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The Divinely-Inspired Word

HOW do the newly-discovered facts scientifically prove that the Bible is a God-inspired, God-given Book?

The presence of the amazing numerical features or facts beneath the very surface of the original Bible text cannot be denied by anyone. There are actually thousands of phenomenal, numerical facts in the very structure of the Bible. One can ignore them and turn his eyes from them, but the astounding numeric facts continue to be there. Our own opinions, likes or dislikes, do not alter the facts in the least. Welcome or unwelcome, acknowledged or unacknowledged, the facts continue to be there.

Now then, since these facts are actually found in the very structure of the Bible text, a certain logical question arises - how can we account for the presence of these facts? How did these features occur or come to be in the very structure of the Bible text?

The reader will agree that there are only two possible ways in which these amazing facts could have occurred. They could have occurred either by accident, that is, by sheer chance, or by design. They could have occurred accidentally, or they could have been purposely designed or arranged.

No doubt some are of the opinion that these features occurred accidentally - that they occurred in this peculiar manner merely by sheer chance.

Consider: everyone knows how to play a game with a six-sided dice. To throw a six is not easy. At least on the law of averages you should throw a six, once every six throws.

But if you throw 2 sixes together, your opponents say you’re clever. If you throw 3 sixes one after the other, they say you’re too lucky. If you throw 4 sixes, they begin to look at you as though you’re cheating.

If you throw 5 they say it’s impossible. If you throw six sixes then they say the dice is definitely rigged. And if you dare throw another they will definitely grab the dice and examine it. On the law of averages, you could not throw seven sixes in a row by accident.

Let us suppose that there are twenty-four numerical features or facts in the structure of a certain passage. What are the chances that these 24 features would occur together in one passage accidentally?

This is easily calculated, for there is a standard, recognized, scientific method of calculating chances — there is an established law of chances.

Take the numbers 1 to 7

Only one number in every seven is a multiple of seven (14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49 etc).

According to the law of chances, for any 1 number to be a multiple of 7 accidentally, there is 1 chance in ..... 7

According to the law of chances, for any 2 numbers to be multiples of 7 accidentally, there is only 1 chance in 7 x 7, or only 1 chance in ...... 49

According to the law of chances, for any 3 numbers to be multiples of 7 accidentally there is only 1 chance in 7 x 49, or only 1 chance in ........ 343

The calculation continues on the same basis.

So according to the law of chances, for any 1 FEATURE or NUMERIC FACT to occur accidentally, there is only one chance in seven.

For 2 features * 1 chance in ...... 49

    (* to occur accidentally there is only)

For 3 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 343
For 4 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 2,401
For 5 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 16,807
For 6 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 17,649
For 7 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 823,543
For 8 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 5,764,801
For 9 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 40,353,607
For 10 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 282,475,249
For 11 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 1,977,326,743
For 12 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 13,841,287,201
For 13 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 96,889,010,407
For 14 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 678,223,072,849
For 15 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 4,747,561,509,943
For 16 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 33,232,930,569,601
For 17 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 232,630,513,987,207
For 18 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 1,628,413,597,910,449
For 19 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 11,398,895,185,373,143
For 20 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 79,792,266,297,612,001
For 21 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 558,545,864,083,284,007
For 22 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 3,909,821,048,582,988,049
For 23 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 27,368,747,340,080,916,343
For 24 features * 1 chance in ............................................. 191,581,231,380,566,414,401

Thus, according to the law of chances, for 24 features to occur in a passage accidentally, there is only 1 chance in 191,581,231,380,566,414,401 - only 1 chance in one hundred and ninety-one quintillion, five hundred and eighty-one quadrillion, two hundred and thirty-one trillion, three hundred and eighty billion, five hundred and sixty-six million, four hundred and fourteen thousand, four hundred and one.

Many brief Bible passages have as many as seventy or a hundred or more amazing numeric features in the very structure of their text. If there is only one chance in quintillions that 24 features could occur together accidentally, what would the chance be for 70 features to occur together accidentally?

When there is only one chance in thousands for something to happen accidentally, it is already considered highly improbable that it will occur at all. When there is only one chance in hundreds of thousands, it is considered practically impossible.

