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1 The Seal of God

2 Bible Numerics

3 God’s Use of Numerical Designs in Scripture



4 The Divinely-Inspired Word

5 The Bible:  Absolutely Unique

6 Dr Ivan Panin



7 In the Beginning was The Word

8 The Signature of Y’shua in the Fabric of the Word

9 How do these Amazing Facts affect us?






Much of the material in this book is based on the writings of Dr Ivan Panin who spent more than 50 years of research into Biblical numerics (without a computer), and to the research work of Yacov Rambsel in recent years (with a computer.)

With acknowledgments to The Seal of God,  by F C Payne

AMAZING NEW DISCOVERIES - Southwest Radio Church

HIS NAME IS JESUS,  by Yacov Rambsel

Frontier Research Publications





The Seal of God


THE number SEVEN has been called the perfect number. It is in fact, the SEAL of God upon His creative work.

Until recently, this fact seems to have almost evaded atten­tion. Then an amazing discovery was made. Hidden beneath the surface of the Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible, is the same seal, not merely in a few places but literally everywhere in the Bible, stamping it as the indisputable Word of God.

It was soon realized that both the Bible and creation bore similar identification marks, just as surely as various papers from a given mill bear beneath their surface the watermark of that particular mill.

Let us briefly examine, some of these watermarks or seals in creation. God’s dealings with man are marked all over with sevens and multiples of sevens. Each man’s physiology is constructed on a law of sevens.

Did you know that the development of the human embryo is in exact periods of sevens, viz., 28 days, (4 ~ 7s)? Ask your doctor to explain. You will be amazed at the accuracy of this law. Then the full normal time is 280 days, (40 ~ 7s). I shall enlarge upon this later.

In Genesis 2:7 we read,

“And God formed man of the dust of the ground.”

Science has had to acknowledge that the human body consists of the same 14 elements, 2 ~ 7s. Medical science today tells us the human body is renewed in every cell every seven years; also that the pulse beats slower every 7th day. In certain diseases, the critical days are the 7th, 14th and 21st, and so on.

Did you know the light from the sun is made up of seven dis­tinct colours, viz, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet? The rainbow is a demonstration of the light split into its seven colours. Would you say this was design or accident? While we are in the air, as it were, let us look at our nearest neighbour - the moon.

Did you know that the earth is just 49 times larger, 7 ~ 7s, and the moon completes its journey round the earth on the 28th day, 4 ~ 7s, which is exactly in keeping with the development of the human embryo, which thought we shall now connect with another department of Nature - the wonderful bird family where we again find this definite Seal of the Creator, unchanging, un­alterable by man.

Take first some of the domestic birds which anyone can check for himself. Everyone knows that when you set eggs of the domestic hen, whether they are placed under the hen; or in the incubator, you look for the chicks on the 21st day, 3 ~ 7s. While on domestics, check your canary, 14 days, 2 ~ 7s. Hundreds of varieties of finches, and numerous other families of small birds like robins, thrushes and cockatoos have been checked at 14 days.

Now let me draw your attention to something which seems to be clear evidence that these periods are by definite appointment, namely that in a given family, the periods extend exactly by sevens. Take first the common duck, the 28th day, Muscovy duck 35th day, the golden eagle 35 days, the spotted eagle 21 days, imperial eagle 35 days. Here we have a jump of exactly l4 days.

Take quails: some varieties are 21 days, others 28. Duck hawk 28 days, pigeon hawk 21. Look at the owls; large species 28 days, others 21, and others, 14 days. Take some of the larger birds; emperor penguin 49 days, 7 ~ 7s; other varieties 42 days, and the blackfoot 56 days. Here we have 6 ~ 7s, 7 ~ 7s, and 8 ~ 7s. Cassowary 42 days, other varieties 63 days. Emu 56 days, other varieties 63 days, and so on. You will notice all these variations are multiples of seven exactly.                       

Take a few more of the large birds: Durban screamer 42 days, gannet 42, ostrich 42, swan 35, rhea 35, other varieties 42.

Many varieties of turkeys, including the mound builders, have been checked at 28 days.

Also numerous varieties of small parrots 21 days. And so one could go on almost indefinitely, but I must conclude with a few well-known birds checked mostly in captivity. Coot 14, peafowl 28, tern 21, crane 28, prairie and sage hens each 21, grouse 21, kiwi 42, tinamou 21, divers 28, storm petrel 35, cormorants 21 and 28, bittern, herons 21 and 28, sacred ibis 21; also white and the glossy ibis, flamingo 28, ravens 21 days, and so on.

With animals the period of gestation of the mouse is 21 (7 x 3) days. The hare and rat 28 (7 x 4) days. The cat 56 (7 x 8) days. The dog 63 (7 x 9) days.  The lion 98 (7 x 14) days, the sheep 147 (7 x 21) days. With birds, the incubation of the common hen is 21 (7 x 3) days. The duck 28 (7 x 4) days.

I think this glance at our bird friends should convince all but the willfully blind that things don’t just happen like that. What does it matter to the bird whether its incubation period is a multiple of seven ?  Nothing. Then why this remarkable timetable?

Now although I have only touched the fringe of this subject, it should be sufficient, when considered together with numeric facts from the Bible, that the Creator has set His seal upon His handiwork, and this seal has a far greater significance than any of us have yet comprehend-ed.  But there is a rich store of blessing here for those who by the grace of God, are willing to be shown.

Let me remind you also that it will be the purpose of Satan to blind you to these facts, so may God help us to be honest with ourselves, for I sincerely believe that God has set these and other immovable signs before us so that especially those who may be somewhat weak in faith, may have some tangible evidence of His plan and purpose through Jesus Christ.

Remember, I said that God’s dealings with man were in sevens. If you study dispensations in the Bible you will find there are seven distinct periods of God’s dealings with man on the earth. We are now in the closing days of the sixth, called Grace, and as the others have been definitely closed by the intervention of God, so also will this. When the stone smites the image (Daniel 2:35) then will begin the seventh, which will continue for 1,000 years. (Revelation 20)

However, the fact is that God’s dealings with man are in seven distinct periods. When God instituted the seven-day week, He was foreshadowing this seven-fold period. Can you not see how God has woven this number seven into the life of man?

Is it not significant that God ordained every seventh day to be a day of rest, and that He declared man’s years to be “Three-score and ten?” (7 ~ 10s) ?

Lest you did not grasp its significance, recall again the development of the human embryo. It is in 10 distinct periods of 28 days, 4 ~ 7s, which makes the full normal time 280 days which is 40 ~ 7s or 40 weeks.

But that is not all, for 40 is God’s time number of probation all through the Bible. For example, the flood was 40 days and 40 nights; Moses was 40 days on the mount; Israel was 40 years in the wilderness; Nineveh had 40 days’ grace to repent. Christ was 40 days in the desert. He also was 40 days on the earth after His resurrection, and so on.

