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In The Beginning Was The Word

(and it was in code)


Amazing Discoveries by

Jewish Rabbis Using a Computer

THE following is from an article printed in “The Mail on Sunday” (Aug. 4, 1985):

Rabbi David Ordman, an Israeli researcher, and 19 other rabbis, reported amazing discoveries after their five years of dogged research. They had used one of the most sophisticated computers of the 1980s, which is installed at the Hebrew Uni­versity in Jerusalem.

Ordman and his colleagues believe they have discovered a series of hidden codes, painstakingly buried in the original Hebrew text of the Torah - the five books of Moses -the first books of the Bible. He says that the codes are so complex as to defy the possibility that they were put there by any human being, least of all by a scribe in the Middle East 400 years before Christ.

The Biblical claim, or course, is that God gave the text of the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai. As scholars became more sophisticated in the last century, they decided the books  - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy - were in fact, an edited compilation, a pious fraud, put together by several writers over a period of four centuries.

Rabbi Ordman’s evidence, however, casts doubts on all that, and raises the possibility, frankly an awesome one even for religious people who believe that it really is all true: that the Torah is the work of Someone or Something Out There.

The Torah must have been written ‘by whoever’ to be read aloud, as it still is every Sabbath in the synagogues. Yet even if you read it, the codes Ordman and his colleagues have found are really highly sophisticated word games, but they are quite invisible without a computer.

So is it possible that they were built into the text as a sign for future generations - who might one day have the technology and also the cynicism that goes with sophistication - that the Torah is more than a few old books? That the codes Rabbi Ordman has found are a sign from God? 

Thirty years ago, even without the help of a computer, mathematically-inclined rabbis started noticing some oddities about the Torah that had gone unnoticed.

They noticed that the number 7 had a strange significance. Not only was the seventh day the day on which God rested in Genesis, but if you took any passage in the Torah, the main subject of it, be it Adam, God, or Noah, is always mentioned seven times.

It is clearly a motif that must have been relatively easy, even if irritating, for some ancient writer to insert.

Playing a Game?

But he, or they, or Someone also played another game. If you took the first Hebrew “T” in the first line of Genesis, then counted out each subsequent 49th letter (49 is the square of 7), the word Torah emerges, correctly spelt.

The same happens in the first lines of Exodus. In the third book you take the first ‘Y’ and each subsequent seventh letter, the Hebrew Name of God — YHWH — crystallises out of the text.

In Numbers and Deuteronomy, it is Torah again, back-wards now, but still in perfect sequence.

Ordman’s rabbis knew all this before they programmed the entire 125,000 words of the Torah into the computer. They were also painfully aware of what psychologists call the Experiments Effect - the tendency for researchers to find precisely what they are looking for. Yet even their simplest early discovery shocked them.

The rabbis found that the main subject of each passage was not only mentioned seven times in a straight reading of the Hebrew, but it was also often coded into the verse in the now-familiar way, frequently more than once.

The computer started to chatter out more and more, scanning through billions of combinations. It was work that would have taken humans hundreds of years.

In a 13-verse passage of Leviticus about Aaron, they found ‘Aaron’ - Hebrew spelling ARN (the language leaves most vowels out)  -  coded in 25 times at different, but regular letter intervals. In Genesis, in a section about Adam and Eve, EDN (Eden) was coded in 16 times.

Sometimes the coded-in word was the subject of the passage, but was not actually mentioned in it. Instead, it would appear like a subtitle.            

Eerie Commentary

The rabbis started feeding words almost at random into the computer, and asking it to search widely through the text looking for the word coded, at any regular letter interval of up to 150.

One word they tried was Galut, meaning ‘exile.’  Its first appearance was coded into a Genesis passage about Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden - the first exile in the history of man.

Next, it turned up in a passage where Cain complains to God about his wanderings after killing Abel. The second exile!

Its third appearance is in the first description of Noah’s Ark. Later, Galut appears in God’s prophecy to Abraham that the Jews would be ‘sojourners in another land’ (this was Egypt).  Each time, like an eerie commentary from a distant voice, the word is there, in a time capsule.

There is an old idea in Judaism that its duties cannot be chosen. You cannot refuse to eat pork and then work on Saturdays. It is all or nothing. The rabbis were intrigued, then, when they discovered that if you removed a letter, any letter, from a portion under analysis, the coding system was blown to pieces. Was that a sign that Torah was to be taken whole or not at all? They are still wondering.