But here there is one chance in not only millions, but billions and trillions, and quadrillions, and quintillions, that merely 24 features could occur together in a passage accidentally.

The argument and demonstration is convincing enough. The amazing numerical features of even one small passage, to say nothing of the thousands in the entire Bible, could not possibly have occurred by accident — by sheer chance.

All this evidence simply cannot be explained by the doctrine of chances. If these features did not occur accidentally, then there is only one conclusion, one alternative. They were purposely designed or arranged - their occurrence in such a marvellous and mysterious manner was intended or planned.

The point can be illustrated as follows:

Suppose for example, someone was carrying a bag which contained 25 oranges. Suppose that suddenly the bag broke and the 25 oranges fell to the floor. What chance would there be that the oranges would fall into five perfect rows with five in each row, each orange being exactly opposite the other?

Such self arrangement would be considered impossible!

Suppose on the other hand you came into the room and found the oranges arranged in the manner described. You would come to only one conclusion, that is, that they were purposely designed or arranged in that specific manner. No one would risk being called insane by insisting that such a thing oc­curred accidentally !

Likewise, these profound numeric features found in the very structure of the original Bible text are not there by sheer chance or accident, but by design. They are arranged according to a de­finite plan; these form thousands of perfect and uniform designs.

It has been conclusively shown that there are amazing nu­merical features in the very structure of the Bible - their presence cannot be denied, but is a truth which everyone must accept. It has also been proved that these features could not possibly have occurred by sheer chance or accident, but that they were arranged or designed. This is a second truth which everyone must accept.

Since the discovery of a design is proof of a designer, the next logical question arises . . . .

Who Planned and Carried out These

Amazing NumericAL Designs ?

Who caused them to occur in the very structure of the Bible text?

The thousands of perfect patterns and designs came into the Scripture through some Intelligence. The reader will agree that there are only two possible intelligences that could have planned and brought about these profound designs. They could have come into the Scripture either by human intelligence or by super human, that is, divine intelligence.

Were these amazing numeric designs planned by the men who wrote the books of the Bible?

1. The profound numeric patterns in the structure of the Bible passages could not possibly have been planned and worked out by mere human beings alone.

If anyone could write an intelligible passage of 300 words, constructing it in such a way that the same designs and schemes of sevens occur in the structure of its text as those found in the first seventeen verses of Matthew, indeed he would prove himself a wonder if he could accomplish it in six months.

If anyone could write an intelligible passage of 161 words, constructing it in such a manner that the same designs and arrangements of sevens occur in the structure of its text as those which are found in verses 18-25 of the first chapter of Matthew, he would accomplish a still greater wonder if he were able to do it in three years.

If anyone in an entire lifetime of continuous work could write an intelligible passage of some 500 words, containing in its structure as many intertwined yet harmonious numeric features as are found in the second chapter of Matthew, it would be a miracle of miracles.

No mortal in a lifetime of a hundred years could possibly have carried out the design which is found in even a single book of the Bible, if he devoted the entire hundred years to the task. It would require some centuries to write a book designed and constructed in the manner in which the book of Matthew is constructed.

It must be remembered that with each additional sentence the difficulty of constructing these numerical features increases not only in arithmetical progression, but in geometrical progression, for each paragraph is designed so as to develop constantly fixed numeric relations to the material which precedes and follows it. Every additional letter, word, and sentence makes the matter tremendously more complicated and comprehensive.

The reader must also observe that many of the Scripture writers were men chosen from very ordinary walks of life -men who had little or no schooling at all. If Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, for instance, had attempted to construct and produce the harmonious numeric features and designs which are found in their books as a whole, and had attempted to produce separate numeric schemes and designs which occur in each division, and in each sub-division, and in the words, forms, vocabularies, letters, etc., how long would it have taken them to construct their books? Centuries upon centuries!

Certainly, mere human beings alone could not possibly have planned and worked out the amazing designs of numeric features which occur in the very structure of the Bible text. The limitations of the human intellect and the shortness of human life make it impossible for any man or any set of men combined to accomplish such stupendous feats.