Now as God has set His seal upon all His works of creation, is it not reasonable, sensible, and logical to ask that if the Bible is a creation of God in the sense that He inspired its writers, would it not bear His seal also, especially when He has decreed that by the acceptance or rejection of its message we stand or fall?  It is a tremendous issue.

Can the Bible be brought into the scope of Divine workman­ship? Can it be shown that the Author of the seals in sevens, some of which I have shown, is also the Author of the Bible? Look firstly on the surface of the Bible. It has long been known, and appreciated by those who have studied the Bible, that the number seven has been used right through to convey a certain and specific conclusion. It usually denotes God’s fullness of command, and the completion of a period for a specific purpose.

For example, the leper was told to wash in the Jordan seven times: if he had stopped at the sixth time he would not have been healed. Likewise, the Children of Israel were commanded to march around Jericho seven times on the seventh day, no doubt with the inhabitants laughing at them, but on the seventh time the trumpet sounded, the earth shook, and they laughed no more. So also in creation.

If the hen leaves her eggs on the 20th day there will be no chicks. And right through the Bible we find this seal of seven, as though it were God’s signature. The Bible itself is in seven distinct divisions.

Just look at the last book, Revelation, which is God’s book of climaxes, judgments, and consummations. This is what we find: seven churches, seven Spirits of God, seven candlesticks, seven stars, seven seals, seven angels, seven trumpets, seven thunders, 42 months, 6  ~ 7s, 3½ days by two witnesses, 7,000 men killed by earthquake, seven heads and seven crowns, beast with seven heads, seven plagues, seven mountains, and seven kings.

This is just an example of sevens on the surface, all in Revelation.

Here also in Revelation is an example of sevens, somewhat hidden: that is, you would pass over them, perhaps many times, and never             notice the seven connected with them.

Rev. 5:12, seven names given as attributes of Christ, such as Power and Wisdom. Rev. 7:12: Angels’ greetings to God is sevenfold.   Rev. 7:12:  Four and twenty elders and four creatures surround the throne:  4 + 20 + 4  =  28 (4 ~ 7s). The term “‘blessed” is used exactly seven times, so also is the “Book of Life.’’  There are, in fact, over 50 occurrences of seven in Revelation alone.

The Watermark

Now in respect to the watermark or seal beneath the surface I wish to bring before you not only a marvellous discovery of recent years, but a fact that God has permitted it to be disclosed as a challenge to this unbelieving age, a fact which in itself settles for time and eternity the question of Divine Authorship of the Bible, a challenge before which all the evolutionary and modernistic theories crumble like a sand castle before the incoming tide of the sea. This is a sweeping statement; nevertheless, it is true.

I might add here that the man, whom God has used to lead the way in uncovering this marvellous thing, issued a challenge through leading newspapers, and to the leading scientific scholarship of the world, to refute the facts or give a natural explanation. Not one single man has dared to accept the challenge.

This fact in itself is conclusive and should settle the question of its genuine­ness for you, for if there was a natural explanation, even a shadow of an explanation, it would have been quickly forthcoming, for the prestige of these clever men is at stake. Without an answer, they are obliged to keep silent in the face of this Divine challenge.

Since this discovery, men of God have devoted much time to the uncovering of this supernatural thing. Dr. Panin, one of the world’s leading mathematicians, devoted his whole time to it for the glory of God.

It was well known to science that a numeric scheme runs through creation, and that everything operates according to mathematical laws, but here now is discovered, the very same thing, beneath the surface of the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts of the Bible.          

It can be demonstrated from many different angles, not only that men could not have possibly designed these numeric patterns, but also that they knew nothing of their presence. How were these numerous designs woven into the Written Word? And not only is the Word permeated with them, but over and over again they are exactly fitted within the statement itself.

Coincidence can be ruled right out, and no person facing the facts would show his ignorance by even suggesting it. What then is the only logical and reasonable conclusion? It is, as expressed not only by all honest seekers after truth and facts, but by great men of science who have honestly faced the facts that here indeed is the very seal of God.

Here we have a collection of writings by some 40 men of all walks of life, over a long period of time, in two different languages, fitting together as one harmonious whole. This, of course, has always been an extremely strong point in support of the Divine inspiration of the Bible.

But if, as is the case of this latest discovery of numeric designs, it can be shown that this same collection of writings 2,000 to 4,000 years old has numerous patterns woven beneath the surface, independent of the various writers, bringing the whole into harmony, then if we are honest, we are forced to the only logical conclusion, that this is the finger of God.

Thus, Sir Ambrose Fleming, D.Sc., F.R.S., that great scientist, inventor of the thermionic valve which made the wireless possible, as President of the Victoria Institute of Scientists once opened its session with a paper entitled, “Number in Nature and the Bible,” indicating a common origin in a supreme intelligence, his object being to show that this “common pattern” pervades the Bible, just as it does creation, yet is found in no other literature.

I might add that the work of Dr. Panin has been investigated by the Nobel Research Foundation of USA, and regarding his statement that the Bible could not possibly have been written except by inspiration of God Himself, their verdict is as follows:

“So far as our investigation has proceeded, we find the evidence overwhelmingly in favour of such a statement.”





THE NEWLY-discovered facts which form the basis for the subject matter of this book are supremely important and highly significant! They are facts which scientific-ally prove that the Bible could not possibly have been written by mere human beings alone, but that it is a supernatural, God-inspired, God-given book!

They are facts which enable us to see before our very eyes an actual scientific demonstration of the divine, verbal inspiration of the Bible. These are indeed “Astounding New Discoveries.”

The newly-revealed facts are facts which have been discovered beneath the very surface of the original Bible text. They are facts which have been mysteriously and peculiarly hidden for many centuries! They are facts which have been revealed; not merely by the twos or threes, but by the hundreds and thousands!

They are facts which are baffling and confounding atheists and agnostics - facts which no living person has been able to discredit or refute. They are facts which are causing sceptical and modernistic thinkers to accept the Bible as a supernatural, God-inspired book.

They are facts which constitute some of the greatest discoveries of all time. Is it any wonder that discoveries such as these are called “Astounding New Discoveries”?

The foregoing statements in regard to the profound newly- discovered facts no doubt cause the majority of readers to ask numerous questions. 

What are the amazing facts which have been discovered beneath the very surface of the original Bible text?  How do these facts scientifically prove that the Bible could not possibly have been written by mere human beings alone, but that it is a supernatural, God-inspired book?  What important questions are now definitely settled by these discoveries?  Who discovered the facts?  How and when were they discovered?  Why were they not discovered until recently?  How do they affect us?