Perfect Grammar

The rabbis punched into Genesis the names of 25 different trees from a dictionary of biblical Hebrew, knowing that trees in general were a major part of the creation story. Thirteen of the trees cropped up, coded into one 43-word section. They put more names into the programme, and a further 18 came up - a total of 31 tree names hidden in one passage, and nowhere else in the book.

The straight translation should cause no surprise now:

“... and the LORD God caused to grow out of the ground, every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food; and the tree of life in the midst of the garden, and the tree of  knowledge of good and evil ...”  (Genesis 2:9)

“To plan this kind of thing would take years,” says Ordman. “And they had to prepare a text as well, with perfect grammar, a message, and no contradictions.”

“We are not trying to prove the divinity of the Torah here, but that the statistical odds against it being humanly written are impossible.”






THERE is one more amazing phenomenon that I believe we need to be aware of.  It is the signature of Y’shua hidden in the amazing fabric of the The Tanakh - the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament.

Bible believers know that the Word of God, both Old and New Testaments, were inspired of God. They were inspired, not in a vague or general type of way, but in such an amazing way that we can confidently say, every word, and every letter of the original Scriptures, were chosen by the Holy Spirit. 

Moreover the Bible is our “constitution,” our “road map,” our source of guidance, and our authority in matters of ethics, morality, and spiritual living.

This is what Bible believers have believed down through the centuries. And that is what I believe today, and I am sure, most of my readers believe likewise.

But in these last days, many “Christians” are denying the faith, and rejecting the authority of the Word of God. Some would say the Bible is more the work of man than the work of God, and that the Bible is simply philosophy, a collection of religious writings, and that it is not always relevant or reliable for today.

Others say that the times are changing, and therefore interpretation of the Scriptures needs to be made in the “light” of the present times.  But the Scriptures declare:

“Forever, O YHWH, Your Word is settled in heaven.”  (Psalm 119:89)

Y’shua, Jesus the Messiah said,

“For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, the smallest letter or stroke will by no means pass away from the Law until everything is accomplished.”  (Matthew 5:18)

“The heaven and the earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.”  (Matthew 24:35)

We all know the following passage:

“From childhood you have known the sacred Scriptures which are able to make you wise in respect to salvation through faith in the Messiah, Y’shua.  All Scripture is divinely-inspired - God-breathed, and is profitable for teaching, for conviction and reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate and complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”   (2 Timothy 3:15-17)

What we now have is evidence that Y’shua, the Living Word (John 1:1-3, 14), has signed every page of the written Word. It is like a barely visible watermark on a bank note.

The evidence we have applies to the  Hebrew Old Testament; and research going on indicates that the signature is present in the text of the Greek New Testament also.

I’m sure you will fully agree with the song,

“In the stars His handiwork I see.”

I would like to add a second line:

“In the Scriptures, His signature I see.”

And I’m sure you’ll agree with me after reading this chapter concerning the coded signature of Y’shua in the Word.

Bible scholars have recognised for ages that numbers have spiritual significance. This comes out in the usage of num­bers in the Bible. The number seven is the number of perfec­tion, and it is significant that the first verse of the Bible has seven words.

And in the last book, Revelation, seven ap­pears as a type of fabric - seven churches, seven lampstands, seven spirits, seven messengers, seven angels, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven bowls, and seven plagues.

In both the Hebrew and Greek languages, every letter is used also as a number. So every letter has a numerical value, and therefore every word also has a numerical value.

We are indebted to Dr Ivan Panin who last century spent 50 years researching numerical phenomena in the Bible. He made countless amazing discoveries. Other believers have also researched deeply into Bible numbers and their significance, as we have seen in our earlier chapters.

In chapter 7 we have reported on the discoveries Jewish scholars have recently made in the Torah (the Pentateuch - the five books of Moses). Through computers they were able to discover a phenomenon in the makeup of the Hebrew Scriptures, which has since been called The Bible Code. I don’t think this is the best term for the phenomenon. A more descriptive term could be ... “The Handiwork of God in the Fabric of the Word.”