Dr. D. B. Turkey tells how he attempted to construct a passage that would show some numeric features. He declared:

“I gave numeric values to the English alphabet, and tried to prepare a passage which would adhere to the numerics, and make every section a multiple of seven, and present all the other features of Biblical arithmography, without letting the meaning of the passage descend to nonsense. After working on it for days, I could get no satisfaction. Yet this feature is accomplished in every one of the thousands of Bible paragraphs without the slightest visible effort.”

2. The marvellous numeric designs which extended over many books of the Bible could not possibly have been planned and carried out by the writers themselves.

Not only are phenomenal designs confined to the text of single Bible passages, but widely separated portions of the Bible are woven into intricate and perfect patterns. Special words which are scattered through many different books of the Bible form amazing chain-designs that literally teem with numerical features.

The numeric designs in the structure of the Bible writers’ names, for instance, extend throughout the entire Scriptures. The discovery of such word-chains requires careful searching in all parts of the 66 books of the Bible.

The double design of sevens in the name “Moses,” for example, could not have been planned and carried out by the Bible writers themselves. It must be remembered that the writers did not live at the same time; they lived many years apart. In fact, there was a period of about 1600 years between the writing of the first book of the Bible and the last.

It must be remembered also that the 66 books were written by 33 different persons. And it must be remembered that these persons were scattered throughout various countries of the world and that they were men of widely different backgrounds. Many of the writers had little or no schooling. How could these men have planned the distribution of the name “Moses” throughout the entire Bible so as to form marvellous numeric designs?

How could each one of the 33 writers who lived in various countries, the last writer separated by 1600 years from the first, insert the name “Moses” just enough times to keep the numeric design in suspense until it came to John, the last writer who used it in the book of Revelation just once to complete the design? How could each writer have known that he should use a particular word a certain number of times so that when all would be finished after 1600 years the total would divide perfectly by seven and would show numeric design?

Certainly such design could not possibly have been planned by the writers themselves. The case of Moses is only one example of chain design which extends throughout the entire Bible. Literally hundreds of other cases as convincing as this, can be pointed out.

Each word of the whole Scripture is linked and connected in one marvellous pattern. All the intricacies and beauties of the separate and smaller patterns when put together form one great design. Thus the entire Bible is tied together by continuous patterns from Genesis to Revelation.

The designs interlock paragraph with paragraph, book with book, and the Old Testament with the New Testament. The numerics of the Old Testament and those of the New together form harmonious schemes which could not be made possible or solved without either of the Testaments.

The Old Testament was concluded 400 years before the New Testament was begun, yet the two when taken together form one complete revelation. Both accord perfectly; both are parts of one homogeneous whole.

The fact that the Bible was written by a number of different persons in various countries of the world over a period of hundreds of years makes it impossible for the writers to have planned these patterns.

Designs which cover some 1600 years could never have been planned and carried out by man, for many of the words were perched without any knowledge of what would be written by other writers many years later.

Even if it were possible for the 33 different writers to meet and confer about the use of their vocabularies, etc., it would require thousands of years to carry out such profound numeric schemes.

The minds of the cleverest men who have ever lived would not be capable of devising such sublime mathematical problems. No human mind could possibly have devised such a means of binding the whole of the Word together.

3. The special elaborate numeric designs in each book of the Bible could not possibly have been planned and carried out by the writers unaided.

The number of words found in Matthew, not found in any of the other 26 New Testament books, shows elaborate designs. How did Matthew know that he should use certain words which would not be used in any of the other 26 books of the New Testament?

In order for him to have done this it would have been necessary for him to have had all these other books before him as he wrote his book. If he had all these other 26 books before him as he wrote, it would mean that he wrote his Gospel last.

It so happens, however, that each of the books has a certain number of words which are not found in any other New Testament book. These words show phenomenal numeric designs. How did each writer know that he should use a certain number of words which would not be used in any other book?

In order for each writer to have done this it would have been necessary for each one to have had all the other 26 books before him as he wrote. If each had the other 26 books before him as he wrote, it would mean that each particular book was written last. But such a thing is an utter impossibility! How could each New Testament writer have the other 26 books before him as he wrote? Such a thing is unthinkable!