These and various other questions no doubt arise in the minds of those who are somewhat curious about the amazing newly-discovered facts. However, before we state what these facts are - before we attempt to answer any of these questions - it is necessary to remind or inform the reader of ...

What The Bible “Claims” Concerning Itself

There can be no doubt that the Bible “claims” to be a super­natural, God-inspired, God-given book. The Bible declares that,

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God.”  (2 Timothy 3:16)

The expression, “given by inspiration of God,” is the translation of one Greek word “theopnenstos” which means literally “God-breathed.” The great Bible “claim” then,” is that “all Scripture” - the entire Bible - is “God-breathed.”

The Bible “claims” that the writers of Scripture wrote not by their own will, but only as they were “moved” or “controlled by the Holy Spirit of God. 2 Peter 1:21 declares that the Scrip­ture came “not by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”

Another translation of this same passage declares that no Scripture “was ever borne by man’s will; but men spoke from God, being borne by the Holy Spirit.”

The Bible “claims” that the words which the prophets wrote were not their own words but they were the very words of God Himself. The Person speaking was God, not man. God was speaking byor throughman.

“God spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets.”  (Hebrews 1:1)

“He (the Lord GOD) spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets.” (Luke 1:70)

“The Spirit of the LORD spoke by me, and His word (not the writer’s own word) was in my tongue.”  (2 Samuel 23:1, 2)

“Behold, I (God) have put My words in your mouth.”  (Jeremiah 1:9)

“You shall speak My words (God’s words) to them.”   (Ezekiel 2:7)

Statements such as “Thus says the LORD,”  “God said,” and similar expressions, occur more than 2,500 times in the Bible.

So the Bible makes startling “claims” for itself - it actually “claims” to be a supernatural, God-breathed, God-given book - the very Word of God Himself. This is the unmistakable language of the Bible. Numerous other Biblical statements could be given to further show that the Bible makes this amazing “claim,” but those already mentioned are sufficient for the present purpose.

Yes, there can be no doubt about what the Bible “claims” concerning itself. However, many have raised the question - “Is that claim actually true? Is the Bible actually the very Word of God?”

The facts which have been recently discovered beneath the very surface of the original Bible text now scientifically prove and demonstrate before our very eyes that the Bible claim is true - that the Bible is a supernatural, God-inspired book!

Various questions concerning the newly-discovered facts were mentioned in a preceding paragraph. The first of these questions can now be discussed and answered.

What Are The Newly-Discovered Facts?

What are the amazing facts which have been discovered be­neath the very surface of the original Bible text? What are these facts which scientifically prove that the Bible could not possibly have been written by mere human beings alone, but that it is a supernatural, God-inspired, God-given Book?

It has been stated that the facts have been mysteriously hidden beneath the very surface of the original Bible text. In order to understand what these facts are, it will be necessary to know …

The Meaning of the Term “Original Bible Text”

Most persons are acquainted with the fact that the Bible con­tains two main divisions - the Old Testament, and the New Testament. Strange as it may seem, these two main divisions of the Bible were originally written in different languages. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew while the New Testament was written in Greek.

By the term “Original Bible text” is meant the Hebrew and Greek text of the Bible - the words of the writers in the original languages - not a translation of their words into some other language. The facts, then, have been discovered beneath the surface of the Hebrew Old Testament text and the Greek New Testament text.

Now the reader’s attention is called to something very, very important. We wish to point out a certain numberwhich occurs in Scripture more times than any other. It is the number “seven.”

From the first book of the Bible through to the last book, seven is by far the outstanding number. For example, the Sabbath was the seventh day.  In Egypt there were seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. When the city of Jericho was captured, the people and seven priests who had seven trumpets marched around the city seven times.

Every seventh year the land of the Israelites was not to be cultivated or planted. Solomon was seven years building the temple. After its completion he held a feast for seven days. Naaman washed seven times in the river.

In the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, this number is especially outstanding. Seven churches, seven lampstands, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven vials, seven stars, seven spirits, etc., are mentioned. In all, the number seven occurs in the book of Revelation more than fifty times.

It has long been known that the number seven occurs in the Bible, in this particular manner more frequently than any other number. However, only recently it has been known that this same number also occurs in a mysterious and peculiar manner beneath the very surface of the Hebrew Old Testament text and Greek New Testament text.

When it is stated that the “sevens” occur in a peculiar manner “beneath the surface” of the original Bible text, we mean that they occur in such a way that they are not noticed or discovered by merely reading the surface, or words. The sevens are strangely out of the sight of ordinary Hebrew and Greek readers. They are mysteriously hidden.

Thousands who have read and studied the original Hebrew and Greek text of the Bible have passed by these strange occurrences of the number seven without even noticing their presence. These sevens are so deeply concealed that special searching and investigation and special counting are necessary in order to find them. Thus, they are said to occur “beneath the surface” of the text because they are beyond the observation and view of ordinary Hebrew and Greek readers.

It has been discovered that thousands of these sevens are mysteriously hidden in the structure of the text. They are strongly and remarkably concealed in every conceivable manner in the Hebrew and Greek letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and passages!

What are the newly-discovered facts? The “sevens” - the “sevens” which occur beneath the surface of the original Hebrew and Greek text of the Bible - are the amazing newly- discovered facts.

The “Astounding New Discoveries” are numerical discoveries - discoveries having to do with numbers. These recently revealed numerical facts or “sevens,” in a most extraordinary way, enable us to see before our very eyes, an actual scientific demonstration of the divine verbal inspiration of the Bible.

The reader is given examples of these newly-discovered numerical facts before he learns how they scientifically prove that the Bible is a supernatural, God-breathed book.

The following are examples of facts, or “sevens,” which have been discovered beneath the surface of the Hebrew text of the first verse in the Old Testament - the very first verse, the very first statement in the Bible.

Genesis, Chapter One, Verse I

It is indeed strange to note that the number of Hebrew words in this verse is not 6, not 8, but exactly 7.  Here the number seven is discovered by counting the words.

Now if a person counts the Hebrew letters in these seven words, he will discover that the number of letters divides perfectly by seven - is an exact multiple of seven. The number of letters in the seven words is not 27, not 29 but exactly 28, or 4  ~ 7s.

Each numerical “fact” or “‘seven” which occurs in the structure of the text is called a “feature - a “numeric feature.” The first two have already been mentioned.

FEATURE ONE. The number of Hebrew words in this verse is exactly 7.

FEATURE TWO. The number of letters in the seven words is exactly 28, or 4 ~ 7s

FEATURE THREE. The first three of these seven Hebrew words contain the subject and predicate of the sentence. These three words are translated – “In the beginning God created.” The number of letters in these first three Hebrew words are exactly 14, or 2 ~ 7s.