These discoveries (in the 1970s and 80s) revealed that in the Hebrew script of the Torah, significant words, such as YHWH, TORAH, and many others, were spelt out at equidistant inter­vals. For example, taking every 5th letter, or 20th letter, or 77th letter, words, phrases and small sentences could be discovered. One of the simplest, but most significant, to me, is the Name of YHWH spelt out at intervals of 8 letters, in the very first verse of Leviticus, which is the very centre of the Torah.

This example does not need a computer. If you have a Hebrew Bible, check it out for yourself. Here it is:

The English reads: “And YHWH called Moses, and spoke to him from the Tent of Meeting, saying:” The Hebrew reads:

Veyikra el mosheh veidaber YHWH elaiv m’ohel mo’ed le’mor.


The Hebrew reads from right to left:

Starting from the very first yod (Y) which is the second letter of the verse, and spaced out at intervals of eight, is the sacred Name of YHWH (Yahweh - the Eternal One). The number of letters between each of the four letters (shown above) is 7.  So we have this lovely fabric -


                        Y         7          H         7          W        7          H


Knowing that “777” is the Seal of God, I say, that fabric design is a treasure.

Some early discoveries were made way back in the years be­fore and during World War I, by a Czechoslovakian Jewish scholar in astronomy, mathematics and Judaic studies. Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl began researching, and found many significant words hidden in the text of the Torah.

In 1988, scholars at the Hebrew University and Jerusalem College of Technology completed a project, following on from Weissmandl’s work. In 1994 they published a paper on “Equi­distant Letter Sequences” in a prominent American scientific mathematics journal, called, Statistical Science. These scholars, Eliyahu Rips, Doron Witztum and Yoav Rosenberg had discovered the names of sixty-six famous Jewish sages encoded in close proximity in the text of Genesis.

In October 1995, an article in Bible Review by Dr Jeffrey Satinover reported on the phenomenon, and maintained that the probability of sixty-six names of Jewish sages and their birth dates and death occurring by chance in an ancient text like Genesis, was less than one chance in two and a half billion.

Another example, and here you would need a computer to check it out: In the fabric of the passage about the Garden of Eden, the names of 31 Biblical trees were discovered, encoded at equidistant intervals.

Many exciting discoveries were made which made newspapers ask, “Is Someone ‘out there’ having a game?”

In all the reports released by the above sources, to my knowl­edge, there has been no reference whatever to the Name of Y’shua. (Of course, you wouldn’t expect Jews to publicize that Name.) But in 1996 a book was released, called “Yeshua. The Name of Jesus Revealed in the Old Testament.”

The author is Yacov Rambsel, a Messianic Jewish believer. The book is published by Frontier Research Publications, in Tulsa, USA and Toronto, Canada.

Some reports of the Name Yeshua encoded in the Old Testa­ment came to my desk. And I was excited!


One striking example is the expression, “Y’shua Shmi” (Y’shua is my Name), encoded at 20-1etter intervals, in the text of Isaiah 53:10, which reads:

“But it was the will of YHWH to crush Him and to put Him to grief; and though YHWH makes His life a guilt offering, He will see His offspring, and prolong His days, and the will of YHWH will prosper in His hand.”

The chances of that expression being encoded in that particular verse, by accident, is one in a billion.

This amazing example I reported in Prophetic Alert # 122. Another staggering occurrence is the expression, “Y’shua yakol” (Y’shua is able), which is spelt out at intervals of 521 letters, starting with the first Yod (Y) in the Bible - in the very first phrase of the Bible, “In the beginning.”

I began to learn more of Rambsel’s work through another book which was sent to me in mid-1997, by one of our read­ers in UK. The book was, “The Signature of God,” by Grant R Jeffrey, of Frontier Research Publications. It is a marvellous book, covering many aspects of Scripture and fulfilment of prophecy; and it includes two chapters on the equidistant phenomenon, now known as the Bible Code.

Jeffrey mentioned a second book by Yacov Rambsel that was due to be released; and I didn’t wait long to order it.

In the meantime I received a copy of Michael Drosnin’s book, “The Bible Code” - sent to me by another of our readers. This book was released in early 1997, and it hit the headlines. Re­ports and extracts were published in newspapers around the world. The book became a bestseller

Michael Drosnin was billed as an investigative reporter.  A few years ago he heard about the equidistant sequence discoveries made with the aid of computers, by Jewish researchers in Jerusalem. And he checked it out, and became “a believer” - a believer in the fact that there is such a phenomenon in the Hebrew Bible. But Drosnin maintained he is not a believer in the God of the Bible.