These are only a few of the many problems which confront a person who tries to figure out how mere men could have de­signed and arranged the phenomenal numeric features in the structure of the original Bible text. Certainly these amazing numerical designs could not possibly have been planned and carried out by mere human beings.



The Bible: Absolutely Unique

AT FIRST glance the most obvious objection to the numeric features of the Bible is that such or similar numerics could be extracted from any other writings in any language if sufficient time and ingenuity were expended. However, this is not the case.

The Bible is different from all other books. No other piece of literature anywhere in the entire world is known to contain numerical features such as are found in the structure of the Bible text.

The Apocrypha shows no evidence of such numeric design. Various persons have devoted much time to the examination of the Greek classics in an effort to find the same mathematical structure, but no such phenomena have yet been found anywhere.

Various professors of Greek have been requested to submit Greek prose classics to the numeric test to ascertain if these same amazing numerical phenomena could be found. No one has reported any success in finding such numeric design.

No human being could have written the Bible in the way it is demonstrated to have been written. No human foresight or arrangement could have secured such results before-hand; no human powers could have carried them out to such perfection. Man by his own attainments could not perform such unthinkable feats. It is simply impossible to account for these designs of numeric features if the mere human authorship of the Bible is assumed.

If human logic is worth anything at all we are simply driven to the conclusion that the thousands of amazing numeric designs in the very structure of the original Bible text could not possibly have been planned by the men who wrote the books of the Bible – they could never have been produced by mere human minds.

It is evident that the Bible is not the work of many minds, but the work of one Mind. The designs furnish clear proof that the whole Bible has but one Author. All the books of both the Old and New Testaments were planned and produced by the same Mind.

Every candid, logical minded individual is simply compelled to admit that the intelligence which planned and designed the Bible must have been Superhuman, and Divine. That One Designer was a Supernatural, Master Designer.

Only the Supreme, Omni­scient, Omnipotent God could have caused such phenomenal numeric designs to occur beneath the surface of the Bible text. Only God could have constructed the Bible in the amazing manner in which it is constructed. The Eternal, Omnipotent Author designed, superintended, worked, and carried out His Own infinite plans. There is no escape from that conclusion.

Thus the newly-discovered designs of numerical features or facts scientifically prove that the great Bible “claim” concerning itself is actually true. The Bible actually is a supernatural, God-inspired, God-given book as it claims to be, for mere human beings alone could not possibly have written and con­structed it in the marvellous manner in which it is constructed.

Indeed “all scripture” is “God-breathed.” The words which the writers of the Bible recorded were not their own words, but were the very words of God Himself - they wrote only as they were “moved” or “in-breathed” by the Spirit of God.

In geometry the two angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are proved to be equal by cold unimpassioned mathe­matical reasoning about which there can be no dispute. So the divine inspiration of the Bible is proved with all the clearness and positive-ness of mathematical precision.

Sceptics can bring no indictment against the proof made possible by the numerical facts, for the proof deals with mathematical certainties. The modern scientific method, the hard logic, the sound laws of reasoning, are astounding. One cannot argue with mathematics for it is an exact science.

The facts are undeniable and indisputable - their conclu­sions are unavoidable. They are stupendous, overwhelming evidences of divine inspiration which shatter all the arguments of non-believers.

The discoveries of facts as important as these are indeed “Astounding New Discoveries.” They are as amazing as any discoveries that could be made. The results are staggering. The facts are hardly conceivable except that they are visible before our eyes. One is forced to say with awe, “This is the work of God Himself.”

God has written His signature in His Word in this phenomenal manner so that no man can claim it as a human production.

It is utterly foolish for anyone to say that the numerical do not underlie the actual text and vocabulary of the Bible passages. They are there! To make such a statement would be as foolish as saying that there is no blood in a living human being.

The evidence and facts are such that no destructive critic can successfully face them. Facing them means unconditional surrender to the inevitable. They form an unanswerable argument - they make possible a certain and foolproof system which can stand any amount of honest testing. No living person has yet attempted to dispute this convincing array of facts. The best anyone can do is to ignore them.

Robert Ingersoll, the noted infidel lecturer, was continually crying for a miracle. Here are hundreds of miracles! Let anyone deal with these facts and show how they occurred in the very structure of the original Bible text if they did not occur in a miraculous way!