The last four of these seven words contain the object of the sentence. These four words are translated — “the heavens and the earth.” The numbers of letters in these last four Hebrew words is 14, or 2 ~ 7s.

FEATURE FOUR. These last four Hebrew words consist of two subjects. The first is “the heavens,” and the second is “and the earth.” The number of letters in the first object is exactly 7. The number of letters in the second object is 7.

FEATURE FIVE. Three leading words in this verse of seven words are “God” - the subject - and “heavens” and “earth” - the objects. The number of letters in these three Hebrew words is exactly 14, or 2 ~ 7s. The number of letters in the other four words of the verse is 14, or 2 ~ 7s.

FEATURE SIX. The shortest word is in the middle. The number of letters in this word and the word to its left is exactly 7.

FEATURE SEVEN. The number of letters in the middle word and the word to its right is exactly 7.

These sevens - these numeric features or facts - are indeed strangely hidden “beneath the surface.” They are truly beyond the view of ordinary readers of the Hebrew text and are dis­covered only by investigation and counting.

The above are only a few examples of the many amazing numeric facts which have been discovered in the structure of this first verse of only seven Hebrew words. Literally dozens of other phenomenal numeric features strangely underlie the structure of this verse.

Examples of these newly-discovered facts or numerical features should be pointed out from other passages before the reader learns how the facts scientifically prove that the Bible could not possible have been written by mere human beings alone, but that it is a supernatural, God-inspired, God-given Book.

The following are examples of the newly-discovered facts or “sevens” which occur in a peculiar manner beneath the surface of the Greek text of the first verses in the New Testament.

Matthew, Chapter One, Verses 1-17

The Account of Christ’s Genealogy

The first seventeen verses in the book of Matthew form a natural logical division by themselves; for they deal with one particular subject, namely, the genealogy of Christ.

These first seventeen verses of the Greek New Testament consist of two main sections. (1) Verses 1-11. (2) Verses 12-17. Each section contains amazing numeric features in the structure of its text.

The following are a few examples of the facts or “sevens” which have been discovered beneath the surface of the first main section, verses 1-11.

FEATURE ONE. The number of Greek vocabulary words used in the first eleven verses is not 48, not 50, but exactly 49, or 7 ~ 7s.

It must be remembered that the number of vocabulary words in a passage is usually different from the total number of words in a passage. The vocabulary words are the different words used.

For instance, the word “and” is one word in the vocabulary, but it may be repeated many times in the passage itself. A man may have a vocabulary of only five hundred words. Some of these five hundred different words, such as “as,” “for” “by,” etc, may be used over and over again.

The number of vocabulary words - the different words used in a passage, is thus not the same as the total number of words used. (We mentioned that the number of vocabulary words in the first eleven verses of Matthew is exactly 49, or 7 ~ 7s. Now let us continue.)

FEATURE TWO. The number of letters in these 49 words is exactly 266, or 38 ~ 7s.

FEATURE THREE. Of these 266 of the vocabulary words the number of vowels is exactly 140, or 20 ~ 7s. Of these 266 letters of the vocabulary, the number of consonants is I26, or 18 ~ 7s.

FEATURE FOUR. Of these 49 words, the number which begins with a vowel is exactly 28, or 4 ~ 7s. The number of words which begin with a consonant is 21, or 3 ~ 7s.

FEATURE FIVE. Of the 49 Greek vocabulary words, the number which are nouns is exactly 42, or 6 ~ 7s. The number which are not nouns is 7.

FEATURE SIX. Of the 42 nouns in the first eleven verses, the  number  which  are  proper  nouns  is  exactly  35,  or 5 ~ 7s.  The number which are common nouns is 7.

FEATURE SEVEN. The number of Greek letters in these 7 common nouns is exactly 49, or 7 ~ 7s. It is amazing to note that in these 7 common nouns alone, there are more than 20 numeric features.

FEATURE EIGHT. The number of times the 35 proper names occur is exactly 63, or 9 ~ 7s.

FEATURE NINE. Of the 35 proper names in the vocabulary of the first eleven verses of Matthew, the number of male names is exactly 28, or 4 ~ 7s. The number which are not male names is 7.

FEATURE TEN. The number of times these 28 male names occur is exactly 56, or 8 ~ 7s.

FEATURE ELEVEN. In these first 11 verses; three women are mentioned - Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth. The number of Greek letters in these three names is exactly 14, or 2 ~ 7s.

FEATURE TWELVE. Just one city is named in this passage, namely, Babylon. The number of Greek letters in this word is exactly 7.

FEATURE THIRTEEN. Of these 49 Greek vocabulary words in the first eleven verses, the number of words which occur more than once is exactly 35, or 5 ~ 7s. The number of words which occur only once is 14, or 2 ~ 7s.

FEATURE FOURTEEN. Of these 49 Greek vocabulary words, the number which appear in the only one form is exactly 42, or 6 ~ 7s. The number which appear in more than one form is 7.

These numeric facts or sevens are indeed beyond the view of mere “readers” of the Greek text. They are truly mysteriously hidden beneath the surface and can be discovered only by searching and calculations.

It was stated that the first seventeen verses in the Greek, New Testament consists of two main sections. (1) Verses 1 - 11. (11) Verses 12 - 17.

The above are merely a few examples of the many amazing numerical features which have been discov­ered beneath the surface of this first section of eleven verses. The very structure of the passage is literally saturated with phenomenal occurrences of the number seven. The second section, verses 12 - 17, contains equally profound numeric features of its own.

Before we show how these facts or sevens scientifically prove the divine inspiration of the Bible, let us quickly and briefly point out a few additional examples from the Greek text of other New Testament passages.

The space in this small booklet is definitely limited, therefore it is necessary to omit many interesting and informative things that we would like to include. Volumes could be written. Here we can present only some of the highlights.

The section following the first seventeen verses of Matthew is verses 18 - 25. In passing, we give space to mention only two of the many phenomenal numeric facts which have been discovered beneath the surface of this one passage.


Matthew, Chapter One, Verses 18 - 26

The Account of Christ’s Birth

FEATURE ONE. It is indeed interesting to note that the number of Greek vocabulary words in this passage is not 76, not 78, but exactly 77, or 11 ~ 7s. Also of special interest is …

FEATURE TWO. Of the 77 Greek vocabulary words, the number of words the angel used in speaking to Joseph is exactly 28, or 4 ~ 7s.

Even the angel’s little speech has amazing numerical features all of its own. They are entirely separate from the rest of the passage, yet they form a part of the numerical features of the whole passage. They are intertwined in such a way that the entire passage contains remarkable occurrences of the number seven. This number strangely underlies the very structure of the passage in every conceivable manner. The Greek letters and words are literally permeated with amazing numeric features.

Following are merely two of many numerical facts which are strangely hidden beneath the surface of the second chapter of Matthew.