Drosnin built on the work of Dr Eliyahu Rips, a humble, respected and leading Israeli Mathematician in Quantum Physics. But Dr Rips has reportedly taken a stand against Drosnin as he has gone beyond legitimacy by trying to use the Bible code to predict the future, including a coming world war.

I believe Drosnin has “cashed in” on the phenomenon, majoring on sensational events that are said to be encoded in the Bible, including Hitler and the Holocaust; the  assassination  of  Yitzhak  Rabin,  man’s  landing  on  the moon, and the cosmic crash on Jupiter, and so on.

Some reports say that Drosnin’s book is flawed, and some Christian writers have come out strongly against it. It may be that Satan has sought to use Drosnin’s presentation, and the adverse reaction to it, to discredit the handiwork of God in the fabric of the Bible, just as the Deceiver used Charles Darwin to try to discredit the work of God in Creation. And hasn’t Satan used some Christian “theologians” to try to discredit the work of the Lamb of God at Calvary!

Critics say that the equidistant words and phrases are a result of pure coincidence. But if that were so, then it would have to be a one-in-a-trillion chance, for this amazing phenomenon is mind-blowing, and it has not been discovered in any literature outside the Bible.

Researchers have tried to find such encoding in other literature, including ancient and modern Hebrew writings, and the Apocrypha, but no such phenomenon has been discovered. It is only in the Bible. Some researchers have reported that there is also evidence of encoding in the Greek New Testament, but not much has yet been reported or published about it.

If the equidistant phenomenon is NOT by coincidence, then it means the Scriptures are inspired, right down to every single letter. Only God could have written the Scriptures with this supernatural fabric.

The code is amazing - it is there! And I believe God has caused it to be discovered in these days, through computers, to reveal His finger work, and to show the minute inspiration of Scripture at a time when there is great scepticism about the Scriptures and spiritual reality.

I received Yacov Rambsel’s second book, entitled, “HIS NAME IS JESUS” in late 1997, and I have been in awe ever since. The subtitle on the book is, “The Mysterious Yeshua Codes.”

Rambsel is a Messianic Jewish believer in the United States. He’s a humble, older man, and what he has discovered and published is absolutely mind-blowing.

While Drosnin never mentions the Name of Y’shua or anything about salvation, Rambsel seeks to glorify the Master on every page of his book. Drosnin aims at creating sensational, newspa­per headlines. Rambsel, who is clearly a mature believer, is not concerned with world events, and assassinations, but with the lovely Name of Yeshua, and His titles and work at Calvary.

From the title of His book, it is clear that Rambsel is not making an issue over the difference in the Hebrew and English forms of the Saviour’s Name. To Rambsel, Yeshua and Jesus are one and the same. And that’s true, for Jesus is actually a transliteration of the Hebrew, Yeshua. (Y’shua came from Hebrew into Greek as Iesous because the Greeks did not have a Y or a SH in their language. Then it went into Roman as Iesus, and later into English as Iesus, as it was spelt in the 1611 English Bible.)

But it is the Name Y’shua that is signed by the Master in the beautiful fabric of Scripture.

In Rambsel’s 264-page book, there are dozens and dozens of examples of Y’shua, and Mashiach, as well as YHWH, and various other encoded titles and phrases that have been discovered.

Rambsel says Yeshua is encoded in virtually every Messianic prophecy in the OT. And the Name is spelt exactly as we have it on our Y’shua badges, and flag.

This is the usual spelling of Y’shua, which is actually a short form of the Name Y’hoshua (Joshua). The four letters of the Name, Y’shua, are YOD, SHIN, WAW, and AYIN which are consonants. The waw in Hebrew is often used as a vowel (and here it becomes a U).

The Ayin is a consonant, but it is a breathing sound only. A vowel may be added to Ayin, as here, to provide the A sound. So remember, whenever we talk about the letters of the Name of Y’shua, we are talking about the four writ-ten Hebrew consonants, YOD, SHIN, WAW, AYIN.)

ISAIAH 52:13 to 53:12

When Yacov Rambsel discovered and pointed out the phrase, Y’shua shmi, in Isaiah 53, critics scoffed. “What is that?” they said. “Y’shua is only four letters and you will find that at random, anywhere, even in the telephone book, if you have enough letters in your database.” But Rambsel gives countless examples of the encoded Name, particularly in messianic passages.