The Remarkable Precision of

the Numeric Designs

Readers will be amazed to learn that the perfect numeric designs which underlie the very structure of the original Bible text make it possible to detect any letter or word that anyone might add, omit, or transpose. The extraordinary mathematical designs in a profound manner determine the exact order of words, spelling, etc.

Just as an astronomer, who knows definite astronomical calculations and the position of various planets, can determine where and when certain other planets will appear, so one who knows definite numerical calculations of the Bible and the position of various letters, words, or books, can immediately determine where certain other letters, words or books should occur.

The following is a striking illustration of the remarkable precision and accuracy made possible by the presence of the numerical facts in the very structure of the Bible text.

A certain Bible concordance prepared by C. F. Hudson, supervised by H. L. Hastings, and checked by Ezra Abbot, lists what were evidently thought to be all of the Bible references in which the word “Moses” occurs.

According to the concordance the name appears in exactly 846 Bible references. This number, of course, is out of harmony with various numeric designs which run through the Bible. According to certain numeric designs the name would be expected to occur a num­ber of times dividing perfectly by seven. Of course 846 does not divide evenly by seven, but 847 does - it is 121 sevens. What was the trouble? Was one of these references omitted from the concordance?

Yes. A reference to Moses which that edition of the concordance does not list is found in the book of Hebrews. The scholarly gentlemen who prepared this concordance apparently overlooked this verse, but the error is detected by the designs of numerical facts which occur in the very structured Bible text.

The newly-discovered numerical facts definitely settle the question regarding the correct number of books the Bible should contain. The Roman and Greek Catholic Churches include in the Old Testament of their Bibles, 14 books known as the Apocrypha which Protestants do not include.

The books of the Apocrypha date from 400 B.C. to 100 A.D. With the exception of these books, the Roman and Greek Catholic Bibles are practically identical with the Protestant Bible. What is the correct number of Bible books?

There are many marvellous numeric designs which run through all of the 66 books of the Protestant Bible as a whole - patterns which bind these books into one great unit. If a single book is added or removed, certain elaborate numeric designs or chains which tie these books together are completely destroyed.

Furthermore, there is no evidence of numerical features and designs in the text of the Apocrypha. Thus the Bibles of the Roman and Greek Catholic Church, so far as the number of books is concerned, are proved to be incorrect. The numerical facts thus act as an automatic check against tampering with the divinely planned number of books.

Since each letter stands for a number, it is clear that a change in even a single letter changes the “numeric value” of an entire passage. The omission of, or change in a single letter, to say nothing of a whole word, at once destroys many features of perfect numeric design. In fact, the design as a whole is destroyed by the addition of one word.

In one case, all is harmony, and the elaborate scheme of sevens is seen at once, while in the other case, all is confusion if something foreign is introduced into the delicate numerical system mysteriously recorded in the Bible, by the Holy Spirit.

Place Values and Order Numbers

The exact order of Bible words is determined by the numeric designs in the “place values” and “order numbers” of the words. For example, suppose someone should change the order of the names of our Lord in a certain passage from “Jesus Christ” to “Christ Jesus.”

The number of letters in the passage would re­main the same, but the order of those two words would be different. Could such a change be detected? Would we able to deter­mine whether “Jesus Christ” or “Christ Jesus” is the correct order of the words?

Since the proper order for each particular passage is definitely established by the numeric designs in the “place values” and “order numbers” of the words, the correct order could be determined by submitting both passages to the numeric test.

The passage which gives the true order, of the words would show numeric design, whereas the passage which gives the false order would not show numeric design. A change in the order of words in any Bible passage invariably destroys perfect designs in the place values and order numbers. Even the exact spelling of words may be determined by the designs in the order numbers.

It is remarkable also to note that a profound “cross-section” method - a system of multiplication - makes it possible to prompt­ly detect any errors which one might make when checking on the place and order of words in the vocabulary.

It is indeed marvellous to think of the many separate systems of designs which run through each letter and word of the Bible. Not only is there a definite numeric scheme in the “numeric values” of each letter and word, but there are also separate designs in the place values, values, and order numbers of each letter and word. Each pattern or design serves its own particular purpose.