Matthew, Second Chapter

The Account of Christ’s Childhood

FEATURE ONE. The number of Greek vocabulary words in the second chapter of Matthew is exactly 161, or 23 ~ 7s.

FEATURE TWO. The number of Greek letters in these 161 words is exactly 896, or 128 ~ 7s.

There are several paragraphs in the second chapter of Matthew, and each paragraph has amazing numerical features all of its own. They are separate from the rest of the passage, yet in a peculiar and intricate way, they form a part of the amazing features of the whole chapter. They are intertwined in such a phenomenal way that the entire chapter is one great mathematical unit which consists of amazing numerical facts.

For example, the number of Greek vocabulary words in the first six verses divides perfectly by 7. The number of vocabulary words is exactly 56, or 8 ~ 7s.

There are three speeches in the chapter. Herod speaks, the wise men speak, the angel speaks. Each speech shows numeric features in itself, yet each forms only part of the chapter, which as a whole has phenomenal features of its own. Each division alone shows the same numeric phenomena found in the chapter as a whole.

Now let us go on to the book of Mark and examine several passages. The same type of numerical phenomena that we found hidden in the structure of Matthew, are also found beneath the surface of Mark.


Mark, Chapter One, Verses 1 - 8

The number of Greek vocabulary words in these first eight verses is not 76, not 78, but exactly 77, or 11~ 7s. Of the 77 vocabulary words, the number John used in his speech is exactly 21, or 3 ~ 7s. Again these are but a few of the many numeric features which permeate the structure of this passage.

The next natural paragraph following these first eight verses consists of verses 9, 10, 11. This paragraph gives an account of the baptism of Christ. The number of vocab-ulary words in this passage is exactly 35, or 5 ~ 7s.

Going on to the second chapter of Mark for another example, we find, in verses 13-17, an account of the call of Levi (Matthew), and Christ’s conversation with the Scribes and Pharisees. The number of Greek vocabulary words in these five verses is exactly 49, or 7 ~ 7s. Of the 49 vocabulary words the number used by Christ is exactly 14, or 2 ~ 7s while the number of words used by the Scribes is exactly 7.   

In the fourth chapter of Mark verses 3 – 20, Christ relates the parable of the sower. The number of Greek vocabulary words in this parable is exactly 49, or 7 ~ 7s. In Mark, chapter 13, verses 5 - 37, we find our Lord’s important message regarding future events and the Second Coming of Christ. The number of Greek vocabulary words in this passage is exactly 203, or 29 ~ 7s.

Going on to the very last passage in the book of Mark, we find the same marvellous numeric phenomena. The follow­ing are only four of over one hundred numerical features which have been discovered in the structure of this one passage of only twelve verses - Mark, chapter 16:9 - 20.

The number of Greek vocabulary words in these 12 verses is exactly 98, or 14 ~ 7s. The number of letters in the 98 vocabulary words is exactly 553, or 79 ~ 7s. Of these 553 letters, the number of vowels is exactly 294, or 42 ~ 7s. The number of con­sonants is 259, or 37 ~ 7s. Of the 98 Greek vocabulary words, the number used by Christ in addressing His disciples is exactly 42, or 6 ~ 7s. The number of vocabulary words which form no part of Christ’s speech is 56, or 8 ~ 7s.

This passage not only shows amazing numeric features as a whole, but it shows features within the features, and further features within those. The separate paragraphs have features of their own within the features of the complete passage. The vocabulary has its features, and the forms have theirs. It is marvellous indeed!                       


Numeric Values

One of the most interesting and fascinating studies in con­nection with newly-discovered facts is the study of “numeric values.”

In Hebrew and Greek, every letter, word, sentence, and passage has a definite “numeric value” or “arithmetical sum.” The reader will be surprised to learn that thousands of the newly-discovered facts or “7s” occur in an astonish-ing manner in the “numeric values” of the Bible words, sentences, and passages.

The Hebrews and Greeks did not use figures such as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., to express “numbers” - they used the letters of their alpha­bets instead! For instance, if a Hebrew or a Greek wanted to write “1”, he would write the first letter of his alphabet. If he wanted to write “2”, he would write the second letter of his alphabet, or if he wished to express “3”, he would write the third letter of his alphabet, and so on.

 Each letter in the Hebrew and the Greek alphabet stands for a certain number - each letter is assigned a definite “numeric value.” In other words, every letter in Hebrew and in Greek is a “number” as well as a “letter.” (See chart, inside back cover.

Since each letter has a numeric value, each word likewise has a numeric value, for every word is made up of one or more letters. The numeric value of a word is obtained by adding the numeric values of the various letters in that particular word.

By way of illustration, let us determine the numeric value of the word “Jesus.” In Greek, “Jesus” is spelled “I-E-S-O-U-S.” “I” stands for 10, “E” stands for 8, “S” stands for 200, “O” for 70, “U” for 400, and “S” for 200. If we add these numbers we will discover that the numeric value of the word “Jesus” is 888.

This numeric value, at first thought, might seem to be very insignificant. However, when we turn to the book of Revelation chapter 13, verse 18, and find that Satan’s number, or the number of the Antichrist is plainly stated to be 666, we begin to realize that there must be some significance to the numeric value of the word “Jesus” - exactly 888!  This strange comparison causes us to marvel and wonder!

Just as every word has a certain numeric value, so every sentence, paragraph and book of the Bible has a definite numeric value or arithmetical sum. The numeric value of a sentence is obtained by adding the numeric value of each word contained therein. Likewise, the numeric value of a paragraph is obtained by adding the numeric value of all the words in the paragraph. The numeric value of each of the sixty-six books of the Bible is determined in precisely the same manner.

Now let us go back to the first verse of Genesis for a moment. There are three important nouns in the verse - “God,” “heaven,” and “earth.” The numeric values of these three nouns are 86, 395 and 296, respectively. When we add these three numbers, we find that the total numeric value of the three words is not 776, or 778, but, strangely enough, is exactly 777, or 111 ~ 7s. Neither 776 nor 778 of course divides evenly by 7.

It is strange to note that the “numeric value” of the verb in the first verse of Genesis is also a number which divides perfectly by 7. The numeric value of the Hebrew word “created” is exactly 203, or 29 ~ 7s.

Turning now to the first seventeen verses of Matthew the account of Christ’s Genealogy, we find that the numeric value of the vocabulary words in those verses is also an exact multiple of 7, namely 42,364, or 6,052 ~ 7s. Notice that number is not 42,363 or 42,365. Neither of those divides evenly by 7. If even one Greek letter were taken out or exchanged for another, the numeric value of the passage would be changed.

We mentioned previously that exactly 77 vocabulary words are used in the account of Christ’s birth, Matthew 1:18-25. The reader will marvel at the fact that the numeric value of these 77 words is also an exact multiple of 7, namely 51,247 or 7,321 ~ 7s.