Jews have criticized Rambsel, saying, “And even if Y’shua is hidden in the text of Isaiah 53, that does not mean it is referring to Jesus. Y’shua is quite a common name.”

Faced with such criticism, Rambsel was led by the Holy Spirit who inspired the Scriptures, and he made an amazing discovery in this major Messianic passage (Isaiah 52:13 to 53:12). In these 15 verses, he found the Hebrew names of 43 people and phrases, all connected with the Person and death of Y’shua - encoded at various intervals. Some read left to right, others right to left :-

Y’shua       Nazarene  Messiah      Shiloh       Galilee     The disciples
Peter           Simon       John            Matthew  Andrew    Philip
Thomas     James       James          Simon       Matthias   Thaddaeus

Joseph       Mary   (encoded 3 times - there were 3 Marys at the cross

His cross    Moriah     Let Him be crucified    Passover  Atonement-Lamb
Bread         Wine         Seed             Water       Obed        Lamp of the Lord
Jesse          Herod       Caesar         Pilate        Annas       Caiaphas
Levites       From Zion      His signature         The Evil Roman Empire.


34 of these names are encoded at small intervals - between 6 and 50 letters. 9 are at intervals between 51 and 295 letters.

Sometimes the Name Y’shua is encoded at very small intervals, as in Ruth 1:1 (5-letter intervals.)  In other places it is large, but significant intervals. At least 12 times, Y’shua has been discovered, encoded at 7000-letter intervals in the five books of Moses.

The encoding may be left to right, or right to left. And encoding has been discovered, not only in equidistant letters, but also in equidistant words. (Usually the first letter of words spaced at equal distances.)

Beginning in Exodus 12:27, which speaks of the Lord’s Passover, we find three words encoded: Starting with the last letter of the fifth word, and reading the last letter of each subsequent word, we find ha’rachel (the Lamb) spelt out. We find also at 5-letter intervals, the word Mashiach (Messiah), and also, starting in this verse, the Name Y’shua spelt at 777-letter intervals.

One incredible example of equidistant words, starts with Genesis 22:8 where it says, “God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering.”

Starting with the SHIN (sh) in the 2nd last word, the first letter of every 19th word spells out YSHUA. (YOD, SHIN, WAW, AYIN). And not only right to left, but also left to right - from the same SHIN:

A 19 words U 19 words SH 19 words Y 19 words \ SHIN

SHIN [ 19 words Y 19 words SH 19 words U 19 words A

And if that is not incredible, from the same SHIN in Gen. 22:8, we discover Y’shua spelt out again, in BOTH directions, but this time at intervals of 51 words.

A  51 words U  51 words SH  51 words Y  51 words \ SHIN

SHIN [  51 words Y  51 words SH  51 words U  51 words A

And in the same verse, the first letter of every 5th word, spells out YHWH.  And the first letters of adjacent words spells out hallu  (praise).




I pointed out in Prophetic Alert #122, the total numerical value of the four letters of Y’SHUA is 386. Now Yacov Rambsel has discovered in the Torah, the Name Y’shua spelt out at 386-letter intervals - TWELVE TIMES.

In Leviticus 22:14, not only is Y’shua spelt out at 386-letter intervals, but adjacent to the Name, two more words are also spelt out at 386-letter intervals - truth and wisdom.

In two places at least, the combined Name - YHWH-Y’SHUA has been discovered.

In Genesis 49:18, where the text is, “I have waited for Your Salvation,” the combined Name is spelt out at 180-letter intervals. (The word for ‘Your salvation’ here is Yeshua-takh).

In Exodus 15:27 we have Y’SHUA-YHWH spelt out at 235-letter intervals.

In Psalm 22:13, at 26-letter intervals is the phrase, “Y’shua cut in pieces.”

In Exodus 38:24 where it speaks of thirty shekels, the coded phrase is, “Y’shua cut off.”

In Zechariah 11:12 about the thirty pieces of silver, both the Name Y’shua and the word Pesach (Passover) are encoded.

In Daniel 9:26 where it says “Messiah shall be cut off,” the Name Y’shua is again spelt out.

In Leviticus 4:3 it speaks of the ANOINTED priest, and a sin offering. The encoded words are “Behold, behold Y’shua.”