Just one separate scheme or numeric design is convincing, enough to demonstrate the divine inspiration of any passage, but when a person combines all of these many separate systems of designs which run through each letter and word of a passage the argument is simply staggering!

Every letter and word is so intricately intertwined and interlocked by these different systems of designs that it is simply impossible to move a letter or word either to the right or to the left without destroying the perfect patterns.

The very order of every letter and word is definitely designed. Each letter and word has its own special place. Such perfect order - such complex systems of designs with their astonishing precision and accuracy, indeed could not have occurred accidentally.

As an illustration, suppose that the sixty or sixty-five pieces of an alarm clock were placed in a box. One could shake that box year in and year out and those pieces would never go in their proper places accidentally. The perfect order and the complex numeric systems of the Bible cannot be attributed to chance, or even to human design – they can only be divine.

The Bible itself claims that divine inspiration extends not only to every sentence and every word, but even to the smallest mark. In Matthew 5:17, 18, when Jesus said that not one “jot” or one “tittle” would pass from the law till all be fulfilled, He referred to the smallest letter (jot) and the smallest mark or point (tittle), thus indicating that even they were inspired.

The numerical facts demonstrate that the words, syllables, letters, and even every jot and tittle are numbered and have their own special, divinely appointed place in the text. God controlled the spelling of every word and the number of its occurrences in the various Bible books.

The Bible is scientifically proved to be divinely inspired, not in a loose or general way — not only in “thought,” but in actual word and letter. Christ’s significant statement, “The Scripture cannot be broken” is proved to be true. Indeed God has protected and preserved His Word in a wonderful manner!

The amazing numeric facts and designs are interwoven in the Bible-text in such a peculiar and marvellous manner that no power on earth can blot them out. They are woven into God’s Word as a thread is woven in a dollar bill to assure its genuine­ness.

They are imprinted on the pages of Scripture as watermarks are imprinted in paper for verification and identification. They guard the Bible against errors and interpolations as the intricate designs on a bank note or check guard against counterfeits and interpolations. God has marked His Word in a marvellous manner!

It has been demonstrated that the vast numerical structure of the Bible is a supernatural, divine work. While it is utterly impossible for human beings to construct a book on such a marvellous mathematical design, it is only the normal work of God, the great Creator, who has carefully placed ...

Numbers in All of Nature.

The number system of God is stamped upon all His works. All departments of nature are based on a system of mathematics - great mathematical laws govern the universe.

God’s mathematical laws are at work in all departments of nature. The planets of the heavens are governed according to definite mathematical laws. Indeed, nature does not operate by chance, but by design. Volumes could be devoted to showing design in all of God’s creation.

“God made ... the stars ... and set them in the firmament of the heaven.” (Genesis 1:16-7)

“He counts the number of the stars.” (Psalm 147:4)

He “brings out their host by number.” (Isaiah 40:26)

“God has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, and meted out the heaven with a span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance.” (Isaiah 40:12)

If God placed the stars in their proper order, and numbered them and measured the waters and weighed the mountains, is it surprising or incredible that He has placed the words and letters of His book in exact order, and numbered them, and guided them into combinations of numbers?

The same God, who created the universe and was careful to weave designs and intricate patterns into the smallest detail of creation, has taken the same care with His Word. He has placed the same peculiarity in both.

“The very hairs of your head are all numbered (counted).” (Matthew 10:30)

The word “numbered” in Greek is “arithmeo,” the very word from which our English word “arithmetic” is derived. If God counts the very hairs of our heads, is it strange that He has counted the words and letters of His Scriptures?


Dr. Ivan Panin

Discovery of the Astounding Facts

THE discovery of thousands of numerical facts beneath the very surface of the original Bible text was the life-time task of a single individual - Dr. Ivan Panin, a famous Russian Scientist.

Among the thousands who have read the Hebrew and Greek text of the Bible, Ivan Panin was the very first to discover the amazing numerical facts.

Mr. Panin was born in Russia, December 12th, 1855. At an early age he was exiled from his homeland, and after spending a number of years in Germany furthering his education, he went to the United States. Soon after his arrival, Mr, Panin entered Harvard University where he became a personal friend of the famous Professor William James and President Eliot of Harvard.