We also mentioned that the angel used exactly 28 of these 77 vocabulary words when speaking to Joseph. The numeric value of the angels’ words is exactly 21,042 or 3,006 ~ 7s.

In the second chapter of Matthew, the account of Christ’s childhood, exactly 161 vocabulary words are used. The numeric value of these words is exactly 123,529 or 17,647 ~ 7s. We could go on and on giving additional examples, but unfortunately space is limited.


Chain Features

Note one other particular manner in which the “sevens” are found in the structure of the Bible text. The examples which have been given thus far are examples of facts which occur beneath the surface of single passages. The following features, however, occur in a different manner.

They are called “chain” features because they occur in the structure of words that are separated by great distances. The words in a “chain” feature are scattered throughout many different books of the Bible. They are not confined to any one particular passage.

The names of the Bible writers, for instance, are widely separated throughout the Scriptures. It is remarkable to note that the number “seven” is found even in the scatter-ed occurrences of these names. The number of Old Testament writers named in the Bible is exactly 21, or 3 ~ 7s.

The numeric value of these 21 Hebrew names is also divisible by 7. It is exactly 3,808, or 544 ~ 7s. Of these 21 Old Testament writers, those named in the New Testament are Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea and Joel. In all, exactly 7.

The numeric value, of these 7 names is exactly 1,554 or 222 ~ 7s. The name which appears the greatest number of times in the Old Testament is David. The number of times his name is found is exactly 1,134, or 162 ~ 7s. The name Jeremiah, for instance, occurs in 7 Old Testament books in 7 different forms in Hebrew, and the number of times it occurs in those 7 Old Testament books is exactly 147, or 21 ~ 7s.

The number of times the name of Moses, the writer of the first book, occurs the Bible is exactly 847, or 121 ~ 7s.  Again these are merely a few examples of the many astounding numeric features which occur beneath the surface of the Bible writers’ names. In fact, there are 38 or more features in the occurrences of just this one name, Moses.

The reader can readily see that the above numeric features are not found in the structure of any one particular passage, but are found in the structure of the words that are separated by great distances. These features are strangely hidden in the occurrences of words which are scattered throughout different books of the Old and New Testaments.

The discovery of “chain” features such as these requires careful searching and special investigation of the entire Bible. One of the most intriguing studies in connection with the newly-discovered facts is the study of “chain” features. The Bible is literally filled with them!            

In the preceding pages the reader has been given some idea of the thousands of amazing facts which have been found in the very structure of Bible passages.       

It has been discovered that amazing numerical facts occur beneath the surface of the original Bible text from the very first verse in Genesis through to the very last verse in Revelation. Phenomenal mathematical features, similar to the examples already presented, underlie and pervade the text of every one of the sixty-six Bible books. They occur in the very structure of every paragraph in the entire Bible, not in the paragraphs only, but frequently in the many subdivisions of paragraphs.

Often single verses are literally teeming and saturated with astounding numerical facts. These features extend to all parts of the text, vocabulary, grammatical form, parts of speech, etc. Frequently as many as a hundred or more numeric features are strangely hidden beneath the surface of passages which consist of no more than 175 words.

Actually thousands upon thousands of these numerical facts have been discovered  - they are so abundant that more than 40,000 pages have been required to contain the calculations used in discovering and enumerating the features of the New Testament alone.


God’s Use of Numerical

Designs in Scripture


Amazing significance of

other numbers In the Bible


GOD’S SEAL in the Bible is seen, not only in the SEVENS, but also in the consistent, and miraculous way that other numbers are used.

It is generally agreed that the numbers from l to 13 in the Bible each bears a special significance as follows: 

  1 Unity or unit

  2 Separation or witness

  3 Divine perfection or Godhead

  4 Creative work or the world

  5 Grace (free gift of God)

  6 Man (under sin)

  7 God’s seal - often called the perfect number

  8 Resurrection or new beginning

  9 Finality

10 Ordinal perfection

11 Disorganisation

12 Perfect government

13 Sin or rebellion.

Note: Don’t confuse 5 and 6. For although man (6) is under Satan, yet he is literally covered by grace (5).

There are a few larger numbers such as 40 probation, 37 the living Word of God, and others. Now, it is a wonderful thing that as a general rule, these numbers with their significance, apply right through the Bible, and has been followed for many years with keen interest by students of Scripture.

Now with this later discovery of numeric patterns we find that these formerly recognised surface features are but a shadow of the deeper things with which they harmonize.



Take first the number  eight, which signifies resurrection or a new beginning.  For example, eight persons were saved in the Ark, which is a marvellous picture or type of Him who was to be the Resurrection and the Life. The eight persons of course being a type of resurrection, in their new beginning. Every male child in the Jewish family had to be circumcised on the eighth day (Genesis 17). This marked their new beginning under God’s covenant.

Bethlehem of Judea, the birthplace of Christ, is mentioned exactly eight times in the N.T. Note also, the eighth earthquake mentioned in Scripture is to take place when Christ returns, signifying the new beginning. Christ rose from the grave on the 8th day (or the 1st), the new beginning.

The Church was also established on the 8th day. And con­tinued to meet on the 8th day (Acts 20:7). The first or 8th day is mentioned 8 times in the N.T., and so on.

Well, now, if eight signified Resurrection, and Jesus said, “I am the Resurrection and the Life,” (John 11:25), would not God if He were expressing truths in these numbers somehow set this number 8 in the Name of Him who is the Resurrection Himself. Let us see and remember, as 2 and 2 equals 4, so what­ever the letters of any word add up to, that is its value, and no one can make it anything different. Here we begin to uncover the thrilling truths which God has hidden in numerics. In the account of the birth of Christ in Matthew 1, the Angel of the LORD spoke to Joseph, saying:

“And she shall bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Y’shua (Jesus).”     (Matthew 1:21)

Now, amazing though it may seem, when we add the letter values of Jesus in the Greek, the total is exactly 888, the most significant number that could be put on paper, firstly because 3 signifies Divine Perfection, and also because its factors, 37 x 8 x 3, are the three most sublime numbers connected with Jesus, as we shall see latter.

Now, Jesus was called the Christ, and the gematria of the Christ is 1,480, which is 185 ~ 8s. He was also called the “Saviour,” which strangely has a value of 1,408, being 2 x 8 x 88. He was also “Lord,” which again is a multiple of 8, being 800, 100 ~ 8s. Yet another, “Messiah,” 656, or 82 ~ 8s.

(Note the term “Gematria” means numeric value.)

Jesus usually termed Himself, “The Son of Man” - this term occurs 88 times and its gematria is 2,960, which is 370 ~ 8s. He also said, I am “The Truth” being 64, 8 ~ 8s. And thus we have our first numeric value design, which in itself is a marvellous witness to the fact that Jesus Christ is indeed the resurrection and the Son of God.