In Psalm 20:5, “We sing for joy over Your victory and in the Name of our God we will set up our banners.” The encoded message is b’Y’shua veha’av.  “In Y’shua and the Father.”

Here’s another to grip your mind:

In the Book of Ruth, as we have already mentioned, Y’SHUA is encoded from ch. 1:1, at 5-letter intervals. And then from the AYIN, the last letter in the Name, Y’SHUA is again encoded at 77 letter intervals -


Y    77      SH      77      U     77    A.      \


And from the same Ayin in the Name, spelt out at 15-letter intervals is - OSHIAH, “He will save.” Then in Ruth 1:8, at 12-letter intervals, is - MELEK Y’SHUA - “King Y’shua.”

Now go back to Genesis 37:28, where it speaks of Joseph being sold for 20 pieces. (Joseph is a type of Y’shua, who was also sold - but for 30 pieces.) From this verse we have Y’SHUA encoded at intervals of 49 letters (7 x 7), reading right to left.

A         49        U         49        SH      49        Y          \

Then 20 verses later, in Genesis 38, we discover the complete 4-generation genealogy of Boaz through to David. The four generations all have 3-letter names in Hebrew, and all four are encoded left to right, at 49-letter intervals. (Note, 49 is 7 x 7).


                              BOAZ       B         49        A         49        Z
                              OBED       O         49        B         49        D
                              JESSE     Y          49        SH      49        Y
                              DAVID      D         49        V         49        D


Now from the same passage, Genesis 38:14, we have “The Messiah” spelt out at 77 letters intervals.


HaMASHIACH    H  77  M  77  SH  77  Y  77  CH


Now if we link up the 49-letter encodings in Genesis 37 & 38 with Ruth 1:1 where Y’shua is encoded at 77-letter intervals,

Y’SHUA          Y          77        SH      77        U         77        A,


we must ask, “Has Someone been designing numerical phenom­enon into the fabric of Scripture?”

And we reply without hesitation, “Of course! It’s the handiwork of the Holy Spirit. It is the signature of the Master Designer, YHWH-Y’SHUA, the great Creator.”

Just a couple more examples:

In 1 Samuel 17:32 starting with the first YOD in the phrase, “Your servant will go,” we have Y’SHUA encoded at intervals of every 12 words (first letter of each word).


Y    12w    SH    12w    U    12w    A.


But continue counting every 12th word, and this sentence spells out ...

  lu mush ohav hu Yeshua.

“I pray, feel the love; He is Y’shua.”

Zechariah 2 & 3 is speaking about the temple and Joshua the high priest, about Satan accusing, and also about “My Ser­vant the Branch.” From v 2:13, encoded is DAVID at 77-letter intervals.

And in the same area of Zechariah, we also have encoded, JESSE, LEAH, THE PROPHET, the STONE, the RAM, MY TREE (cross), and THE MANNA — All encoded at 77-letters intervals.

Y’shua is the Root of Jesse - Isaiah 11:10. Leah is the mother of Judah, His tribe. The prophet like unto me (Deut 18:15). He is the Ram of sacrifice that God provided (Gen 22:8, 3).

These are a few examples, but Rambsel’s 264-page book is full of examples from all over the Old Testament. It’s thrilling!  I  stand  in  awe  of  the  handiwork  of  the Almighty.

It gives me this assurance - the One who has so intricately woven the details of the fabric of the Scriptures - is the same One who knows the details of my life, and who is working those details of my life into the fabric of His purpose.

The knowledge that God has so woven the Name of His beloved Son, Y’shua, throughout the Scriptures is tremendously encour­aging to me personally. Since be-coming acutely aware of the meaning and value of the original, God-given Hebrew Name of the Saviour, and daring to use it regularly, I have often been criticized, and even vilified from some quarters. But as Y’shua is the Name given by Yahweh to the Son, it must be very important; and I am indeed blessed when they persecute me for His Name’s sake!

Miryam, by the way, never heard our English pronunciation, “Jesus.” Gabriel told her to call His Name, Y’shua, because He would save His people from their sins. Only from the meaning of His Name do we understand the significance of these words. Y’shua means, “Yahweh is salvation.”

Just this morning, in Australia, a believer asked me, “What is this word Y’shua?” After I explained that it is the Saviour’s original Hebrew Name, she said, “Oh! I never ever heard that Name before.” That’s why I proclaim the Name, “Y’shua.” God’s people have a right to know the truth, so that they come to love and reverence that holy Name.

