church in NW Pakistan killed at least 85 people and wounded 140+ people. The bomber struck as hundreds of worshipers walked out of church toward a food distribution area on the lawn outside. The attack is one of the deadliest to target Pakistan’s Christian minority in years. It is believed to be the work of a militant Muslim group.

Police say they are not yet sure if the attack was the work of two suicide bombers or one. It is possible that a single suicide bomber first threw one bomb, then detonated a bomb vest. The bombs were packed with ball bearings or other metal objects aimed at maximizing injury.

The Taliban (a very close cousin of al-Qaida) has already claimed responsibility for this worst church bombing in the history of that nation.

NIGERIA. Here is another country where horrific attacks on Christian are happening regularly.  Boko Haram  is a jihadist militant terrorist organisation based in North East Nigeria. In 2011, the group was responsible for at least 450 killings in Nigeria. It was also reported that they had been responsible for over 620 deaths during the first 6 months of 2012. Since its founding in 2001, the jihadist terrorists have been responsible for around 4,000 deaths comprising mostly innocent people.

And then there’s SUDAN, ERITREA, NORTH KOREA, and many other countries in various degrees.  It is basically a worldwide religious war – a spiritual war waged by Satan against Y’shua the Messiah.   And there will be no end to it, until …

“… the Master, Y'shua, is revealed from heaven with His mighty angels in blazing fire, inflicting vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Master, Y'shua. And these will pay the penalty of eternal destruction away from the Presence of the Master and from the glory of His power, when He comes to be glorified in His set-apart people on that Day…” (2 Thessalonians 1:7-10)

Now look at the 6th global war that underlines all of these wars.




Amidst all the confusion and conflicts, the NWO global agenda plays out.

The “New World Order” is a man-made expression, and it is used to describe a new age, or a new governing or economic structure or plan.  But the Bible describes it as “the mystery of iniquity.” That is a hidden plan of evil.  It is not man-made - it is satanic, and it has been at work for thousands of years – ever since the rebellion of the archangel Helel – the shining one - rebelled against his Creator – Yahweh the Almighty God.

Helel became “the great ‘dragon,’ the ‘serpent of old’ who is called the devil and Satan. (Rev 12:9).  (He has commonly been known as Lucifer, although that name is not used in the Hebrew Bible).

Down the centuries Satan has constantly used chosen men, women, and organisations to work out his demonic conspiracies.  And his evil agenda is in full drive, and in full force, in these days, as he seeks to fulfil his evil heart’s desire, and as the climax of the age draws very near. He has only a short time before he and his “mystery” are destroyed.

“For the mystery of iniquity and lawlessness is already at work; but He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.  And then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of his mouth, and bring to an end by the glory of His coming.”  (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8)

The Restrainer is God’s Holy Spirit working in the world, and restraining through Believers who are true to their Heavenly Master. The Holy Spirit is holding back Satan’s chosen man – his “son” – called in Scripture, the Man of Sin, the Beast, and the Antichrist.

Undoubtedly this chosen demoniac is in the world today, working and planning his ascendancy.  But he cannot be revealed for his evil role until the Restrainer is taken away. And with the Restrainer, the Body of Christ, must be removed from this scene.  That removal is commonly called The Rapture. In the Greek text it is described by the words harpazo (to catch up), and paralambano (to take up, to receive). Our word rapture comes from the Latin word rapere.  And this English word rapture means extreme happiness, and that is what this great event will truly be for those who truly belong to Christ.

“For the Master Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. Then the dead in Christ - those who died with faith in the Messiah - shall rise first. Then we, the living believers who remain, will simultaneously be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Master in the air. And so we will be with the Master for ever. Therefore comfort and encourage one another with these words.” (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18)

In the meantime, the Mystery of Iniquity continues, and Agenda 666 is being implemented every day.


I will not write more about this at the present time. But we have two booklets on the subject which you may read and download from our website.  They are …





OR Link to MRC Books











"If anyone is in Christ, the Messiah, he is a new creation.” 

“It is God, who reconciles us to Himself through Y'shua the Messiah. And it is God who has given us “the ministry of reconciliation.”  And this is possible, because “God was personally present in the Messiah reconciling the world to Himself, not counting men's trespasses against them,” but forgiving and cancelling out our sins when we come to Him in faith.


“And He has committed to us the message of reconciliation. Therefore we are ambassadors for Messiah; it’s as though God was right here personally appealing to you through us. And so we implore you on behalf of the Messiah; BE RECONCILED TO GOD!


“He, the Heavenly Father, made Him (Y’shua the Christ) who knew no sin to be sin - the Sin-Bearer and sin offering - on our behalf, so that in Him we might become new creatures possessing the righteousness of God.”   (2 Corinthians 5:17-21 amplified)


The Good News … on which you must take your stand; and     by which you can be saved, (if you hold firmly to the words that are preached to you), is as the apostle Paul declared: “that the Messiah died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.”
 (2 Corinthians 15:3-4)


“The Scripture says, ‘whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed.’ For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; (black, brown, yellow, white or red), for the same Master, the Master of all, is rich to all who call upon Him, for ‘whoever will call upon the Name of Y'SHUA (Jesus) the LORD will be saved’.” (Romans 10:11-13)


“Faith comes from hearing, and the hearing and understanding comes through the Word of God." (Romans 10:17)

THE WORD is near you, in your mouth and in your heart – that is, the Word of faith which we are proclaiming, that if you confess with your mouth Y'shua as your LORD (Master and Saviour) and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead (that He is the Living Saviour), you will be saved; for with the heart man believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.” (Romans 10:8-10)


Dear reader, if you at this moment do not have any assurance that you are saved; that you belong to Y’shua; and that He is your Saviour and Master; but you want to receive Him as your Saviour and Master, the following small prayer may help you to express your desire and faith.

Read the prayer first, and then pray sincerely, and clinch this all-important matter of your salvation.


     Decision prayer

Heavenly Father, I come to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus, Y’shua. I come to You today, just as I am; a sinner needing Your forgiveness and salvation. 

Y’shua Master, I believe that You came into the world to save sinners.  And that includes me.  I believe You died on the cross to pay the penalty of my sins; and I believe You rose again from the dead; that You are the living Saviour of all who call upon You.  I believe You are the only Saviour. I call upon You now to receive me and to forgive my sins. Save me Master, I pray, and grant me Your life and righteousness.


I now confess You as my Master and Saviour, and by Your grace and enabling, I will follow You all the days of my life as I wait to meet You face to face.  Teach me Your ways, Lord, establish me in the faith, and help me to be a faithful witness for You. Fill me with Your love, keep me in Your hands, and show me Your will for the rest of my life.

Thank You Master for hearing my prayer.  Thank You Heavenly Father for the salvation You have provided through Y’shua.  Thank You Master for saving me.  Thank You.  Thank You.  Amen.


       Signed  ……………………..…………………………..  date  …………...…


If this has been your sincere prayer today,  please sign and keep this prayer with you as a reminder of this day.

And I would be very happy to hear from you; and will send you a booklet, THE WAY. Lessons for new believers.

You may write to your nearest MRC address or to our West Australia address — (see inside front cover.) or Contact us

And may Y’shua the Heavenly Master bless you and keep you in the days ahead.      Your brother,    Don Stanton



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The One who is coming will come, He will not delay