   JESUS    Numeric value   888   =    111 x 8

   THE CHRIST        Numeric value   1,480     =    185 x 8

   SAVIOUR    Numeric value   1,408     =    176 x 8

   LORD    Numeric value   800     =   l00 x 8

   MESSIAH      Numeric value   656     =    82 x 8

   THE SON OF MAN    Numeric value   2,960   =    370 x 8

   THE TRUTH    Numeric value   64     =   8 x 8

There is yet a deeper significance behind some of these names, but if this is not the hand of God then will some wise person please explain this amazing phenomenon. Here is further evidence of design.

In Revelation, the RESURRECTION is spoken of as “The Harvest,” the gematria of which is 704, 8 x 88.  Now is it not strange that the gematria of “Saviour,” who is the Lord of the Harvest, is exactly double that of the harvest He reaps, 16 x 88, and 8 x 88. This phenomenon is amplified by the fact that the words for bride­groom and bride, which, of course, refer to the same two, bear the same phenomenon in respect to the number of times they occur, namely, bridegroom 16 times and bride 8 times.

David was the eighth son of Jesse, and David was a type of Christ, who is the Resurrection and the Life.

Is it not remarkable also that the last book of the Bible is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and the vocabulary of the book contains exactly 888 words.


Now look at the number nine - finality. How significant that this number is used to signify finality, for it is finality in itself; it is the last or final single number; it also has that strange feature of finality in that no matter by what number it is multi­plied, the addition of the figures of the answer will always revert back to nine;  thus 7 x 9 equals 63;  6 and 3 = 9.

It cannot be dispelled or overthrown; it is, in itself, FINALITY. Now as I stated regarding the number 8 and Resurrection, so with regards to finality, the most significant number that could be put on paper to signify absolute finality is 999.

Here then is the first example - the four opening words of the Bible, “IN THE BEGINNING GOD.” God has so controlled every Hebrew letter in that statement that its numeric value is exactly 999.

There should be something in the ending as well that is final. In Revelation we read how God’s wrath is to be poured out at the close of this age. Now that term, “My wrath” has also this same significant value, 999.

The Greek word “Amen” usually translated “verily,” is so often used by Christ when driving home a vital truth - “Verily, verily, I say unto you.” He uses this word 99 times, and its value is exactly 99. Surely these hidden numbers speak even louder than words.

Here is another fact of sublime significance. We know that all the prophecies concerning the death of Christ were exactly fulfilled; and now we see that the work of redemption was completed at the NINTH HOUR.

We read that Pilate marvelled that Jesus was already dead - not the only thing Pilate marvelled at - but as for the ninth hour, that was God’s timing. At this same hour the earth shook, and the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom, signifying the END of the Old Covenant. Remember also Christ’s words at this 9th hour - “IT IS FINISHED.”

Redemption is by blood alone. It is God’s seal, from Genesis to Revelation. I would remind my readers, have no delusions about this; it is absolutely FINAL with God, as with verily, the word BLOOD occurs exactly 99 times.

Here also in judgment we see the same finality pointers, for bottomless pit occurs exactly nine times, so also does rest.  We have our choice!


13  -  SIN

Let us now look at this strange number 13. What a strange thing that this number 13 should carry a stigma and a suspicion in the world. But how significant again that the Spirit of God should use this particular number to represent SIN and rebellion.

Ishmael was 13 years old when circumcised, and it was prophesied of him that he would be a wild man. How truly this was borne out, even in his offspring.

Solomon was seven years building the temple, but 13 years building his own house. The truth expressed by these two numbers was also borne out not only in his own life but also in that of the nation.

Of the 20 Kings of Judah (including Athaliah) seven were righteous rulers while 13 turned away from God. In Genesis 14:4 we read of rebellion in the 13th year.

Dr. M. Mahan has shown that all the ungodly lines are marked by 13 in the numeric value of their names. Dr. Bullinger has shown that the names of the kings of the 10 tribes of Israel who forsook God are all marked with 13.

These facts are almost incredible, for they reveal not only that God knew the course of each before they were born, but caused them to be so named that the numeric value of each would be a multiple of 13.

In Genesis 10 there is a remarkable instance of 13. Joktan was the ancestor of a sinful and rebellious race of people. He was the 13th in the order of children of Shem. Joktan  had  13  sons,  the  gematria  of  his  name  is  169, 13 x 13, and the gematria of that of his 13 sons is 2,756,  212 x 13.  This really amounts to a numerical prophecy of a rebellious race.

“Klepton,” meaning to steal, occurs exactly 13 times. Another striking example is the word “zume,” leaven, which represents sin. In the Scripture it occurs 13 times, and its gematria is 455, or 35 ~ 13s.

Backsliding and hypocrite each occur 13 times in the O.T. 

All through the Scripture we see this pointer of sin, but the most significant are those where the author of sin, Satan, is branded by God with this, his own trademark. Look at some of his titles.

Dragon ... it occurs exactly 13 times, and its gematria is 975  (75 ~ 13s);  Tempter 1,053  (81 ~ 13s);   Belial 78 (6 ~ 13s);   Murderer  1,820  (140 ~ l3s);   Serpent  780  (60 ~ 13s).

But the most significant of them all; that phrase used by the Holy Spirit in Revelation 12:9, “called the Devil and Satan,” bears the amazing gematria 2,197;  13 x 13 x 13.

Who could see these astounding facts and not acknowledge the Hand of God behind them?  For, as we saw in respect to the names of Jesus, so likewise in the name of Satan. In Revelation 12:9 we have this outstanding reference to Satan: “The great  DRAGON was cast out, that old SERPENT.”


“Called the DEVIL and SATAN”, and so headed by the value of the latter phrase reveals this :-

       Total of phrase   2,197        =  13 x 13 x 13

       DRAGON    975        =       75 x 13

       TEMPTER        1,053        = 81 x 13

       BELIAL        78          =       6 x 13

       MURDERER     1,820        = 140 x 13

       SERPENT    780        =       60 x 13

Let me conclude this study of thirteen with one of the most striking proofs that the Spirit of God designated these numerics. Most people know the incident where God com­manded Moses to make a brazen serpent and hang it on a pole that all who would come and look upon it would live. But why, of all things, did God choose a serpent, the very symbol of sin? How many Christians have puzzled over this? Investig­ation reveals the significant truth.

God was making a picture, or type, of a stupendous event that was to take place hundreds of years later. Come right on now to this appointed time, and we hear Christ Himself say,

“As Moses lifted up the serpent so must the Son of Man be lifted up.”

(John 3:14)

But you still enquire, why a serpent? Open your Bible at 2 Corinthians 5:21, and you will see ...