“Therefore (because He stooped so low), God exalted Him to the highest place, and gave Him the Name that is above every name, that at the Name of Y’shua every knee should bow - in heaven and on earth and under the earth - and every tongue confess that Y’shua the Messiah is Lord (the Heavenly Mas­ter), to the glory of YHWH, God the Father.”   (Philippians 2:9-10)


Amen, and Amen!



How Do these  amazing

 facts affect Us?

Think of it - the newly-discovered facts actually prove that the Bible is God’s inspired Book! Then too, think of the many other proofs of the divine inspiration of the Bible, such as: Fulfilled Prophecy, Scientific Biblical statements, the Character of Christ, Archaeology, and the Testimony of Vital Personal Experience!

Think also of the marvellous Unity, the Inexhaustibility, the Indestructibility, and the matchless Influence of the Bible, and how each of these conclusively proves the supernatural origin of the Scriptures. Think of how many different kinds of proofs there are!  Think of the abundance of evidence God has given us! Certainly we know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the Bible is true!

(Unfortunately we do not have sufficient space to elaborate on the interesting proofs mentioned above. Each of those subjects constitutes a great field of study in itself; therefore we cannot touch upon any of them here.) God has given us all of these and other convincing proofs, so that we might know and acknowledge that the Bible is His own precious Word!

However, it is not enough for us to merely acknowledge that the Bible is God’s Word and let it go at that! No, that in itself is not sufficient. We must go one step farther - we must open the Bible and see what God says in His book - we must know, believe, and obey the instructions He has given us! If the Bible were a mere human production we would be under no obligation to give any special attention to it.

The Bible, however, is not a human production - it is a God-given book, therefore we are accountable to God to make good use of it! We are not free to casually lay this book aside, or to turn a deaf ear to what it says. All of us know that the Bible is God’s Word, therefore it is our DUTY and RESPONSI­BILITY to “search the Scriptures,” and to give time and attention to what God has written. If we neglect and ignore God’s Word we are without excuse!

Let us turn to the Bible with an open mind and an open heart and see what God’s message is. We find that the Bible gives a sad picture of the human race! It gives us a description of ourselves as we appear in our natural condition - it tells us just what we look like in God’s sight!

By nature we are sinners!

“All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”  (Romans 3:23)

“By nature we are (spiritually) dead.” (Eph. 2:1). “(Spiritual) death passed upon all men, for all have sinned.” (Rom 5:12). By nature we are “‘guilty before God” (Rom. 3:19) - we are “con­demned already” (John 3:18) - we are “separated” and “far off” from God (Isaiah 59:2, Eph. 2:13), and are in “darkness” (1 Pet. 2:9), “without Christ,” “without hope” (Eph. 2:12), and “without peace.”   (Isaiah 48:22)

By nature all of us are hopeless sinners!

If this were the only message in the Bible it would be tragic indeed, but fortunately God has another message - a message of “good news” for lost, needy humanity! God has provided a way of salvation! Christ, the Son of God, paid the debt of sin by His substitutionary death upon the cross.

“While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom. 5:8). “His own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree (cross).”   (1 Peter 2:24)

Christ rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. (Ephesians 1:20). Now all who receive Him, all who believe on Him have spiritual life, instead of spiritual death.

“He who has the Son has life; and he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.”  (1 John 5:12)

“He who believes on the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe in the Son shall not see life.”  (John 3:36)

If we receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour, we become “children of God,” and are “born of God” (John 1:12.13), our sins are forgiven (Eph 1:7), we are “not condemned” (John 3:l8), we are made “nigh” unto God (Eph. 2:13), we are “in His marvellous light” (1 Pet. 2:9), we have a “blessed hope” (Titus 2:13),  and we have “the peace of God which passes all understanding.”  (Phil. 4:7)

Our Master “is able to save to the uttermost” (Heb. 7:25), that is, He is able to save the greatest sinner - the one who is farthest from God!

“Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.”  (Acts 2:21)

Christ is knocking at the door of your life even now!

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”  (Revelation 3:20)

“What will you do with Jesus?”  (Matthew 27:22)

Will you RECEIVE Him (John 1:12), or will you REJECT Him?   (John 12:48)

Your decision will determine your eternal destiny!






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