After discovering the first numerical feature, Mr. Panin earnestly devoted his entire life to one definite and specific purpose. For over half a century he toiled faithfully and tirelessly with undaunted perseverance.

He devoted himself so persistently to counting letters and words, figuring numeric values; making concordances, and working out mathematical problems, that on several occasions his health completely failed. Regardless of the tremendous mental and physical strain he laboured faithfully and diligently. Mr. Panin permitted nothing to hinder him from fulfilling his life work.

At one time he was offered a very tempting position as president of a college. However, he rejected the offer. He chose rather to devote his life to discovering numerical facts and demonstrating the divine inspiration of the Bible.

Mr. Panin trusted God to provide for him. Some thought it strange that he dis­continued his seemingly profitable lecture work as a Master of Literary Criticism at $200 a night, for the purpose of counting Bible numbers, letters, syllables, and words, etc.

Mr. Panin was an ardent and devout Christian - a born again child of God. His pleasing personality radiated the abiding Presence of Jesus Christ within. This refined gentleman, accompanied by his lovely wife, lived a quiet, humble life on a small Canadian farm, far removed from the busy city activities.

Incidentally, Mr. Panin was a citizen of the United States. On October 30th, 1942, at the age of 87, he was promoted to glory - our loss was Heaven’s gain.

The Extent of Mr. Panin’s

Outstanding Life Work

It was necessary for Mr. Panin to prepare and construct special “tools” before he could begin the actual work of discover­ing the thousands of numerical facts in the structure of the Bible. He had to construct concordances, vocabularies and other analy­ses of the Bible which required the utmost accuracy to the slightest detail.

His specially prepared concordance of the Greek New Testament words consists of a thousand pages and contains every one of the 137,903 occurrences of the New Testament Greek words. The words are arranged in alphabetical order and all the references of the chapters and verses neatly listed directly under each word.

Of course, certain words occur hundreds of times through-out the New Testament, yet each occurrence is listed in the concordance. The best Greek concordances in print were not complete enough or accurate enough for Mr. Panin’s work, therefore it was necessary for him to construct a concordance of his own.

Mr. Panin’s specially-prepared concordance for the forms of the New Testament Greek words is a manuscript which contains more than 2,000 pages. It is constructed on the same plan as the first concordance, and contains about twice as much material.

The construction of these two manuscripts needless to say, was no small task. More than six years of tedious and continuous labour were required to complete them. But this is not all; Mr. Panin prepared-special books for the vocabulary words of the Greek New Testament. It is strictly a scientific vocabulary.

Each New Testament word is listed, and there are sixteen columns of numeric data for each word. Four columns containing the order, number, place value, and numeric value precede each word. Behind each word there are twelve columns containing the number of occurrences, number of forms, syllables, letters, writers, books, diphthongs, etc.

The completion of the vocabulary required more than two years of strenuous labour. In some of his work, Mr. Panin marked certain words in green, red, blue and purple ink. Each colour bears some particular significance.

All this work was merely the preparation of some “tools’’ which were necessary before Mr. Panin could begin the actual work of discovering countless thousands of numerical facts.

After the work was begun, Mr. Panin accumulated some 40,000 pages of material on which he made calculations, worked out mathematical problems, and recorded numerical facts. Upon these pages he thoughtfully wrote millions of small and neatly appearing figures. His work constitutes volumes and his discover­ies are seemingly without end.

For fifty years Mr. Panin earnestly devoted from twelve to eighteen hours daily exploring the vast numerical structure of the Bible.

The fact that he was able to accomplish this immense task single handed was indeed a testimony to his diligence. Two outstanding results of Mr. Panin’s lifetime labour are his “Numeric Greek New Testament” and his “Numeric English New Testament.”

Both volumes are commendable and scholarly pieces of work. The “Numeric Greek New Testament” is a complete Greek Testament without any alternative readings. By means of numerical designs which pervade the Scripture, Mr. Panin settled every one of the alternative readings left by Westcott and Hort in their Greek text.

It is the first Greek New Testament published which has its text based upon the newly-discovered numerical structure of the Bible ... a remarkable piece of work indeed!





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