“For He (God) has made Him (Christ) to be SIN for us (He) who knew no sin; that we may be made the righteousness of God in Him.”

So, when Jesus hung upon the Cross He was made the extreme representation of SIN. This of course is why God withdrew His presence. (Mark 15:34)

Now, keeping this in mind, let us come to another scene: Pilate and the trial of Jesus. Who can read the account and fail to see God convicting Pilate, and he tried his hardest to persuade the Jews to release Jesus. Even his wife came and warned him.

However, he finally yielded to Satan, and washed his hands before them. But water cannot wash away sin. Pilate’s conscience still carried conviction, and God moved Pilate to write an inscription and place it upon the Cross. The Name he used was ...


But the significance of the whole thing almost takes one’s breath away when we discover that the gematria of this title which was placed on the very Cross (2 Cor. 5:21) when Jesus was made SIN for us, is exactly 2,197 – 13 x 13 x 13.

The whole thing is so astounding that it needs no comment; it seems that God, knowing the hardness of men’s hearts in these closing days, has reserved these marvellous numerics so that the fundamental truths of the Written Word may be set forth in this supernatural way, as a final warning before the closing of the day of grace, and the coming of the Lord.


We now come to the most sublime number of all, 37; but as this number verifies fundamental truths concerning the Eternal Deity, a brief explanation of what the Bible teaches about God is essential for the help of those who have no knowledge of this vital subject.

Firstly, remember God is Spirit (John 4:24). The New Testament clearly teaches that Elohim (God) consists of  Yahweh the Almighty; His only eternal Begotten and Son, Y’shua; and the Holy Spirit of Yahweh of Hosts. (Colossians 1:15. John 15:26, 1 John 5:7, 2 Cor. 3:17)

Now in due time the Son of God, called The Word, (Greek Logos, John 1:1), came to this world, clothed in human flesh. He suffered and died in the flesh, paying the price of our redemption. Anyone who denies the Deity of Christ has never begun to realize the sacrifice of the Saviour, and can have no under­standing of John 3:16.

Now you should understand why the number three signi­fies Divine Perfection and God; and seven as we have seen, is God’s marvellous seal.  The combination of the two is, as stated above, is the most sublime number, 37. It signifies THE WORD OF GOD sealing vital truths of the Written Word, and revealing HIM who is the LIVING WORD.

In John 1:1, we read: “In the beginning was the WORD” (Greek logos), and here we have the KEY; this sublime combination of the three and the seven. You will have noticed how God, when expressing key truths, carries the number to the third place, such as 888, 666, 999. 

In this word, logos, we have the numbers expressed in their highest possible form – 373, as follows: L 30, O 70, G 3. O 70, S 200; total 373. A further verification of this clue to this divine number of Christ is found in Colossians 1:15. He is expressed as the “IMAGE OF GOD,” which in the Greek has the numeric value of  1,369;  37 x 37.

Again we read in John 1:1-3 ... The Word was God ... all things were made BY HIM. See also Col. 2:9; Col. 1:15-16. Then let some critic explain how this FACT was numeric-ally sealed in Genesis 1:1, some thousands of years before THE WORD was made flesh, (John 1:14), by marvelously weaving His divine number 37 into the very words of the Hebrew text, “In the beginning God.”

We saw the hidden significance of its gematria 999, but hidden within this number itself we find the first verification of the truth of John 1:3, for 999 is 3 x 9 x 37; or 27 x 37.

Now take the 777, the gematria of the three nouns of Genesis 1:1 - God, Heaven, Earth. What does this further reveal? The Word 37 in the midst of the creative acts, again verifying John 1:3, for 777 is 37 x 3 x 7.

Now remember I said there were exactly seven Hebrew words in the whole verse, Genesis 1: l, and revealed the astounding fact that God has sealed it with over 30 different combinations of 7s and 37s. But this is not all, for if we add the gematria of these seven words, they total exactly 2,701, which is 73 x 37, the significant result being that they can be turned upside down as it were, but still present the same truth.

Note also that the gematria of logos, 373, has exactly the same factors telescoped, so that however we twist them the figures 37 confront us. It seems that the Holy Spirit is impres­sing in these numerics the fact that “The Word” is the very centre of the whole plan of God; all things were made BY HIM and FOR HIM. (Colossians 1: 16)

Now for the benefit of those wise people who will not acknowledge the fact that Jesus Christ is the very Word, the Logos, and so the actual Creator as clearly stated in Colossians 1:16, let us see further what the Spirit has hidden in His Name, that the wise may be confounded. (1 Corinthians 1:27-29).

The angel from God commanded that His Name be called Y’shua (Jesus) – the Name that has been encoded in virtually every page of the Old Testament.  (See chapter 8, page 71). 

We have already seen how His gematria, 888, seals Him as the Resurrection and the Life, but He was more than this, as the Scriptures very plainly and definitely teach. Now we will see how God has marvelously concealed this vital truth within the very numbers of His names.  Only a miracle on the part of God could put them there.

Now 888 is 24 times 37. Take first the 24. In the opening words of the New Testament we see that Jesus was called the Son of David because He had to come through the line of David. Now, incredible though it may seem, 24 is one Hebrew value of David (spelt two ways).

“The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”  (John 1:14)

The eternal Son became the man Christ Jesus in the world – this also is hidden in the 24  (6 x 4).  6 is man and 4 is the world.

But the stupendous truth is that man could have no part in this incarnation, for He was still the very Word of God, clothed in human flesh, as shown by the Name Jesus retaining His divine number 37.

But what of the title given to our Master, that of The Christ (Messiah), meaning The Anointed? We have already seen how the gematria of the Christ, 1,480 (185 x 8), signifies The Resurrection by 8, but the title also retains the fact that He is The Word, 37, and full of grace, 5.  1,480 is 8 x 37 x 5.

Now combine those two precious names, Jesus Christ, and the gematria is 2,368, is 37 x 8 x 8. The three components are, 37 the Word of God, 8 the Resurrection, and 8 the Life.

Then His own special title, “The Son of Man” – its gematria,  2,960 = 37 x 2 x 5 x 8, showing Him as the Word of God 37, come to bear witness 2, of the Grace of God 5, by the Resurrection 8.

Marvellous beyond words is this secret weapon, as it were, of the Holy Spirit. 

Look again at this in Colossians 2: 9. Here we have a very definite statement that in Christ dwells all the fullness of the Deity. Now this word – Theotes – Deity, is spelt in a way in which it does not occur in any other place in the Bible.

The reason for the Holy Spirit doing so is obvious, for in this form its gematria is 592, which is 37 x 2 x 8. The Word was God 37, the faithful witness 2, the first begotten of the dead 8. (Revelation 1:5)


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